Monday, November 21, 2016

Get Your Very Own Trolls Limited Edition InvisibobbleHair Rings - Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer Idea #invisibobble #trolls #trollsmovie #sparklingclear #glitteraddict

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


Being a mom on the go, I find that I never have time in the AM to really do anything with my, I end up pulling it back into a ponytail.  But, you know what stinks about ponytails -- unless you have a really good elastic, you find yourself damaging your hair when you go to pull the elastic out -- or worse, making kinks that hurt to brush out.  But, thanks to the Invisibobble, you don't have to worry about kinks and split ends any more.  And, putting your hair back in a ponytail will not be a last resort to looking halfway presentable when you go to drop off your child at school or run errands, but you will you stylish.  Yes, you read that right, a ponytail can be stylish, especially when you pull it back using an Invisibobble traceless hair ring. :-)

"The Trolls capture the big screen – and our hearts. DreamWorks Animation charms us with laughing, singing and dancing Trolls. With their wondrous styling, colorful hair and those big saucer eyes they are a real eye-catcher – just like the invisibobble® ORIGINAL Sparkling Clear. 
The glittering, transparent design decorates your hair or your wrist. A stunning appearance is guaranteed and thanks to its strong grip it can withstand even the quirkiest Troll hairstyle."

And, in partnership with the recent and wildly popular Trolls movie from Dreamworks, the folks at Invisibobble have teamed up with Sephora to offer a limited Edition Invisibobble for fans of the movie.  Act fast as this limited edition product offering is only available through the end of December.

I am not the only one in my family who loves ponytails.  Both of my girls are fans of this quick updo, especially when it comes to gymnastics on the weekend and they need to keep their eye out of their eyes while the practice their cartwheels or tumbling.  They love how the Invisibobble keeps their hair place and doesn't pull on their hair leading to headaches, which other hair ties and elastics we used seemed to do.  

Using only the invisibobble, modern hairdos for any occasion can be easily and quickly done with no need for hair clips or bobby pins.

The girls are even able to put their hair up themselves and love how can't even tell you have something in your hair with the cool new sparkling clear Invisibobble.

"The magic trick to invisibobble’s traceless outcome lies in its peculiar telephone cord shape. When wrapped around the hair, the innovative hair ring places uneven pressure around the circumference of the ponytail—allowing hair to be held strongly in the ponytail without being too tight. This gives individual hairs more space within the ponytail and leads to a traceless result. Due to its smooth surface and invisibobble’s spiral shape, people can avoid headaches while preventing split ends and breakage. Created with artificial resin and a hygienic, non-soaking material, invisibobble’s surface is very suited for those with allergies and neurodermatitis. "

With the holidays fast approaching, why not consider picking up a few of the limited edition 3-pack of the traceless hair rings from Invisibobble at your nearest Sephora store?  These hair rings would make for a great stocking stuffer idea, or to go along with all those cute Trolls cute that are out there.  I will definitely be sharing these hair rings with friends and family who opt to pull their hair back, as I know they will love strong grip and appreciate this revolutionary updo tool like my girls and I do. Right now you can find the 3-pack of Invisibobble hair rings at Sephora for only $8.00.  

This is a steal if you ask me, as once you buy a set of Invisibobble hair rings, you will not need be reaching for your old hair elastics, as you will fall in loves with these stylish and comfortable hair tings.

I am so happy to have been sent the limited edition sparkling clear Invisibobble traceless hair rings to try, as I was finally able to throw out all my other hair updo tools and elastics and say hello to Invisibobble -- the only hair rings we need in our house. :-)

To learn more about Invisibobble including the new limited edition Trolls traceless hair rings, visit today.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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