Friday, September 2, 2016

Netflix Starts Streaming "Kazoops," A Fun-Filled Children's Series Today That Your Little Ones Will Love! #kazoops #kidstv #newseries #ad

Disclosure:  This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Kazoops. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

My girls and I had the opportunity to screen the new animated series for kids, which is available starting today on Netflix for US and Canadian streaming viewers. The show is Kazoops and is now my girls' favorite show to stream on Netflix.  Why do they like it so much?  First, let me share a little back story about the series, including the official Kazoops trailer.  Then, I will share what my girls and I thought of the series and our favorite parts. :-)

What is Kazoops?:

"This animated series follows the adventures of six-year-old Monty and his best friend, Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig. Monty uses his vivid imagination to challenge preconceptions about life such as “you have to wear matching socks” or “all games need rules” and, in doing so, demonstrates the value of critical thinking and creative play.  

When something makes Monty stop and wonder he always says “Kazoops Jimmy Jones!” so we know his imagination is firing up and an adventure is about to begin. Then after Monty tells Jimmy Jones what’s on his mind, he closes his eyes and says the words 'just imagine,' transporting us into his imagination, where he and Jimmy Jones go to amazing places, meet new friends and explore the preconception that got him wondering in the first place. Who says you have to wear matching socks, or that pigs don’t dream? That you can’t change the way a story ends or that all monsters are scary!  These are just some of the preconceptions Monty will challenge, as he brings your child along for a fun adventure through imaginative play."

"Music meets imagination in this inventive animated series about thinking outside the box and having fun."

Each imaginary adventure is accompanied by a unique song that tells the story and guides us on the journey with Monty and Jimmy Jones. The songs are vibrant, cool and fun with a variety of styles that will make you want to dance, laugh and sing.  The words are really important too because they tell us about the new perspectives Monty discovers along the way.  When the song finishes, their imaginary journey comes to an end and Monty and Jimmy Jones return to the real world with fresh ideas to share with the rest of the family.  

The show is about Monty’s unique take on things, as he challenges accepted wisdom and shapes the world around him. His imaginative adventures are hugely fun and his discoveries always surprising."

We had the opportunity to watch the first three episodes of this new series -- "Animal Pals," "Backyard Beach" and "Dino-Saurus Games".  Don't ask my girls which one of three was their favorite, as they will say all of them.  :-)  They liked the first episode as it introduced them to Monty and his pet pig and best friend Jimmy Jones, along with Monty's family.  This was a really cute episode as it not only introduced us to the show and characters, but shared a great life lesson with the girls about friendship, in that you can have more than one friend.  In this premiere episode, Monty brings home the class Guinea pig named Frank.  Everyone in Monty's family is excited to meet Frank except for Jimmy Jones, his pet pig.  Instead of being happy Monty has a new friend, Jimmy Jones is jealous.  He thinks that he is Monty's only friend.  But, after a fun-filled musical journey through Monty's imaginary journey, both Monty and Jimmy Jones realize that you can have many friends and you shouldn't feel jealous if one of your friends makes a new friend.

The second episode, "Backyard Beach" centers around Monty's family getting ready and piling into the car for a fun-filled day at the beach.  But, as they leave the driveway, the car breaks, halting their planned trip. Everyone is disappointed, especially Monty.  Leave it to Monty to turn this disappointing situation into something wonderful.  He imagines a fun filled beach day at home and ends up showing his family how they can use all the items they had packed into the car right at home for a fun beach staycation.  I have to say that this was my favorite of the three episodes as it was good way to show the girls that they can use their imagination and dream up fun ways to keep themselves entertained at home, especially as summer winds down and we are prepping for the school year.

The third and final episode we previewed was all about dinosaurs.  This episode, "Dino-saurus Games" takes Monty and his pet pig back to when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  The episode starts out with Monty racing and losing to his grandmother. He wonders if a dinosaur could have outrun her.  Then, he visits with his dad in the garage where his dad shares a box of his dinosaur collection from when he was a child.  He shows Monty his dinosaur poop (had the girls laughing at this), a dinosaur tooth and a plastic green dinosaur toy, which had the dad stumbling to get his name right.  Monty asked to play with the dinosaur toy and this sparked his imagination.  And, after he says, "Just Imagine" to Jimmy Jones, their dinosaur adventure begins.  Monty and Jimmy Jones find themselves taking part in the Dino Games, before returning back to reality.

My girls loved this new series so much, that after they watched the first three episodes, they had me replay the video so that they could watch them over case they missed anything. :-)  And, if I let them, they would have sat at the table after lunch to watch it a third time.  Instead, I told them to use their imaginations like Monty does.  For the rest of the afternoon, the girls along with our pups had a blast going on imaginary journeys and telling me all about them.  I loved watching them get so creative, and have fun playing together...without fighting. :-)

Last night my girls asked how many more days until Kazoops streams on Netflix so that they could watch new episodes.  I wish I captured their happy faces when I said it would be today.  I told them that they had to go to bed so that they could wake up and watch the new series on Netflix, which is geared towards children ages 3-6.  Bedtime last night was a breeze as they really wanted to see Kazoops and knew the sooner they fell asleep the sooner they could watch the show.  We can't wait to see what is in store for Monty and his pet pig, Jimmy Jones.  And, once you and your children watch the first episode of Kazoops, you will be hooked it!  The catchy music throughout Monty's journeys are reason enough to tune in, as they get your toes tapping, and at times your find yourself wanting to get up and dance around. :-)

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Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Kazoops. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.


  1. Sounds like your girls really liked this one we will have to check it out it looks cute and a little different.
    heather [email protected]

  2. Netflix has some great original shows. We love Netflix!

  3. Nice! Thanks heavens, there will something new that I will be able to show it to my kids. After Andy Yeatman left Netflix I was scared by the fact that who is going to get similar kind of content to Netflix now. His shows were educating and taught good morals to kids. I just hope this show is just like that.