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Fun Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas from NCircle Entertainment + Enter to #Win a 4-DVD Prize Pack (Valued at over $40) -- Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent screener copies from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

With all the recent snow days and colds the girls seem to be battling the past few months, we seemed to have spent a lot of time on the couch, either sleeping or watching movies.  I was so happy to receive a bundle of new releases from NCircle Entertainment back a few weeks ago as they definitely came in handy at helping to keep the girls entertained and on the couch to rest.  And, with a fun assortment that included the following releases, we were able to enjoy the company of many of the girls' favorite animated characters and of course, The Wiggles!

Dive into adventure with your favorite underwater explorers, the Octonauts! On this pirate-y DVD, Kwazii swashbuckles with swordfish, goes on a treasure hunt with a pirate parrotfish, and in a special double-length adventure, journeys down the Amazon to find his long-lost grandfather! 

Sing and dance with Pocoyo and friends in Fiesta!  Enjoy this never before seen feature showcasing thirteen songs from all your favorites – Pocoyo, Pato, Elly and even the Martian Brothers!  These songs will have your little one dancing along the whole time!  It’s time for a Fiesta with Pocoyo!
Never before seen feature
Bonus karaoke videos

Wibbly Pig is an animated preschool comedy series that takes the daily routine of a young child and finds humor and fun in every part of it.  From day to day activities like getting into bed, wrapping a present or climbing a tree, to fantasy play like meeting a giant or going to the moon, Wibblyturns the simplest tasks into a comedy routine! Wibbly loves to share adventures with his very best friend - you!
Bonus sing-along songs

Who's in The Wiggles' House? All your favorite friends, Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony, and twenty-five new songs! Join the fun of 'The Laughing Doctor,' taste the delights of 'Pappadum,' 'Do the Hawk' with Lee Hawkins, 'Have a Good Day (Kia Pai to Ra)' with New Zealand's Robert Rakete, and so much more. So open the door to a house full of fun as we raise the roof with Wiggle House!


Are you preschoolers fans of these shows?  Both of my girls love these shows and are finally getting into the new The Wiggles, after the original cast, minus Anthony retired and a new group of Wiggles were introduced.  For a long time I would put DVDs of the new show on and they wouldn't want to watch it.  But, thanks to a few catchy sing along songs they were hooked and fans of the new cast, including Bella's favorite Emma. :-)

The Wiggles: Wiggle House DVD contains 25 songs for your little one and you to sing and dance along to, well as a full length television episode, "Michaud" music video and more.  The 80 minute run time of this DVD flies by, and by the end everyone is smiling from being in such a great mood.  Leave it to The Wiggles to turn even the grumpiest of preschoolers into a smiling, happy child. :-)

Octonauts: Pirate Adventures was another favorite of the four DVDs sent from NCircle as my girls have been pretending to be pirates lately from a monthly subscription box of arts and crafts that was pirate themed.  This new DVD is filled with 7 full-length episodes from this hit animated series, as well as a bonus section that teaches little ones more about marine life through 6 creature reports.  You will find the following episodes, in case you were wondering...

1) Amazon Adventure
2) Flying Swords
3) Leafy Sea Dragons
4) Pirate Parrotfish
5) Speedy Sailfish
6) Combtooth Blenny
7) Eel Ordeal

My personal favorite of the four DVDs was "Wibbly Pig!: Playtime."  There is just something about this cute pig and watching him complete daily tasks in a comedic way that you can't help but sit and watch.  My girls thought they were too big for this show, but found themselves sitting to watch the 6 full-length episodes as well as the bonus sing along material.  The following stories are included on this DVD --
  1. Squiggle
  2. Shadows
  3. Castle
  4. Flowerpots
  5. Wibbly Can't Sleep
  6. Cushion Mountain

Preschoolers will have so much fun as they watch Wibbly Pig get ready for bed, wrap a present (my girls' personal favorite) and even go to the moon.  What doesn't this cute pig think of?  This show is full of adventure and laughter, and perfect for preschoolers and those younger.

But, if you had to ask which of the four DVDs we were sent was my girls' favorite, they would both agree that "Pocoyo: Fiesta" was their favorite.  This never before seen sing and dance along had them moving all around the couch when they were laid up and then up and moving all about when they felt better, all while singing and dancing along with Pocoyo and his friends.  A bonus is that this DVD plays in Spanish, so you can watch in this mode if you are trying to teach your child the Spanish language, like we are.  Just look at some of the songs you and your kids could be singing and dancing along to when you you pick up this new DVD release from NCircle Entertainment...
  • Dance with Pocoyo
  • Party
  • Pato's Song
  • The Big Race
  • Elly's Birthday
  • Fred's Song
  • See You Soon, Pocoyo
  • Good Night, Pocoyo
  • Travel with Pocoyo
  • The Guessing Game
The total run time of this DVD is 60 minutes and will surely keep your child moving and grooving through the entire viewing time.  My girls continue to ask for this DVD and even bring it along in the car to listen to on the way to school.  While mom needs a hot cup of coffee to wake up in the AM, the girls get an energy boost singing and dancing along to Pocoyo: Fiesta. :-)

If you are looking for fun non-candy gifts to add to your child's Easter basket this year, why not consider any and all of the above DVDs as well as other titles from hit children's shows released by NCircle Entertainment.  All DVDs are reasonable priced and will provide hours of viewing enjoyment time and again.


I am so excited to announce that the folks at NCircle Entertainment want to give one lucky Inspired by Savannah reader the chance to win all four DVDs (valued at over $40) that I was sent to review, so that you can share with your child, or to give as a gift -- would make a great Easter basket non-candy filler, don't you think! :-)

To enter this giveaway, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter from below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure:  I was sent screener copies from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. wibbly pig my little niece would love. thankyou, ken [email protected]

  2. I like the Octonauts: Pirate Adventures, watch it all the time with my grandkids.