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Fun Games from Wonder Forge to Fill Your Child's Easter Basket With (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Wonder Forge

When the holidays and birthdays roll around, one website I always visit for fun gift ideas for the girls is Wonder Forge.  After stumbling upon them a few years back, I have become an instant fan, and have shared many reviews of their games on my blog.  Not only does Wonder Forge offer games for kids of all ages, but they also have an assortment of family games that will get everyone around the dining room table come game night, as well as some that adults will enjoy playing with friends.

With Easter fast approaching -- next Sunday, I wanted to share my families experiences with a few new games from Wonder Forge, that would make for a great non-candy Easter basket filler this year.  Yes, candy is always nice, but these games will be enjoyed over and over again, for years to come.

First up is Disney Doc McStuffins Mix Up Fix Up Game.  This fun guessing game was my youngest daughter, Bella's, favorite, partly because she can't get enough of Doc McStuffins, but also because the game was easy to learn and play.  

The use-your-smarts guessing game!
"Can you cure the mystery boo-boo like Doc McStuffins? Use deduction to figure out what will help Lambie, Stuffy, Chilly, and friends feel all better! Collect the most bandages to win. Put your problem solving skills to the test with this clever guessing game!"

Bella couldn't help but dress up as Doc McStuffins as soon as she saw me setting up this game. 

And, she was quick to remind us of all the characters and doctors tools that make up the game pieces, in case we had forgotten -- we hadn't :-).  Like I said, Bella was quick to pick up this game and she is only 3 years old.  

It is hard to find games that she can play and really get into, so I was excited to see her getting into the game and continually asking to play it.  We can play this game as a family, or the girls can set it up while I am preparing dinner and play just the the two of them. :-)  

If you have a Doc McStuffins fan in your life, this would make a perfect gift this Easter.  Bella highly recommends it, and so do I! :-)

Are your children are into matching games? If so, then you will want to check out these two new matching games from Wonder Forge --

A fun game of picture matching!
"It’s the classic game of picture matching, now celebrating the lovable world of Peanuts! Flip over brightly colored tiles and discover cherished characters like Charlie Brown and his faithful dog Snoopy, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Linus, and many more. Pick up the most matching pairs to win!"

"Flip over brightly colored tiles to reveal precious piglets, cuddly kittens, delightful ducklings, and many more. Collect the most matching pairs to win!"

My girls are now Peanuts fans thanks to them falling in love with Charlie Brown and Snoopy last Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas when the classic holiday Peanuts movies aired on television.  Now, whenever they see anything with Snoopy or Charlie Brown on it, they have to have it.  So, you can only imagine how excited they were when they was the Peanuts Matching Game in the box from Wonder Forge.   

They had a blast matching the colorful picture tiles, which featured everyone's favorite Peanuts friends.  

While this matching game is fun to play with two players, I have found my girls setting up the game and playing it by themselves, just to see how fast they can find the pairs. :-)

The Baby Animals matching game received the most ehh's and ahh's of all the games sent to us.  

My girls couldn't help but gush about the cute baby animals and how could just cuddle them up.

Like other Wonder Forge matching games, this one is perfect for little ones, especially those ages 3-5 years old.  Savannah made a point to bring this game into preschool as her show and tell for the week, and the kids also couldn't get enough of the cute animals.  They had a blast taking turns playing this matching game, as well as just oodling over the baby animal tiles.  I see this as being a hit this Easter, and one matching game your kids will play time and again.

Thanks to my husband, both of my girls are into comic books and superhero movies.  So ,when they saw me take the Marvel Dominoes Game out of the box I was sent by Wonder Forge, they couldn't help but smile as they pointed out their favorite Marvel characters.  They were also on their best behavior that day so that when my husband got home they could play it after dinner together.

Classic fun you can take anywhere!

It’s a superhero twist on classic dominoes, with daring portraits of your favorite Marvel characters to collect and connect!

Both boys and girls who love Marvel will have a blast playing this dominoes game, which features all their favorite Marvel characters on brightly colored dominoes. 

And, the game is small enough to throw in your handbag to take on the go to keep little ones busy.  

We have only had this and the other Wonder Forge games for about a week and half, but this has become my girls' favorite daddy/daughter "me time" game to play.  And, my husband is loving it, too, seeing that he is still a kid at heart and loves Marvel. :-)

For those with children who are fans of the hit Disney movie, "Frozen," you will want to know about  Disney Frozen Matching Game On-the-Go Edition from Wonder Forge.  

Classic picture matching you can take anywhere.

"Flip over brightly colored tiles and find beautiful pictures of sisters Anna and Elsa, plus friends Kristoff, Olaf, Sven and more. What familiar faces will you see? Pick up the most matching pairs to win!"

I had picked this matching game up for the girls last month when I saw it Target.  They love playing it on the rug in the living, or bringing along to play at the grandparents.  Being small and portable, it makes long waits at the doctor's office more bearable, and the girls love finding their favorite Frozen friends and seeing who can get the most pairs and win.

To learn more about these and other games available from Wonder Forge, visit today.  You can find the games I reviewed at your favorite local retailer including Target, Kohls and Toys 'R Us, as well as through online retailers like  

All of the games are reasonable prices, making them a great gift idea for Easter, upcoming birthdays or just because. 

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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