Sunday, March 1, 2015

Are You a Home Safety Expert with Safety 1st? + Enter to #WIN a Home Safety Set #Giveaway #ChildSafety

Whether you're an experienced mom, or an expectant mom, there is always more to learn about home safety. Safety 1st recently teamed up with Lifetime's Designing Spaces to remodel and safeguard a heroic military family's home.

In honor of this great episode, the folks at Safety 1st have created a fun 'Are You a Child Safety Expert?' Facebook Quiz, that you could take recently that let you test your babyproofing knowledge.  Did you have a chance to take the quiz?  If not, you can still watch the video above for some great babyproofing tips.

For those who took the Safety 1st "'Are You a Child Safety Expert?' quiz," you were eligible to enter and win a whole home safety set.  Crossing my fingers that an Inspired by Savannah reader will this giveaway.  But, if you missed the quiz or didn't win the giveaway, I am excited as  am offering readers another chance to win the Safety 1st Whole Home Safety Set, thanks to the kind folks at Safety 1st.  This is defnitiely a must have babyproofing kit for you to keep or to give to someone who know who is expecting or has a little one who has started to move about on their own and get into things. :-)

Be sure to share the above Lifetime's Designing Spaces babyproofing video with a friend whose little one is starting to lift himself up on furniture or crawl around the house. This could be just what they need to see! 

Safety 1st Whole Home Safety Set - Safety 1st  - Babies"R"Us
Want a chance to win a Safety 1st Whole Home Safety Set?  Then, complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below for a chance to win one of these must have babyproofing kits today.  Good luck!


  1. My 10 month old is starting to crawl around. This would be perfect for us! Julie [email protected]

  2. I'd like to win this for myself. My little one is rolling over and it won't be long before she's crawling and walking.

  3. my niece who just delivered her first baby last week. thankyou, ken [email protected]

  4. I would like to win this for my home. I have a very busy crawler on my hands!

  5. I'm pregnant with my first baby so this would be perfect for our household!

  6. I would like this for myself for my busy toddler who likes to open every cabinet.

  7. Id like to win for a shower present for my daughter who is due with her first baby in May.