Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Turn Boring Holiday Gatherings Into a Fun Game Night with Mom-Printed Games from Ad Magic

Still looking for last minute gift ideas, or want to add some fun game options to upcoming game nights and family gatherings?  If so, why not support a mom entrepreneur , while having everyone around the laughing and having a great time.  Shari Spiro is the founder and CEO of Ad Magic, the largest independent games printer in the US.  Her company has printed more than 10 million customized card and board games that are unusual, fun, weird, racy, entertaining, educational, and (appropriate) fun for everyone at your holiday party, be it for adults, kids or the whole family!

If you have ever played or heard of games like Cards Against Humanity, as well as POOP the Game, What the Food, and Game of Phones, then you have played once of Shari's games.  

You know that I am passionate about sharing mom and dad entre and love when I find that products I own are made by parents, as it lets me know that I am supporting a fellow entrepreneur.

Shari's games are great for upcoming getaways, snow days with the kids, an activity for your kids to do during a sleepover, or even for those at-home date nights you have with your husband.  Just check out the fun games that are perfect for kids and adults --

game of 49

Terrible Time 02


pocket dungeon quest2

What Oh...

So, instead of spending another dull family Christmas dinner hearing Aunt so and so retell the same story of childhood events over and over again, why not pull out a game or two from Ad Magic, and have some good ole fashion fun, laughing and bonding over a card or board game.

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  1. I love playing games like this with family and friends and these look fun.
    heather [email protected]