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Delta Children Offers Fun Character Furniture Kids Will Love - Including Chairs, Beds and More... (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Delta Children Disney Minnie Collection

"Millions of families worldwide trust Delta Children to provide safe, high quality nursery furniture, strollers, bassinets and other products for baby's comfort and parents' peace of mind."

2014 will surely go down as a very memorable year.  In addition to experiences more "firsts" with our girls, we have also seen them go in leaps and bounds.  While I still call our youngest, Bella, a baby, she is no longer one, and is quick to tell me so -- "Mommy, I am not a baby anymore."  I have been counting down the days until I could say goodbye to diapers, and just before Bella's 3rd birthday, she surprised and finally stuck with the potty training and now wears big girl panties.  Back when we were celebrating Savannah's 4th birthday in July, Bella also gave up her binkies -- well, we hid them and she had to quick cold turkey -- but, hey, now we get to look at her beautiful smile without a pacifier in the way. :-)

Other big milestones included Savannah starting preschool and learning to write her own name. And, at the end of the summer Savannah moved from her toddler bed into a twin bed, and we converted Bella's crib to a toddler bed.  The girls also went from sharing a room to getting separate rooms.  And, recently, Bella, who is growing so fast and is now an inch taller than Savannah, moved from her toddler bed to the converted full size bed.  

It is crazy how fast they grow and how they are becoming their own independent people with their own likes and dislikes.  When we moved the girls into their own rooms to give them their space, we found that they both had different styles and ideas for how they wanted to decorate their room.  Savannah was quick to pull in a few of her favorite toys from the playroom including a kitchen set, bag of stuffed animals and puzzle tower, while Bella filled her room with two bookcases and a vanity table.  Both of my girls love to have books read to them, or will pull books of the bookshelf and flip through them, making up their own stories as they go along.  Even though Bella has two bookcases in her room and Savannah doesn't, they both still enjoy to sit on their beds and have quiet time reading a book.  Knowing this, I thought it would be a nice addition to pick up little chairs for their room.  I wanted a chair that was also easy to move in case we wanted to bring to the living room for movie watching, or that could be moved around if my girls wanted to switch up their rooms.  

After searching and searching, I remembered that Delta Children offered upholstered chairs, like the ones I was looking.  We are no strangers to Delta Children, as I bought most of the girls' nursery furniture here when we were preparing for their arrival.  

I loved the exceptional quality of Delta Children's product offering, and was always quick to suggest it when friends and family were in the market for furniture, strollers, bassinets and other products for babies.  

delta stroller side by side
delta bassinet

What I especially loved about products from Delta Children is that many of them grow with your child, so you can get many years of use out of this.  This came in very handy when we converted the girls' cribs to toddler beds and then to the full size bed Bella sleeps in now.  Savannah opted to keep her toddler bed and use it as a daybed to sit on when friends come to visit.  My parents gave her my old twin bed I had as a child that they had in storage.  If she didn't have this, then she, too, would be sleeping a full size bed that we would have made from her convertible crib bought from Delta Children.

The Solutions Collection

Back to the upholstered chair. :-)  After browsing through the Delta Children website, I was amazed at how many wonderful furniture pieces were available for toddlers and young children.  

From upholstered chairs and sofas to table and chair sets, as well as storage sets and more, Delta Children has your growing child in mind with their full lines of products that any child would love to have in their "big kid" room.  

I was so excited when I was asked to review one of the upholstered chairs from Delta Children, as I knew my girls would love to sit in their very own chair.  I ended up choosing the Dora the Explorer one, as both of my girls love this hit Nick Jr. show and it would go well in either of their rooms as well as the play room.  

For animated fun, grab this Dora Upholstered Chair from Delta Children. Boasting colorful graphics of Dora, it features a sturdy hardwood frame and padded seat.
  • Recommended for ages 3-6
  • Holds up to 100 lbs.
  • Features a hardwood frame and padded seat
  • Assembled dimensions: 23.5"L x 17.5"W x 18.5"H
  • Wipe clean with mild soap and water
  • Meets or exceeds all safety standards set by the CPSC

When the Dora Upholstered chair from Delta Children arrived, both of my girls were all smiles and couldn't wait to try it out and break it in.  But, I was quick to find that they wanted the chair for themselves and had to go online and fast and order another upholstered chair, so that they would each have their own. 

Bella is the big Dora fan in our house, so she kept this chair I was sent for review. 

Savannah, on the other hand, ended up choosing a cute pink Disney princess chair.  And, within a couple days of ordering the second Delta Children upholstered chair online (from, my girls were all smiles again, as they didn't have to take turns or share one chair.

We have only had these cute upholstered chairs for children for a  few weeks now, but they have been getting daily use of them.  I had originally planned to put these chairs in their bedrooms so that they had a place to sit and flip through books, but so far the girls have opted to keep them in our living room.  They love having their own "big girl" seats, while my husband and I sit on the couch.  From watching television and movies to playing with their iPads or reading books, the girls are always quick to sit in their comfy chairs from Delta Children.  

As a parent I can't help but rave about how well these chairs are made.  My girls have crawled all around these chairs and have even rolled them over.  These chairs are so durable that even with a little rough housing like this, they haven't broken.  As far as the upholstered material itself, the colors are bright ad the designs are clear.  We have had a few instances where the girls spilt juice or a Popsicle on their chairs, but I was able to wipe them clean with a wet paper towel.

Overall, I have to say that I am very impressed with the two upholstered chairs from Delta Children.  Just like the cribs and baby furniture I bought, I can see these chairs growing with the girls.  And, once they make their way into my girls' rooms, I know they will make for a fun place to sit and read books. But, int he meantime the girls are having fun showing off their own chairs, that the adults can't sit in. :-)

Delta Children Table and Chair Sets Collection

To learn more about Delta Children and see their product offering for babies and growing children, visit their website at  

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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