Friday, November 28, 2014

Relive Your Childhood by Surprising Your Kids with a Discovery Kids View-Master Box Set (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Do you remember a toy stood out as a favorite at the holidays when you were little?  I remember when I was about 8-9 years old, Santa brought my brothers and I our own view-masters, along with a selection of 3-D image cards for them.  We had so much that day staring up at the light looking at the 3D pictures and passing the different reels to look at.  

This was one toy that I had wished my mom had saved, as I would have loved to share this childhood favorite toy with them.  Luckily, they still make the view-master and reels, so I was able to pick one up and surprise the girls with.  In addition to the one I found online, I was also sent one from the folks at Discovery Kids, which made it perfect, as I wouldn't have to worry about the girls fighting over who gets to use the viewer.

Along with the iconic red View-master that reminded me of my childhood, the Discovery Kids box also included a storage case and three reels containing 21 3-D photos that was compatible with all View-Master views.  

Viewmaster Boxed Set

Unlike the reels I remember as a child, these new reels not only contained 3-D photos, but also fun facts to go along with the pictures, which in this case were about Safari Adventures, Marine Life and Age of Dinosaurs.  Not only were the girls having fun looking at the images on the reels, but they were learning at the same time. :-)  

Viewmaster Boxed Set

Another thing  found with the new View-Master viewers and reels is that the images are much brighter than when I was a kid.  Like I said, my brothers and I would have to stare up at the light just to make out the photos, but with the Discovery Kids View-master this was not the case.  You could look straight ahead and see the brighter, much more clear images.  Also, the reels were much stronger than I remember and didn't bend, which is great as Bella still likes to play rough, especially when she is having a temper tantrum, and will not be able to break as easily.

It was so much fun sharing one of my favorite childhood toys with my girls and seeing them get just as excited as my brothers and I did on Christmas morning when we found our own View-Masters under the tree.  Now, the girls are requesting more reels to continue the View-Master fun, and have even traded a few with friends at school. :-)

View Master Boxed Set

If you loved your View-Master growing up, and would love to share this iconic toy with them, why not pick up the Discovery Kids View-Master boxed set to share with them this upcoming holiday season.  It is perfect for kids 3+ and will make learning about animals, marine life and more that much more exciting and fun.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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