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Improving Our Dental Health Habits One Day at a Time with the Help of LISTERINE Products the Whole Family Can Use #MC #Sponsored #Listerine #healthyhabits

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LISTERINE® . I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a post about how I was working to improve the health habits of my family, with the help of some wonderful LISTERINE®  products I was sent. Today, I wanted to share an update on how things are going, and rave about a few of my favorite LISTERINE®  products that we are loving, and that have helped improve our overall dental care.

If you follow my blog then you probably have heard me share about how I used to be a health educator before becoming a stay-at-home.  You would think being a health educator by trade and having taught the importance of dental health in schools and the community, that my family would have great oral health habits.  Quite the contrary, especially with two children under the age of 5 yrs. old.  Not only do I have to fight with them to brush at least twice a day, but I also struggle to get them brush for a minimum of 2 minutes and not just stand there and chew on the bristles.  

I have tried so many tactics to teach better oral health care with my girls, from rewarding them when they brush right, have a sticker chart to track their healthy brushing habits, and have even bought musical and light up toothbrushes, which don't work at all, as they are more into dancing to the music (if they can hear it) or watching the flashing lights on the toothbrush.  With so many struggles to get the girls to brush consistently and correctly, I found myself slacking on flossing their teeth.  

So, when I was given the opportunity to try out LISTERINE®  products for the whole family and asked to share about ways I am improving my family's oral health, flossing the girls teeth and using mouthwash for my husband I were top on my lists of things to work on.  And, thanks to the amazing LISTERINE® product offering, for all teeth types, we are making improvements and feeling better and have brighter, healthier smiles as a result. :-)

Out of all the LISTERINE®  goodies sent last month, I have to say that our favorites were the LISTERINE® HEALTHY WHITE™ GENTLE Rinse, LISTERINE® Gentle Gum Care Dental Floss and the handy LISTERINE® POCKETPAKS® breath strips, which I was sent in fresh burst.

I, personally, have sensitive teeth and gums due to my radiation treatment for head and neck cancer back in 2008.  Although maintain proper dental health and good oral hygiene is key to keeping my teeth in tip top shape, I also have to be aware at the different types of products I use, due to my sensitive teeth and gums.  I can't use mouthwashes and rinses that have alcohol as I have a dry mouth and this only makes it work.  The alcohol also inflames my gums, making them painful. This is one reason why I stopped using mouthwash after brushing, as I couldn't find a brand I liked and that was gentle enough for my teeth.  But, after trying LISTERINE® HEALTHY WHITE™ GENTLE Rinse, which contains no alcohol, I now have my go-to mouthwash for fresher, cleaner breath.  


"New LISTERINE® HEALTHY WHITE™ GENTLE Rinse offers effective teeth-whitening results. The unique formula safely whitens teeth and is the only leading whitening product on the market that does not contain peroxide but includes the added benefit of fluoride to restore enamel, offering a gentler, non-irritating whitening experience while simultaneously preventing cavities."

Paired with brushing and flossing, the addition of the LISTERINE® HEALTHY WHITE™ GENTLE Rinse really made my teeth feel cleaner, and my breath was fresher, and offers oral health benefits including:

• Peroxide-free for a gentler whitening experience
• Removes and prevents tough stains
• Restores enamel
• Safely whitens
• Formulated to whiten without irritation
• Kills bad breath germs
• Prevents cavities
• Helps prevent tooth decay

As far as floss, I have been using and loving LISTERINE® Gentle Gum Care Dental Floss --- Again, for those with sensitive teeth and gums in mind, this is a great floss, as it  a soft woven floss instead of stiff string, which I find also irritates my gums, and can be moved in and out of the sides of my teeth with ease, without getting stuck or cutting my gums.

LISTERINE® Gentle Gum Care Dental Floss
The girls and I love the LISTERINE® Gentle Gum Care Dental Floss, which comes in cool mint, as it is a "soft, springy and resilient dental floss that works great at removes plaque effectively around sensitive gums."

For anyone who hates to floss as they find it painful or hard to maneuver the floss between the tight spaces in between their teeth, I would highly recommend trying the LISTERINE® Gentle Gum Care Dental Floss for its springiness and softness.  It really makes flossing more enjoyable and less painful.

My husband, although he doesn't have sensitive teeth, has been sneaking my LISTERINE® Gentle Gum Care Dental Floss and LISTERINE® HEALTHY WHITE™ GENTLE Rinse supply, and also loves them.  I ended up going out the other day to pick him up his own supply. :-)

In addition to the LISTERINE® Gentle Gum Care Dental Floss and LISTERINE® HEALTHY WHITE™ GENTLE Rinse, both my husban and I are also fans of the LISTERINE POCKETPAKS.  These breath strips are great for carrying around in your pocket, stashing in your purse, glove box, etc., and pulling out a dissolvable strip to pop in your mouth, when you need to quickly freshen your breath.  They are not overpowering or leave you with a funny taste or chalky feel in your mouth, like other breath mints and breath strips.  I love the fresh minty breath I have seconds after I pop one of the strips in my mouth. :-)

Available in COOL MINT®, ARCTIC BERRY, FRESH BURST® and COOL HEAT, these handy LISTERINE® POCKETPAKS® breath strips work quickly and leave your breath smelling great.  Even my husband, who usually doesn't like breath mints or fresheners, has found himself reaching for a dissoluble strip after meals. :-)


"Refresh your mouth after your morning coffee, before a meeting, or to prep for a big date!"

So, while we will continue to work on improving and maintaing proper oral hygiene in our home, with the help of LISTERINE®, we are well on our way of getting gold stars each day for a job well done!  Our teeth are sparkling and our breath is fresher.  And, can you believe, the girls are getting excited about brushing the right way, and having me floss their teeth like big girls. :-)

Maybe it is time for you to re-evaluate your dental health habits and those of your children. Could you improve in some areas?  Make oral care an important part of your daily habits, and teach by example, showing your kids the importance of brushing, flossing, etc.

Check out the LISTERINE® YouTube page, where you can watch the Healthy Habit Heroes video series --  I have been watching and laughing at the videos, especially the "negotiator" ones that show parents going to great lengths to get their kids to eat more fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated.  

See, I am not alone in how I try to talk/negotiate with my girls to brush and even try new foods.  I can't wait to hear which videos make you smile and laugh, so be sure to share them with me in the comments section below.  :-)

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Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LISTERINE. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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