Monday, August 11, 2014

#1 Top Quality Stainless Steel Measuring Cups 6 Piece By KitchenMade Make Baking Fun ™#measuringcups (Review)

Ever get an itching to bake, only to find yourself sifting through your drawers looking for your loose measuring cups, only to not find the ones you need for a recipe?  Or, worse, find yourself in the midst of baking and measuring wrong and adding too much of an ingredient to a recipe, only to ruin it in the end.  I have these two things happen to me on many an occasion -- not fun, when you are a busy mom on the go, and don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.  

While it is easy to pick up measuring cups at a store, finding ones that are not only durable and will last rough play by little ones, as well as ones that are accurate when it comes to measuring are hard to find.  I did an experiment a few years back with my loose measuring cups, as they all looked different.  I was surprised to find that each of the 1 cup measuring cups were a little off.  This is not good when you need to measure exact measurements for recipes.  I found that the silicone ones that collapse measured a little over, while so-called stainless steel ones I ones had dents in the side or bottom, which would result in under measuring.

Knowing this, whenever I would bake, I would find myself making note of these discrepancies and would have to account for the differences when baking.  If I didn't, I would find myself having to through out batches of cookies, etc. because of measuring wrong.  But, thanks to a new set of stainless steel measuring cups I was sent from KitchenMade, I don't have to worry about this problem anymore.  Baking is once again fun, and clean up is a breeze.  

The first thing I noticed when receiving these measuring cups is that each of the 6 cups that make up the set, each had some weight to them.  Just holding them, you could tell that they were well made.  The cups were made from top quality polished stainless steel, and are said to last a lifetime.  At only $21.67 per set, you can't go wrong for great nesting measuring cups which give measurements in mls and cups and are engraved on the handle and sides of the cups, so you don't have to worry about markings rubbing off.  I can't tell you how many times I had to throw out measuring cups in the past as their markings rubbed off from washing or from constant use.  

Another unique feature to these top quality stainless steel measuring cups is that they have a pouring lip that both professional and at-home bakers/cooks will love, when it comes to measuring and pouring both wet and dry ingredients.  :-)  

I am so happy to have finally found a measuring cup set that is sturdy, durable and provides accurate measurements to both wet and dry ingredients.  Now, baking is fun again, and I don't have to  worry about tossing dough or other treats because I measured wrong, or can't find the correct measuring cups. :-)

Like I said these top quality stainless steel measuring cups from KitchenMade are available right now for only $21.67, and can be purchased at, where you will get FREE Shipping if you are an Amazon Prime Member. Click here to buy now, and get back in the kitchen, where you love to bake up treats for the whole family to enjoy. :-)

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