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Nurture Your Child's Love for Books, While Building Their Reading Confidence This Summer with the Fun "Read Me Stories: Learn to Read" App #rmslearntoread #sponsored

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post through Triberr, in which the vendor will be compensating me for my time in reviewing and sharing more about this app.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

Triberr Read me stories App

"In just 15 minutes a day, teach your child to read with confidence using Read Me Stories."

Even though the kids are out of schools doesn't mean they shouldn't still pick up a book to read to do activities that offer an educational benefit. While many schools require children to read a certain number of books during the summer, others don't make this mandatory.  Back when I was in school, I was in the honors program and had to read 5 books over the summer, most of which were 500+ plus pages.  I found that when I was assigned certain books to read, if they weren't of my taste, I would delay in reading them, and thus put off picking up other books to read.  When I finally did get around to reading the mandatory books and writing book reports on them, I found myself enjoying them.

I have always loved books, even early on when my mom would read to me at bedtime.  I credit her for my love of books and reading.  Not only was I able to spend time with her without my two older brothers being around, but I loved the adventures and plots the stories had.  Who doesn't like to use their imagination and pretend they are somewhere else, or try to picture things that they have read?  This is what makes reading so much, as you have to stick with it and turn the page to find out what happens next.

And, now that I have children of my own, I am trying to instill a love of books and reading with them.  Although they are only 2 1/2 and almost 4 years old, they get excited during bedtime reading, as well as during the day when I have one-on-one time with them, and they get to choose an activity to do with me.  If we aren't doing crafts or watching an educational program together, the girls are pulling books of the shelf for me to read to them, or asking for the iPad so that we can read (or have read to us) a book or two from the Read Me Stories: Learn to Read app.  

Read me stories: Learn to Read App

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After first being introduced to this learning app last month, the girls have been putting it to good use.  Not a day goes by, that they are not clicking on the app icon and having a story read to them.  This app offers a new storybook each day, which is exciting for the girls, as they can't wait to see what adventure they will get to tag along for.  

Read Me Stories: Kids' Books - screenshot
Read Me Stories: Kids' Books - screenshot

And, with the option of reading the book themselves or having it read to them, they can use this app without me having to be there to read it to them.  But, usually I like to be sitting with them when they use this app, as I get to see them learning new words, being able to point to different letters of the alphabet now that they can recognize each, or simply add to their word count for sentences they speak.

Bella, my youngest, has really taken to this app, and has grown her vocabulary immensely since we started using Read Me Stories: Learn to Read.  And, while she nor Savannah are reading on their own yet, they are able to spell out 3-4 letter words, use proper tense when talking, and can tell me in their words about the stories I have read or they have had read to them through this app.  Really amazing, if you ask me! :-)  

Read Me Stories: Learn to Read - screenshot

Over the years, I have reviewed countless educational apps on my blog, but this one sticks out as my and my girls' favorite, and one that I can actually see results with.  Yes, the other ones are educational and fun to use, but the girls grow tired of them after a few days of playing  Or, you have to buy add-ons to continue play, which adds up over time, without offering any educational advancements and skill building, which I think is key when you allow kids to use apps.

I am hoping to get the chance to interview the creator of the app, Glenn Andert from 8Interactive, as I would love to hear about how he came up with this brilliant app, and what he thinks about the overall success parents and children are seeing when using his educational app.

Here is a little background on this app creator and the story behind why he felt the need to create a learn to read app like this one...

Did you know?...

1 in 3 Children in the US grows up not being able to read (many more worldwide)

The founder of Read Me Stories, Glenn Andert, experienced the pain of having reading difficulties at school when he was growing up. That's why he has used over 12 years of research into teaching children to read and the past four years developing the technology behind Read Me Stories.

"Read Me Stories - Learn To Read is an app that has already helped 5 million parents teach their children to read. Now, they want to create millions more confident little readers. We believe success and happiness is tightly tied to a person's ability to read and keep up in school."

Glenn's goal for this app was to assist parents to easily teach their children to read without the insane cost of tutoring and support. With a proven track record of 98% success, qualified teachers are able to teach kids to read one-on-one in as little as 15 minutes a day, with this app.  Depending on a child's reading level, you can can tailor your child's reading experience with.  

Read Me Stories: Learn to Read - screenshot

This is one feature that many other read-along or learn to read apps lack. They don't offer you the chance to select the proper age or reading level for children, and will have them complete basic stories in order to move on to more advanced.  This is where kids grow restless and bored with the content.  And, without the ability to adjust the reading levels or allow them to read at their own pace, you will not see them becoming confident readers.

"Poor child literacy is a problem that makes no sense in today's world. Let's kick this problem in the pants."  

So, why don't you join me and so many other parents of young children by downloading this FREE app today, and sharing it with your child.  I have only been using it for a month now, and can't believe the results I am seeing with my girls.  Now I can see firsthand, why Glenn's app has such a high success rate (98%)

Read Me Stories: Kids' Books - screenshot

I can't stop raving about the Read Me Stories: Learn to Read app with family and friends of young children.  And, with Savannah heading into preschool in the fall, she will definitely be more advanced when it comes to her vocabulary and pronunciation of words, thanks to this fun and entertaining educational app.  And, with over 140 educational stories to choose from, children will not get bored of the content.  Like I said earlier, each day a new book is added to your library, so you are always seeing fresh new content.

Read Me Stories: Learn to Read - screenshot

If you have young children and are looking to keep their skill set sharp while on summer break, why not download this app to your iPad or iPhone today, and share it with them.  You, too, will be amazed at how quickly they pick up on new words, learn word and sentence formation, etc., while become confident readers over time.  I will always love reading and picking new books to read, and I love seeing this same passion with my girls, and the excitement in their faces when they point out words they know or say a super hard word clearly.  They impress themselves, and are eager to continue and grow as readers and listeners.  And, this app will help definitely help nurture their educational development, and get them ready for future schooling.

Read Me Stories: Learn to Read - screenshot

Download the Read Me Stories: Learn to Read app now from iTunes for FREE, and begin a journey to better reading, and a love of of books with your child(ren).

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post through Triberr, in which the vendor will be compensating me for my time in reviewing and sharing more about this app.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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