Monday, June 23, 2014

The Bouqs Offers Beautiful Flower Arrangements for Only $40 (Includes Delivery) and No Hidden Fees!!! #BouqLove

The Bouqs Company

It is always  nice to receive flowers, or surprise someone you love with a beautiful bouquet, just because.  There is just something about seeing blooming flowers full of color and life that makes your mood perk up, leaving you happier and smiling, as you lean in to smell the flowers.  I am not alone in our house when it comes to flowers.  Both of my girls LOVE them, and this can be seen with them going out each day and picking freshly bloomed flowers from our garden, as well as from the wild flowers scattered across our backyard.  Even though Daddy would like to see the flowers stay a little bit longer in the ground, he also enjoys seeing the girls happy as they show off their prized bloomed and wait for a vase and water to put them in, to admire, until the next bouquet is picked. :-)

We have started a birthday tradition in our house for Savannah.  Starting with her second birthday, we have had flowers sent to the house for Savannah.  Her eyes light up each and every time she gets mail, but when the flower delivery person rings the bell, your look is priceless.  After she goes back and forth like an old lady asking if the flowers are for her or not, she gladly accepts them, scribbling her name on the release form -- note, she can't write yet, so it is usually a doctor's signature scribble. :-)  Then, if the box is not heavy, she will carry it upstairs for us to look at and admire together. 

Last year, my husband a little overboard and ordered two bouquets, as he couldn't decide.  He had thought Savannah would have shared with Bella, but she didn't, keeping all the flowers for herself.  Luckily, Daddy was able to bring home a separate bouquet of flowers for Bella to admire, to keep the peace.

But, when it comes to ordering flowers online for home delivery, I have found recent services used to be lacking.  Either the flowers received looked nothing like the photos, they didn't even come with blooms, or the prices of bouquets, even the smallest ones were priced ridiculously high (not including service and delivery fees).  So, with Savannah's birthday fast approaching, we have been looking for a new online flower site to try out.  My recent search led me to The Bouqs Company (As seen in O! Oprah Magazine, Forbes, E!, The Today Show, & Popsugar).  

"The Bouqs own their own flower farm, growing flowers in the rich soil of an active volcano. All bouquets are cut to order and are sent to your door. There is no waste, and there is no middle man, leaving you with great savings."

I also remember seeing this business of Shark Tank a short time ago and loved their business concept.  I can see after browsing their current bouquet offering why my husband ended up buying two arrangements for Savannah last year, as they really are beautiful and you wish you could get a few of them -- if only flowers lasted forever, so that you could enjoy each day.

I showed my husband the website and asked him which ones he liked.  He kept pointing and commenting on how beautiful the "Red, White and Blue" arrangements from The Bouqs were, and how Savannah would like them.  Like I have shared in the past, she is into My Little Pony, so everything they sees, she has to correlate each pony to that color -- yellow for Fluttershy, orange for Applejack, Pink for Pinky Pink, and so on and so forth.  He thought that based on her favorite My Little Pony favorites that she would love to receive either of these two bouquets in the mail --

Rainbow Bouq

What do you think?  Wouldn't you love to receive one of these in the mail, for your special day or just because?  Can you believe that they are only $40, with shipping included in the price?  That is what is so great about The Bouqs Company, as they offer three price ranges, $40 (original size), $50 (deluxe: double blooms), or $70 (grand: triple blooms) for each of the arrangements they offer -- with no hidden fees.  Unlike other flower websites, you will not find yourself paying crazy prices, even when applying discount coupons.  I never seem to find big savings when special holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. roll around, as many online flower sites jack their prices up, just so that they can lower them ever so slightly, making you think you are saving $$$.  But, you will not find this with The Bouqs.  Instead, they keep their prices at these three price points, and will even off you the opportunity to sign up for specials after your place your order.  Just last night after deciding on this arrangement for Savannah's upcoming 4th birthday, I was given the opportunity to sign up for two flower deliveries per year, for only $37 an order.


I could choose the two dates and pay up front. If I didn't want to pay upfront, I could instead save 10% off the reduced price when locking in the offer and paying days before the item is set to ship.

Because this is the first time I am trying out the service, and will not be receiving the flowers until July 18th, I decided to hold off on this special.  But, based on what I saw when The Bouqs Company was on Shark Tank and reading other positive customer testimonies, I know that I will love the arrangement we decided on for Savannah.  And, I will be sure to have the camera ready to take photos of her answering the door, signing for her flowers and adding them to her vase to admire.

Don't have a birthday or special occasion coming up?  Why not try out the online flower delivery service from The Bouqs just because?  There is nothing wrong with sending yourself flowers, hinting to your honey about a flower bouquet you like (with link and coupon code), or sending an arrangement to a friend or family member to let them know you are thinking about them.  Like I said in the beginning, flowers have always made my day, and leave you smiling. And, I was smiling last night as I placed my first (of many) flower orders through The Bouqs's easy to navigate online ordering shop, as I knew I was getting a deal on the flowers we ordered for Savannah.  Where else can you get a lovely bouquet, including shipping for $40?

Far Out….Man

Rigth now, The Bouqs Company is offering new and current customers the opportunity to order from a wonderful selection of  4th of July Flowers - Red, White and Bouq arrangements made especially with the 4th of July in mind.  Just look at  some of the arrangements you could order to add color to your table this 4th of July, for only $40 each...

Go USA! | Bouqs Flowers
Sparklers | Bouqs Flowers
Roman Candles | Bouqs Flowers
Boom | Bouqs Flowers
Red, White, and Bouq! | Bouqs Flowers
BBQ'n | Bouqs Flowers

While you will probably be having a cookout like most families do, it doesn't mean you can't dress up your table (indoors or out) with festive red, white and blue colors.  Family and friends will compliment you on your good taste, and will want to know where you got them from.  And, you will not hesitate to gush about how much you paid and saved and what lovely flower arrangements the folks at The Bouqs Company have to offer.  Say goodbye to past failed flower deliveries and say "hello" to worry-free online flower ordering for special occasions or just because, thanks to The Bouqs Company.

That's Hot

To learn more about The Bouqs Company, or to order one of their special "Red, White and Bouq" arrangements in time for the 4th July, visit their website at  

Take time this 4th of July to smell the flowers, as you smile from ear to ear, while admiring your flower arrangement from The Bouqs.  :-)


  1. This is an amazing deal $40.00 including delivery with no hidden fees. I love this thank you for sharing. Thier flowers look really nice quality too.
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