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Dolly-Mamas' KuKu Dolls Will Make You Smile + Purchase a Doll & Help a Family Review and #Giveaway #DollyMamas #ad

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. As a member of Crossroads Media Hub I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

I love stumbling upon businesses that are grown out of the desire to help others.  Usually products created are thought up by people from totally different backgrounds or walks of life.  That was the case with the idea of Kuku Dolls, brought to life by two friends, Lisa and Darlene.

Lisa owns and operates a cozy, busy yarn shop (The Creative Warehouse in Needham, MA) and Darlene is a retired software executive. We have different careers and different backgrounds, but share the same passion for the dolls and helping women and children. 

Darlene and Lisa
"We started making art dolls together several years ago. We took classes, learned various techniques and made everything from Goddess Dolls to sculptural dolls."
"It wasn’t until we were making dolls for the children suffering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that we realized what kind of dolls we both loved to make and that meant the most to us. Those are dolls you can hug and dolls that make you smile! We’ve been designing and making “those” dolls since then and couldn’t be happier with our decision!
And, so the Dolly-Mamas KuKu Doll were born.  
Maria KuKu DollPedro KuKu DollCoco KuKu DollDave KuKu Doll
The Dolly-Mamas KuKu Doll are multi-cultural, knitted, felted dolls that are available as kits, patterns and finished dolls. Each KuKu Doll has its own name and personality and when you make one, you put a little touch of yourself in it as well. They are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of whoever receives them!
DIY kits and patterns start at $6.00, while already made KuKu Dolls can be purchased for only $60.00, with a portion of all sales going to women & children's causes.

There are so many KuKu dolls to choose from. The hard part will be deciding which one to get.  Just look how cute these handmade, knitted, felted dolls are...

Persephone KuKu DollPhil KuKu DollKuKu Bear Doll

Both boys and girls will love receiving a KuKu doll as a gift, and will smother their doll with hugs and kisses. I know, as Bella doesn't like to put her Coco KuKu doll down, and brings it wherever we go, until it is time for bed, at which time she snuggles up close her doll, as they drift off to sleep together.

Coco KuKu Doll

When it comes to toys or dolls, we still have to buy two of everything, as the girls don't like to share, and will get jealous if one child gets a toy and the other one is left one.  I was only sent one KuKu doll to review, but am working hard to narrow down the perfect gift for Savannah's upcoming birthday.  

Savannah asked why the doll didn't have a smile.  But, then she said, "That is because I stole it, as she had a big grin on her face." :-)  They are right, children say the darndest things.  

I showed her the dolls available for purchase online at the Dolly-Mamas website, and she wanted one of each. :-)  Right now, I am trying to pick one of the three, that I know she will love.

Priscilla KuKu DollBonaparte KuKu DollAlley Cat KuKu Doll

And, once she receives her very own KuKu doll from Dolly-Mamas, I know she, too, with shower this handmade doll with love and not want to put it down.  While the photos above don't do these dolls justice, you really have to see the KuKu dolls up close appreciate the time and labor put into these handmade, knitted, felted dolls, which are "knit in Uganda by the women of the Connect-Africa Foundation, felted and finished in the USA.  Dolls are 8″ tall and are made with only two materials – new 100% wool yarn and new 100% polyester stuffing and have no removable parts."  

Parents and grandparents of little ones will especially love knowing that these dolls don't include parts that may come undone and cause a choking hazard.  Super cuddly and oh so cute, the KuKu dolls will warm your heart, while also putting a smile on your face.  And, caring for your KuKu doll is easy too, as they are washable...simply spot wash with cold water and dry flat.

I am so happy to have had the chance to review a KuKu doll from Dolly-Mamas, and can't stop raving about the dolls with family and friends.  My mom, who loves to knit, along with friends who are grandma's are super excited to purchase the DIY kits and patterns, so that they can make each grandchild their very own KuKu doll, made with love especially for them. :-)

FYI...the KuKu Dolls float, in case you child accidentally drops in the water while boating or at the beach. 


Twinkle KuKu Doll

Thanks to the kind folks at Dolly-Mama's LLC, one lucky reader will win a KuKu doll of their choice.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

More About the Programs Dolly-Mamas LLC Supports:

"Today we are working closely with Connect Africa. We taught Dr. Lynn Auerbach (project founder and a knitter herself) to knit our KuKu Dolls and she went back to her project in Uganda and taught many villagers to knit the dolls. The Dolly-Mamas LLC provides the yarn and purchases the finished dolls from the connect-Africa project, helping provide the knitters with an ongoing source of income. The very good news is that much of the money earned from knitting is being used to pay school tuitions!
The Dolly-Mamas LLC sponsors the PIP (Partners in Possibilities) Program. Working with non-profit organizations, we provide a special line of kits, patterns and finished dolls (made by the Uganda knitters) that can be made and sold to support their efforts."

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. As a member of Crossroads Media Hub I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal
experience with the product.

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