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Last Minute Easter Chocolate Ideas from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mien alone.

Moonstruck Chocolate Company

I know what  I will be asking for this Mother's Day...chocolates from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. :-)  If it wasn't for the opportunity to review a couple of their popular Easter chocolates, I would never have known about this amazing confectioner headquartered in Portland, OR.  Not only is all the confection from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. handmade, they only use the finest and freshest of ingredients. I can only imagine how amazing the cafe in Portland, OR must smell like, as the wall and counters are lined with their selection of  beautiful and oh so tasty chocolate bars, truffles, gifts sets and more sweet treats.  

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If only I lived closer to Portland, OR, I would be visiting their cafe on a regular basis.  But, my waistline is probably thanking me for this.  While I am not a hop skip and a jump away from the Moonstruck Chocolate Co's headquarters, I can still enjoy their confections, as they can be ordered online and shipped nationwide.  :-)  And, with Easter right around the corner, I hear the folks at Moonstruck Chocolate Co. are busy fulfilling orders and will be making many children smile on Easter morning when they find handmade chocolate bunnies and other sweet treats in their baskets. 

Just look at some of the great Easter basket gift ideas available from Moonstruck Chocolate Co.’s new spring collection of truffles and candies:

Solid Chocolate Animals, $10 - $12

These solid chocolate animals are hand-painted and packaged perfectly for any basket!  Available animals include: Dark  Chocolate Bunny, Milk Chocolate Calico Bunny, Dark Chocolate Calico Bunny, Dark Chocolate Rooster and Milk Chocolate Spring Chicken.     

Lemon Sea Salt Caramels, $10

This five-piece collection features a delicious copper kettle-cooked sea salt caramel, enrobed in milk or dark chocolate and topped with lemon-infused sea salt crystals.        

Country Critter Collection, $15

Make room in the barn for our fan-favorite handcrafted Country Critter Truffles: Extra-Bittersweet Lamb, Milk Chocolate Pony, Toffee Pig and Holstein Cow; each is hand-decorated with care.


Fruit Basket Collection, $20

A collection of truffles inspired by spring's bounty! Three flavors―featuring strawberry rhubarb, raspberry and huckleberry preserves are layered with our smooth, creamy ivory ganache and hand piped into ivory, milk or dark chocolate basket-shaped shells and hand-decorated.

If the above photos didn't get your mouth watering, watching this Easter Factory Tour at Moonstruck Chocolate Co. will...

The folks at the Moonstruck Chocolate Co. kindly sent along their Solid Milk Chocolate Calico Bunny ($10) and 4 Piece Easter Egg Truffle Collection ($12) for my family to review. 

Solid Milk Chocolate Calico Bunny
 This solid piece of milk chocolate in the shape of an adorable floppy-eared bunny is hand-painted and packaged perfectly for the season! 3 3/4" tall.

4pc Easter Egg Truffle Collection
Four traditionally styled Easter egg truffles, each meticulously hand-decorated and hand-dipped in cheery Easter colors. Featuring flavors of milk chocolate orange and milk chocolate peanut butter.

I was hoping to sneak the hand painted chocolate bunny, to enjoy myself after the girls and hubby went to bed, but like always, Savannah and Bella were at my side as I opened the mail and saw the chocolate bunny and box of truffles.  Savannah didn't hold back either as she rubbed her belly and said, "Mmm, those must taste good. Can I try?"  Just looking at her cute face and long lashes, and then at Bella as she tried to push closer to get a better look, how could I say, "No."  

Don't try splitting a chocolate bunny between two children.  I tried doing this, but learned the hard way that after biting into a delicious tasting chocolate treat like this one from Moonstruck Chocolate Co., that your child will not want to share.  I first gave the bunny to Savannah to take a bite, and she went straight for the ears.  Then, when i told her to pass along to her sister and share, she made a mad dash out of the kitchen and did circles around the living room, trying to escape Bella and myself, all while nibbling away at the chocolate bunny.  

Savannah got a big piece and stopped to smile.  When she did this, I went in for the grab and rescued the half eaten bunny out of her hands, so that Bella could finally try it.  Luckily, Savannah had her time to enjoy the bunny because once Bella got her hands and mouth on it, she wasn't giving it up.  Within a matter of minutes, all that was left of the chocolate bunny from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. was the empty wrapper and two girls with chocolate mustaches and sticky melted chocolate fingers, which they were content in licking clean. :-)

While the girls licked their fingers, I was able to stash the box of gourmet truffles out of site of the girls, so that my husband and I could sample and enjoy later that evening.  I found to keep my hands off of the truffles before my husband came home.  Not only did the Easter Egg truffles look cute, but I could only imagine how the center of the truffles, which featured flavors of milk chocolate orange and milk chocolate peanut butter, tasted like.

Once the girls went to bed, I pulled out the box of Easter Egg truffles from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. to show my husband.  

He was surprised that my being a chocolate lover, that I had never heard from our sampled chocolates from this confectioner. But, he was happy to help with the sampling for review, and we settled in on the couch and took little bites of each truffle, taking time to savor and enjoy each bite.  Thankfully, there were four truffles in the box, so we could split them 50/50 and not fight over who would get the last one. :-)

Just like the girls, my husband and I found ourselves licking our fingers to make sure we got the last of this mouth watering chocolate, made from only the finest and freshest of ingredients.  How would we rate the chocolates we received from Moonstruck Chocolate Co.?  Five stars *****.  They were out of this world good.  With each bite you took, you could tell that time and care went into making each confection and that only the finest of ingredients were used.  The chocolate was simply divine, and one that makes you want to reach for another piece.  I found myself browsing the Moonstruck Chocolate Co.'s online shop and putting together a Mother's Day wish list of chocolates I would love to receive.  And, who knows...maybe we will plan a special trip to Portland, OR just to visit the Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe.  Hey, we flew to TX to enjoy real BBQ, I don't see why my husband wouldn't be game for a trip to indulgence in all things chocolate, especially after just trying and loving the truffles from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. :-)

You still have time to order online from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. from their new spring collection, as well as customer favorites, and receive in time to fill your child's Easter basket with these handcrafted artisan chocolates.  Just don't delay, as these items are selling out fast. 

Disclosure:  I was sent samples the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mien alone.

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