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Help Your Kids Stay Organized at School and at Home with the Ultimate Seat Sack Set (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor, in addition to a promotional item, in exchange for writing up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Back before I had children I used to think one of my greatest skills was being organized.  I would have lists for almost everything, like groceries needed, daily tasks that needed to be done, places I wanted to go, etc.  My life was so organized, or so I thought.  Flash forward to today, and I find myself getting flustered over the littlest of things.  Ask me if I am organized, and I will have to say no, even though I try to be.  If only there were extra hours in the day for parents to be able to catch up on things, have time to unwind, and plan for the next day, then maybe I would be able to be more organized.  

Even though I am not as organized at I was once, now I have a greater purpose in life, to raise my two girls to the best of my ability, and use the time I have as a stay-at-home to prepare them for kindergarten, onward, and well as create lasting memories, that don't center around checklists, an always tidy house, etc.  

It is funny, while I wish I was more organized and that my brain was not mush by the end of the day, my girls are learning to be organized, just like I once was, thanks to my inadvertent teachings. When they are done with certain toys, they pick up after themselves and put the toys in their correct places.  Books are always returned to the bookcase.  And, even their shoes are paired up and put in cubby hole storage units we have.  

I started teaching them at a young age to be organized by purchasing toy bins and other organizers, and by seeing me pick up and put things away, they are now doing the same. :-)

I have shared recently how I have been using my time with the girls to home school them and prep them for Kindergarten and beyond.  While Savannah had the opportunity to go to preschool, I thought it would be more beneficial to teach her the necessary skills at home, alongside her little sister, who is absorbing everything like a sponge.  Bella started walking at 7 months and talking at 9 months.  And, now she is forming 5+ word sentences thanks to Savannah being around and learning with her.

In order for homeschooling to be successful, you really need to be organized.  I have so many handouts and curriculum books that I had to find a spot to keep them all.  And, because I teach different lessons throughout the day, from art to English, math and even science, I have to have supplies ready for each lesson and activity.  All of our teaching is done at the dining room table, similar to the way that I was raised where we did our homework and class projects at the dining room table.

Back in the day, I found myself going to the hall closet to get glue sticks, rulers, pencils, sharpeners, etc.  It would have been easier to have everything right in front of me.  Thankfully, today, my girls don't have to worry about this, as they have the Ultimate Seat Sack Organizer to keep their school supplies and tools within arms reach.  All they have to do is turn around in their chairs and reach into the pouch of this handy organizer, which slips on the back of your chair. 

New Products

"Start your students school year off right with an ultimate organizing set from Seat Sack.  Studies show that an organized student will perform better on school assignments and tests.  This personal storage set allows a student to keep school supplies, books and papers neatly organized whether at home or school.

All products are made of our durable poly/laminated Seat Sack fabric that meets Standard No. 302 MVSS Flammability of Interior Materials standards.

Set Includes:
  • 1 Seat Sack Plus seat storage pocket (Your choice of size and color)  Sizing Chart
  • 1 Pencil+Pouch pencil pouch 
  • 1 Read-n-Go library book bag 
  • 1 Hand-e-Sack Stick & Store hanging pocket (Your choice of color -- blue or red)

The Ultimate Organizer set keeps their school supplies handy, while also teaching and reinforcing the importance of maintaining an organized work space.  While my office is filled with products to review, file cabinets, etc., the girls see that my desk and work area is always tidy, so that I can find what I need, without having to search near and far.

We have only had the Ultimate Organizer sets for a few days, but I have to say the girls are loving them, as am I.  While I like being able to reach for a ruler, pencil, book, etc. while teaching a lesson plan to the girls, they are also having fun filling the pouch with their belongings.  

While I love the Seat Sack Plus and its abundance of storage space, my favorite of the 4 items that make up the Ultimate Seat Sack Set was the Hand-e-Sack, which sticks to the side of desk or table, and can store little odds and ends like tape, a ruler, extra pencils, crayons, glue sticks and more.  I ended up sticking this to the side of the girls' craft table with the removable 3M tape found on the back of the storage sack. Now, we don't have to stop when crafting or coloring to run to the supply closet to look for things like crayons and tape, as it is handy and right next to us, thanks to the Hand-e-Sack.

And, during our weekly visits to the local library for reading time, Savannah will make a point to bring "Read-n-Go" bag to fill up with new books she borrows.  This handy carry along bag also is great for bringing books to the park, Grandma's house, or just in the car to read on long car rides.  I can see this "Read-n-Go" bag getting a lot of use this upcoming summer, for sure.

And, when the time comes for the girls to go off to school, they will be taking these Ultimate Organizer Set with them, to put on the back of their chair, so that they can be organized at school, too.  I will have to pick up another set for each of them, so that they have one for home and one for school, when the time comes.

Even college students living in the dorms will love the Ultimate Organizer Set, as it will keep them organized, and offer a place to store this school supplies, books, notebooks and more.  If your child struggles to stay organized at home or at school, why not consider picking up the Ultimate Organizer Set today.  The durable poly/laminated Seat Sack fits securely onto the back of their chair, and offers a large pocket to store their school supplies.  I couldn't stop raving about the Ultimate Organizer Set at a homeschooling meetup I had yesterday.  None of the moms had heard of this handy chair organizer, but made a point to jot down the website so that they could check it out and purchase one for their child.

To learn more about the Ultimate Organizer Set and other organizational products from O2 Teach™, click here now --   Even if you find yourself struggling to stay organized, dont' let your children suffer from a disorganized work space.  They will thank you for it, and you will see improved test scores and overall performance from them,  just by helping them be more organized.


Right now the Ultimate Organizer Set is on sale for only $14.95 by clicking here --  

Package Includes:

Seat Sack Available in a Variety of Sizes & Colors
  • 1 Seat Sack Plus seat storage pocket (Your choice of size and color)  Sizing Chart
  • 1 Pencil+Pouch pencil pouch 
  • 1 Read-n-Go library book bag 
  • 1 Hand-e-Sack Stick & Store hanging pocket (Your choice of color)
Blue Pkg includes Blue Seat Sack, Blue Read-n-Go, Red Pencil Pouch, Red Hand-e-Sack
Red  Pkg includes Red Seat Sack, Red Read-n-Go, Blue Pencil Pouch, Blue Hand-e-Sack

This is a great savings, as this 4-piece set usually goes for $24.95.  Act fast to take advantage of this special savings, before the sale ends or the Ultimate Organizer Sets sell out.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor, in addition to a promotional item, in exchange for writing up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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