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"Stop Changing and Start Dressing" with HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diapers #MC #firstfit #sponsored

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Huggies. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation.

Well, my hope to have the girls potty trained will have to hold off until the summer when they can walk around the house without clothes on, or they show signs that they are ready to potty train.  Like I shared in the past, we started potty training Savannah shortly after Bella arrived. But, after seeing Bella the added attention during diaper changes, Savannah stopped wanting to potty train and went back to diapers.  I have tried on numerous occasions to try and potty train them both, but Bella is still not ready to potty train, thus making Savannah want to stay in diapers, too.

But, when you have a 2 yr. old and almost 4 yr. old (Savannah will turn 4 in July), diaper changing is made more difficult, as they squirm more and don't want to stay put or lay down when you need to change them.  Depending on the age of your children, maybe you can remember or have recently gone through the struggles that I face when we are out in public and need to use a public restroom to change diapers.  Both of my girls are 32 lbs. and over 3 ft. tall, so they are not able to fit on the changing tables any more.  So, I have to change them in the bathroom stall standing up.  Good luck at trying to fasten the two sides of the diapers, or ask them to hold one side for you. It is hard enough to get them to hold their shirts up so that I can see what I am doing.  This frustration is one of the reasons that my husband and I prefer to limit our day trips or plan trips closer to home in case we have to make a pit stop and return home to change diapers.

But, that has all recently changed thanks to HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On diapers, which was sent to review.  One of the perks of my girls weighing the same is that I don't have to buy different size diapers, saving me money.  Instead, they both wear size 6 diapers.  If your children are still in diapers then you probably have noticed how many diaper companies are now offering diapers and slip-ons in size 6, to accommodate children around 30-37 pounds who are not potty trained yet.  I ended up making the switch to HUGGIES® a few months ago, as the diaper brand I used to use doesn't offer a diaper size that fit my girls -- they stopped at size 5.  But, I have been pleased with HUGGIES®, and love the absorption they 


HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diapers are make specifically for children who are standing or newly walking babies.  Made with stretchy sides that require no adjustment, HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diapers are a great fit.  Toddlers will love to pull up their own diapers, while moms will love not having to deal with red marks left behind from tight fighting diapers. And, when it comes to taking off the diapers, either parents can have children stand, as they pull them down like underwear, or let your child do and step out.  If you find yourself in a public restroom or need to quickly take off the HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diaper, you can also unfasten one or both sides to remove quickly and easily. :-)


HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diapers come pre-fastened and require no adjustment, making for quick and easy diaper changes, wherever you are, which I love! Gone are the days struggling to find a place or stall to change my daughters' diapers.  Now, they can come into the restroom stall with me and I can quickly remove their HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diapers and slip on another in a matter of seconds.

So, how are the HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diapers on absorption?  Great. HUGGIES® is known for their Leak Lock Protection in their diapers, and these slip-ons come with the same trust Leap Lock Protection layer.  The diaper absorbs-away layers and long-lasting core lock in wetness and keep your child dry.  I wasn't sure how absorbent they diapers would be during nap or bedtime, but have not run into any accidents yet. I am amazed each and every time I take off the girls' diapers at how much liquid these diapers absorb, and how they keep wetness away from the skin.  My girls are like me and have sensitive skin, so the littlest thing, including diaper wetness causes a rash.  But, with HUGGIES trusted Leak Lock Protection, they stay dry each and every time.

I am so happy to have had the chance to try HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diapers with my girls.   Even though the girls are still using diapers, I can say goodbye to the diapers we were using, as we have made the switch to HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diapers.  Slip-ons are perfect for standing and walking babies/toddlers, and makes diaper changing so much easier.  If you still have children in diapers and have struggled like I was with getting them to stay still during diaper changes, you will want to give HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diapers a try.  I know you will love these slip-ons and rave about them to family and friends like I have been doing.  I absolutely love HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diapers, and know you will, too! :-)

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Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Huggies. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation.

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