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Cleaning is a Breeze Thanks to Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle --It's 2X More Powerful Than Regular Multi-Purpose Cleaners #MrCleanMorePower @SheSpeaksUp

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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"It’s time to let someone else’s muscles do the work when cleaning dirt and grime. Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, available at Walmart, is two times more powerful than regular all purpose cleaners. "

It is funny...I used to love cleaning the house before I had children.  I guess I was one of the few who found it relaxing and enjoyable.  But, now with kids, cleaning is the last thing I want to. Maybe it is because I am always tired, or maybe because the house looks like a daycare with all the girls' toys scattered throughout.  So, the thought of cleaning is just not that appealing anymore. has to get done, and I don't have housekeeper, so it is up to me to tackle the housework to keep the house looking presentable.

Because I don't like to spend my entire evenings or weekends cleaning the house top to bottom, I find that taking a room at a time and breaking up the cleaning makes it seem less overwhelming.  How do you clean your house?  Do you set one day aside each week to clean top to bottom?  Or, do you choose a few rooms a day to tackle, do daily vacuuming and dusting like my dad does, or use another system to clean?

My system of doing 1-2 rooms a day has been working for me, and doesn't really feel like I am doing a full cleaning which I love.  And, come the weekend, I just have the bathrooms to clean, beds to change and do another round of laundry.  So, I still have time to spend with the family, and time to unwind myself and get ready for the following week.

One new cleaning product that I have been using and love these past couple of weeks is Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle in Meadows & Rain scent from Febreze.  This multi-purpose  cleaner offers 2.5x more power in every drop of the liquid gel concentrate compared to other multi-purpose cleaners.

Because it is a liquid gel concentrate you have the option of using it straight from the bottle, by squirting it on a sponge or directly on surface to be cleaned, and then rinse with water, which is great for cleaning tables, counter tops, sinks, stove tops, and so much more. Or, you can dilute 1 squeeze per 1 gallon of water. This option is great for cleaning floors, including finished wood, like we have throughout our house.   

What I love about this 16 fl. oz bottle of M. Clean Liquid Muscle is that the cap has an auto-stop feature, allowing you to squeeze firmly until the liquid gel flow automatically stops.  For heavily soiled areas where you need a little extra cleaning power, simply squeeze a second time for extra strength cleaning power.  And, with the option of using this cleaning product with a bucket to clean floors, or simply squirt on a dirty, grimy area and wiping with a sponge before rinsing clean, I love being able to use one multi-purpose like Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle for all my cleaning needs.  From bathrooms to the kitchen, to the wood floors throughout our home, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle is taking the hassle out of having to really scrub to remove dirt, grime and sticky debris left by the kids, as it is two times more powerful than other multi-purpose cleaners.

After using this product for a few weeks, I have to so that I love using the bucket method and walking through the house wiping down the wood floors and seeing them sparkle and shine.  Usually the girls will trek in mud from outside, or will spill juice or food throughout the day, and when it comes time to clean the floors, I have to get on all fours to really scrub and lift up all the dirt and debris.  But, from the first time I used Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, I was able to simply use a mop and bucket to clean the floors.  No need for extra elbow grease, as this diluted multi-purpose cleaner and the mob handled even the toughest spills and dried dirt and water spots. Who were cleaning could be a breeze? :-)

Usually I am not a fan of scented cleaners as they bug my allergies or are too strong smelling that the scent never seems to fade.  But, I have to say that the Meadows & Rain scent from Febreze is refreshing and smells amazing. With the cold weather and snow still on the ground, it is nice to have a fresh yet cool flowery scent inside.  It really does perk up your mood.  And, I found myself working at a faster pace to clean the house, like I used to do when I didn't have the kids, making a mess behind me. :-)  

And, as an added plus for someone like me who doesn't like to use cleaning with harsh chemical smells and ingredients, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle does not contain phosphates, chlorine, bleach or ammonia. Yeah!

If you have been disappointed with your cleaning products lately, or just want a change as you gear up for spring cleaning, why not check out Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle with Febreze?  This multi-purpose is amazing and really gets the job done.  My house is now sparkling from top to bottom --- something it hasn't done in a long time.  

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You can find Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle with Febreze at your local Walmart, for only $4.97 for a 30 fl. oz bottle.  Remember...a little goes a long way, and with the auto stop cap, this bottle will last a while. :-)

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle with Febreze comes in the following scents: Crisp Lemon, Meadows & Rain, Multi-purpose with Dawn, Multi-purpose with Gain

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Crisp Lemon Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 30 fl ozMr. Clean Liquid Muscle Meadows & Rain Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Febreze, 30 fl oz
Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Dawn, 30 fl ozMr. Clean Liquid Muscle Original Fresh Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Gain, 30 fl oz

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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