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Spring Into Fun With The Little Ones with These New DVD Releases from Mill Creek Entertainment -- Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent screener copies by the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

For the first time, Animal MechanicalsBo on the Go and Monster Math Squad bring interactive adventures, exciting discoveries and irresistible fun to DVD, thanks to to the folks at Mill Creek Entertainment.  And, like my previous post featuring BabyFirstTV titles, these DVDs for kids are very affordable, at only $12.98 per DVD, making learning fun, while not breaking the bank. :-)

The kind folks at Mill Creek Entertainment sent along the above mentioned titles, as well as the new Dennis the Menace DVD for my girls and I to watch.  And, I have to say, this selection of kid-friendly titles sure did make my girls' day.  



A World Fix-It Fun!

Currently airing on The Hub, Animal Mechanicals encourages young viewers to help solve challenges with the Animal Mechanicals Team of transforming superheroes. Children will enjoy over 6 hours of teamwork, problem solving and adventure.

Meet the Animal Mechanicals: Rex, Unicorn, Komodo, Sasquatch and Mouse. This powerful team of transforming superheroes is always involved in adventures that combine irresistible fun, fantastic worlds, mythical animals and cool quests. By encouraging young audiences to get involved in order to help solve each challenge, this series promotes creative thinking, problem solving and other essential skills that will help children as they attempt to understand and master the world around them. Whether choosing a transformation, deciding on a strategy, or puzzling out a problem no mission is too big or too small for the Animal Mechanicals!
Disc 1
Turbo-Bean Trouble
Bunny Boomer Island
Cow Castle Hassle
Whale Plane Island
Dino-Mountain Island
Chickadee Island
Beetle Buggy Island
Pop-Apart Penguins
Jig-Shark Puzzle
Bell Bot Island
The Elephant Train
Disc 2
Mechana-Pinball Island
Giraffe Crane Island
Flying Glitterfish Island
Snail's Pace Race
Mechana-Bat Island
Hippo Hovercraft Island
Balloon Volcano Island
Mechana-Dragonfly Island
Mechana Parrot Island
Cobra Coaster
Pop Out Panda Island
Disc 3
Mechana Cuckoo Clock Island
Trash Masher Island
Mechana Dancing Bear Island
Puffer Cloud Island
Baboon Balloon Island
Machana Matcher Island
Mechana Skee Ball Island
Chugboat Island
Shimmer Wish Island
Mechana Snow Owl Island
Mechana Racer Island


Maximum Bo Power!

Get-up-and-go with Bo as she leads you through amazing adventures! Cheerful, energetic and inquisitive our young heroine along with her young dragon ‘Dezzy’ encourages young audiences to spring into action while performing various maneuvers in order to help her save the day.  Each mythic quest contains a clear goal, with all sorts of challenges and obstacles along the way. By linking physical activity to a storyline while promoting an active lifestyle and mind, Bo on the Go is children’s programming at its best!


Disc 1

Bo's Blubird

Bo and the Doodlebug

Bo and the Whirlywart

Bo and the Fuzzyflump

Bo and the Snoozter

Bo and the Neat Freak

Bo and the Spring

Disc 2

Bo and the Nothing-Fits-Him

Bo and the Lazy Bug

Bo and the Dragon Queen

Bo and the Drinking Flink

Bo and the Hug-a-Bug

Bo and the Twinkle Toed Twirler

Bo and the Silly Stomper

Bo and the Fruity Patooty

Bo and the String Snatcher

Disc 3

Bo and the Hokum Jokum

Bo and the Switcharoo

Bo and the Coolster

Bo and the Litterbug

Bo and the Super Stacker

Bo and the Blowhard

Bo and the Scribbler

Bo and String Knotty Noodler


Have No Fear, The Monster Math Squad Is Here!

Math is fun with over 6 hours and 33 episodes of the lovable monsters using their skills of counting, measuring, sizing and sorting to help other monsters in trouble and make new friends along the way.

Join the lovable Max, Lily and Goo as they use their monster math skills to help solve any obstacle they face! Mad for all things ‘mathy’, The Monster Math Squad use their skills of counting, measuring, sizing, sorting and exploring to help other monsters in trouble and make new friends along the way. Oozing with heart and fun-filled adventures, this series’ mission is to promote the love of numbers by showing young viewers that math is all around us and can be used every day and everywhere, even in the world of monsters! 
Disc 1
Wolfie Goes Walkies
Number Muncher Monster
Missing Monster House
Big Monster Mess
Garbage Monster Delivers
Trouble at the Monster Day Care Centre
Uncle Gloop's Big Blunder
Big Burp Monster at the Library
Monsters At Play
Monster Meltdown
Disc 2
Picky Eater's Picnic
A Muffin Mystery
Who's On First
Scary Face Picture Day
Monster Hat Mayhem
Slime Cream Sundae
The Big Stink
Monster Muffin Muddle
Little Wally Ball-y Monster
Monster Hopscotch
Disc 3
Sneeze Freeze
Monster Garbage Heap
The Scoop Troop
Monster Tea Party
Falls Apart Monster Nose Woes
Bucking Monster Mayhem
Monster Fang Festival
Monster Road Hockey
Monster Traffic Trouble
A Bungle at Barks and Stench

Dennis The Menace - Volume One - 33 Episodes


The most lovable troublemaker, Dennis the Menace, is back in this hilarious 33 episode collection. 

Hey, Mr. Wilson! Dennis is Back!
Based on Hank Ketcham’s popular comic-strip, this animated series became a staple in countless households throughout the mid-80s. Now you can relive all the mischief, adventure and hilarious havoc that made Dennis the most lovable troublemaker around.  With the help of his precocious pals and his shaggy dog Ruff, Dennis uses his curiosity and imagination to keep his pleasant Midwestern neighborhood in a constant state of confusion and chaos. Packed with hilarity and nostalgia this 33 episode collection is sure to wrangle in menaces of all ages!
Disc 1
1-So Long, Old Paint/Trembly Assembly/Private I
2-A Visitor from Outer Space/Train That Boy/Genie Madness
3-Cheer Up/Ghostblusters/The Life You Save
4-Shark Treatment/Jungle Bungle/Racetrack Menace
5-All the President's Menace/The Love Rowboat/Wilson the Menace
6-Fishing for Trouble/Future Fortune/Time Bomb
7-Spa Blahs/Whale of a Tale/Disaster on the Green
8-Here, Kitty!/Circus Berserkus/The Monster of Mudville Flats
9-The Price of Stardom/Space Menace/The Magic Flute
10-Dennis' Yard Sale/The Abominable Snow Menace/It Came from the Planet Dennis
11-Snowman Madness/The Invisible Kid/Home Destruction

Disc 2
12-Chitty Chitty Moon Walk/Wet 'N Wild/Dennis at the Movies
13-The Supermarket/The Big Candied Apple/The Defective Detector
14-Henry the Menace/Come Fly with Me/Camping Out
15-Up Up and Away (From Here)/Going Ape/Dennis the Pirate
16-It's a Ruff Life/Professor Myron Mentalapse/Dennis Race 2000
17-A Better Mousetrap/The Wizzer of Odd/Canine Car Wash
18-Ride'Em Cowboy/Tenting Tonight/A Hair Raising Tale
19-Medieval Evil/Beaver-Mania/Say Uncle
20-Hopping Mad/Mayan Mayhem/The Big Power Trip
21-Strong Medicine/Gold Strike/Lights! Camera! Mud!
22-Invasion of the Blob/Wild West Show-Down/The Hen Party
Disc 3
23-Up Up and Oh Boy!/The Company Picnic/Aw Nuts!
24-Clip-Joint Capers/Tanks for the Memory/Second Honeymoon
25-A Couple of Coo-Coos/The Cloneheads/Nothing But the Tooth
26-Mummy's Little Boy/Horsing Around/Dennis Plasters Pamplona
27-Dennis Predicts/Dennis & the Kangaroo Cavalry/Meatball Mess
28-My Fair Dennis/A Good Knight's Work/Life in the Fast Lane
29-A Nightmare at the Opera/A Royal Pain/Having a Marbleous Time
30-Marky the Menace/Dennis the Genius/A Step Ahead
31-The Boss Gets Scalped/Mr. Dennistein/Lean Green Jumping Machine
32-Laundry Business/Journey to the Center of Uncle Charlie's Farm/Dennis Springs Into Action
33-Ruff's Hat Trick/A Moving Experience/Lemon-Aid
Out of the four titles sent, my girls were only familiar with Bo on the Go, which is a personally favorite of Bella's. She can't get enough of the catchy theme song, and loves dancing and moving around to help give Bo power and strength to do different things.  

As for Dennis the Menace, I used to watch this show back in the day.  This animated series was a far cry from the black and white version I watched with my brothers early on.  Did you watch the animated Dennis the Menace series growing up?  If so, what did you think of it?  I remember having my mom get me up a half hour early on school days, just so I had time to get ready and watch the show while having my cereal.  So, when I heard that Mill Creek Entertainment was releasing this 33 episode DVD, along with the other titles, I couldn't help but smile as I knew I would be reliving some of my favorite childhood memories when watching it for the first time with my girls. 

While the girls enjoyed watching a few of the Dennis the Menace episodes, they were more excited to watch all 26 episode of Bo on the Go, which we watched in a weeks' time at home and on the go in the car.  Because the episodes are relatively short in length (long enough to keep even the youngest of viewers attention), we were able to watch a few episodes in one sitting.  This is a high energy show that will have your little ones moving and grooving along with Bo as she takes them on fun adventures.  Being a health educator by trade, I fell in love with this show the first time I saw it, as I loved how the show promoted physical fitness for little ones and an overall healthy lifestyle achieved through active play.

As for Monster Math Squad, I am just starting to teach Savannah math, including basic adding and subtracting, so this new DVD filled with 30 fun-filled episodes is coming in handy as I spend one-on-one time with her watching this show. Savannah loves the cute monster characters and learning skills like counting, measuring, sizing and sorting.  Who knew math could be so much, especially when colorful monsters like the ones in Monster Math Squad are teaching your child(ren)? :-)

Both of my girls instantly fell in love with the Animal Mechanicals show, as they love problem solving.  With over 6 hours of transforming superhero adventures, my girls are only halfway through the 33 episodes, and loving every minute of it.  This show currently airs on The Hub network, so if you have this channel in your cable lineup and have little ones, you will definitely want to tune in.  We are now making a point to watch and record episodes from this show, to help foster the importance of team work and problem solving with the girls, as they learn and grow.

Overall, I have to say that I have impressed with the recent new releases from Mill Creek Entertainment for children.  All of the new educational releases from March 18th are perfect for at-home viewing with your little ones, as you help them learn new skills from fun characters, while offering up hours of viewing enjoyment.  My girls and I have a few hours left on each DVD sent to us, before they start asking me to watch them all over again...again and again.  And, I will not hesitate or say "No" as I know that these are great learning tools to help them prepare for kindergarten and beyond. 

I can't wait to see what other releases Mill Creek Entertainment has in store for kids and families to enjoy in the months ago.  But, in the meantime, my family will be enjoying the above DVDs, along with the 4 BabyFirstTV DVDs I mentioned in an earlier post, which also released on March 18th.  To learn more about these and other DVD titles for children, visit the Mill Creek Entertainment website --


Want to win a bundle pack, which includes all four of the above  DVDs, to watch with your child? Who wouldn't?  Thanks to the folks at Mill Creek Entertainment, they are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a DVD bundle pack of the above titles.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

Disclosure:  I was sent screener copies by the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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