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Great Easter Basket Ideas for Fans of BabyFirstTV from Mill Creek Entertainment - DVD Reviews and #Giveaway + FREE Coloring Sheets

Disclosure:  I was sent screener copies by the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

"From the award-winning BabyFirstTV programming, comes four new DVD releases including fan favorite Harry the Bunny in Hoppy Learning as well as compilations of their highly rated programs and characters such as the Color CrewTillie Knock Knock and Fred and FionaThe Best of BabyFirst encourges children to use their imagination and problem solving skills in unique and non-verbal ways.  Baby Class is a collection of engaging programs designed to stimulate and entertain young minds while Sweet Dreams is designed to soothe babies senses and encourage healthy sleeping habits. BabyFirstTV, seen in over 41 million US homes, is a well known, trusted brand that promotes imagination, discovery and learning.  Mill Creek continues it’s mission to release quality DVDs at an affordable price with each of these DVDs on sale for only $9.98 MSRP."


I was recently sent the new releases of the popular BabyFirstTV programs now available on DVD from Mill Creek Entertainment, and have been having a blast watching them with my girls.  These past few months, Savannah has opted for other television shows over BabyFirstTV as she thought that the shows were for babies, hence the name.  But, one day she came to me and asked if she could watch Harry the Bunny with her sister, who was watching it in the other room with my husband.  I told her that she didn't have to ask, and that it was ok.  Then, she said, "But, it is for babies, right?  And, I am not a baby?" I asked her why she thought it was for babies.  This is when she said, "The channel is called BabyFirstTV...and I am a preschooler now."  Ahh, my heart was breaking hearing this, as she continued on about how she missed watching this and other shows that air on this educational channel for babies through preschoolers.  I wondered why she stopped watching this channel, which she was a big fan of...but, now know why.  

I took Savannah into the living room, and together with her sister and dad, we sat together and watched a few of her favorite shows.  I wish you could have saw her eyes light up with excitement, as she watched the shows with her sister, pointing out things to her, and showing her sister how to count, telling her the names of the colors when the show "Color Crew" came on, and even reminded Bella that Harry the Bunny would be coming soon (she thinks this is the Easter bunny). :-) It was so nice to see the girls not fighting and enjoying TV time together.  And, from the point on, Savannah started to watch BabyFirstTV.  

If you have never watched programming on this channel, which is geared towards babies through preschoolers, and have little ones, you really have to check your cable line up and see if it is available, and then tune it.  Or, if you own a Roku, you can order the channel from their channel store and pay a monthly fee of $4.99 -- well worth it for the educational content provided.  With so many educational channels and programs available for babies and preschoolers, I was happy to find shows on BabyFirstTV that both of my girls, who are 15 months apart, could enjoy together, and learn at their own speeds.  While Savannah is more advanced with her vocabulary and counting, Bella is quickly catching up thanks to their interacting together and BabyFirstTV.

I shared past rave reviews of BabyFirstTV DVD's which Mill Creek Entertainment released, and I have eagerly been awaiting the release of these new titles, which went on sale as of March 18th.  And, even though we have only had these DVD's a short time, we have been busy watching each DVD.  Savannah, especially has enjoyed catching up on missed programming and watching some of her favorite episodes which have already aired on television.  I am not going to bore you with a review of each and every one of the new BabyFirstTV releases.  But, I will share more about each title, including a link to purchase -- Note: each DVD is only $9.99, making them affordable to pick up individually or surprise that special BabyFirstTV fan in your life with the collection, in time for Easter.  These would make for a great Easter basket filler, don't you think?  Or, if you are planning to homeschool or do pre-kindergarten prep with your child, these DVDs will make learning things like colors, numbers, matching, sorting, etc. that much more fun, and easier for children to grasp concepts through fun characters and story lines.  My girls are picking up new things each and every time they watch these DVDs and we tune in daily to BabyFirstTV, and friends with little ones also rave about the exceptional educational programming this channel offers little ones.

"Launched in 2006, BabyFirst a fun-filled TV network with over 80 million viewers made just for tots and their parents. The programs are created by leading experts in child development and education, and provide interactive opportunities for parents and baby to bond, learn and explore together."

IParenting Media Award-“Greatest Products of the Year”
Parents’ Choice Award
Creative Child Magazine Award – “Media of the Year”
US International Film and Video “Gold Camera” award for outstanding educational programming for children


Here are the new BabyFirstTV DVD releases from Mill Creek Entertainment now available to own for only $9.99 each...


Sights & Sounds for your Sleeping Cuties!

Unwind and encourage healthy sleeping habits with BabyFirst’s evening programs. Designed to soothe babies’ senses as they prepare for nap or bedtime, this tender series is ideal for calming down after a busy day. Through a variety of calm imagery and gentle music this collection offers a relaxing atmosphere ideal for rest and relaxation. These trusted tools were created to aid and encourage the development of healthy bedtime habits for years to come. Now you can enjoy sweet dreams and soothing sounds with your little ones because it’s Time for Sleepybye.


Fun never ends with your favorite BabyFirst friends!

Explore the wonderful world of imagination and discovery with the Best of BabyFirst! Watch the adorable characters from your favorite BabyFirst TV programs introduce little ones to the basic building blocks of learning through silly sounds and playful puzzlers. Specifically designed for growing minds and budding senses this collection of engaging programs encourages young viewers to their imagination and problem solving skills in unique and non-verbal ways. From learning new words and concepts with Harry The Bunny to identifying sounds with Tillie Knock Knock, this hand-picked selection of characters is a play date full of fun and adventure. Enjoy bubbles of fun with Bloop and Loop as they discover the diversity of shapes. Find P-Boo as she hides onscreen to teach the prepositions of behind and under and meet the Color Crew, a lively bunch of crayons who love to explore as they identify the colors around them. Plus so much more to keep you and your little ones playing, laughing and learning! 


Baby Class is a Playful Way to Start the Day!
Giggle, grow and prep for pre-school with this collection of engaging programs from BabyFirstTV! This unique selection of cuddly characters and little lessons are specifically designed to stimulate and entertain young minds. From discovering the benefits of friendship with the fabulous Fred & Fiona to coloring the world around you with the Color Crew, these hand-picked series are “chalk” full of playful exploration. Encourage creative thinking with Joey, a baby kangaroo and his family as they hop along together to discover gentle life lessons. Stimulate the senses with Tillie the Duck as she uses sounds to guess which of her animal friends are coming over to play!

Explore, Grow and Giggle!
Harry is a curious 3 year old bunny who loves exploring new things! Harry invites his friends to go on exciting adventures as he learns and senses the world around him. Through playful and entertaining repetition your little ones will grasp new words, sounds, shapes and numerous other developmental concepts by inspecting the environment around them. During these episodes, Harry explores all kinds of things in and around his house noticing colors, shapes, everyday objects and learns concepts like near and far. Come along and play!
Viewing Tips:
•Ask your child if they know what the object is before Harry names it.
•When more than one object appears on screen, encourage your child to repeat the plural form of the noun.
Educational Values: 
•Learning new words.
•Identifying new objects & their use in everyday life.
•Experiencing new situations while identifying with Harry as their friend.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Mill Creek Entertainment today and browse their new release section, which includes the above BabyFirstTV titles, as well as the following DVDs for kids, which I will be sharing a review and giveaway on next week, so stay tuned...


Want to win a bundle pack, which includes all four of the above BabyFirstTV DVDs, to watch with your child? Who wouldn't?  Thanks to the folks at Mill Creek Entertainment, they are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a DVD bundle pack of the above titles.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

While you wait to see if you won this amazing giveaway, or are waiting for your order of the above DVDs to be delivered, please print out and enjoy these fun coloring sheets, featuring some of the popular BabyFirstTV characters.  My girls had a blast yesterday coloring Harry the Bunny, the Rainbow Horse and the others... and your child will, too.

Disclosure:  I was sent screener copies by the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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