Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie-rella on DVD 2/11 (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a screener copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Don’t Miss The Latest Full-Length Adventure from
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Inspired by the Cinderella Fairy Tale
Available To Own on Disney DVD on February 11
Premieres on Disney Channel and Disney Junior on February 14


"Our pals need to get Minnie a surprise present, so they keep her busy with plenty of chores to do at the Clubhouse.  Tired from so much work, Minnie falls asleep and dreams that she is MINNIE-RELLA!  Inspired by the fairy tale of Cinderella, the story of Minnie-rella sparkles with music and fun as we recognize our favorite Clubhouse characters in familiar roles. 

Poor Minnie-rella needs a lot of help to get ready for Prince Mickey’s Grand Ball!  With a wave of her wand and some “Mouseke-doodle-lee-doo” magic, Minnie-rella’s Fairy Godmother, Clarabelle, transforms an ordinary tomato into a magnificent carriage and Minnie-rella’s raggedy dress into a beautiful gown that is perfect for a princess.  But Minnie-rella’s enchanted dance with Prince Mickey at the ball must end when the spell is broken at midnight.  With our help, Prince Mickey finds the princess who fits into her lost glass slipper – Princess Minnie-rella!

The Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMinnie-rella DVD comes packaged with the full-length adventure, a FREE Castle Play Set, 3 additional Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes and 10 Minnie’s Bow-Toons Shorts!"

Main Feature:                              Minnie-rella

Bonus Episodes:                     Pluto’s Tale – In Pluto’s very first fairytale adventure, we help Prince Pluto rescue Princess Bella from the clutches of sneaky Wizard Pete.
                                              Mickey and the Enchanted Egg – Mickey finds an egg which soon hatches into a Baby Dragon. Mickey and his friends have to return the Dragon back to her castle home and convince the powerful Wizard Pete that they didn’t steal the egg in the first place.
                                               Daisy’s Pony Tale – When Professor Von Drake’s new invention, a Fritzer-Spritzer Spray Potion, accidentally gets spritzed on Daisy’s ponytail, it makes her hair grow super long! That’s not goody-good at all. Along with Mickey and Sire Goofs-a-Lot, Daisy travels on her pony to find twelve leaves of the magical plant, Rapunzel, in order to reverse the effects of the Professor’s potion and fix her ponytail.

Minnie Bow-Toons Shorts:   Piano Movers and Shakers
  A Good Sign
  Locked Out
  Feelin Crabby
  Cucko-Loca’s Egg-celent Adventure
  Funny Bunny
  Weather or Not
  Mechanical Mayhem
  Adventures in Piggy Sitting
 Minnie’s Makeover Madness  

Ratings:                                          TV-Y (US)
Feature Run Time:                     Approx. 102 minutes
Aspect Ratio:                                2.35:1
Audio:                                              Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Languages:                                     English
Subtitles:                                        English, Spanish


My Thoughts:

Did you recently see the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie-Rella feature on Watch Disney Junior? My girls have been asking about this magical adventure, which is available right now only the  Watch Disney Junior app (available if your cable carrier is a participating provider) where you can watch recent episodes ad new episodes like this one that have yet to air on television, on your mobile devices and Roku.  This particular Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Feature is set to air on Disney Junior and the Disney Channel, on Feb. 14th, in case you want to set your DVRs now. :-)

You would think that they would get tired of watching the same movie, but not when it comes to Mickey and Minnie.  Just yesterday, they watched this upcoming TV to DVD movie through our Roku app and then again after dinner with the advanced screener copy we received that day in the mail.  We are sitting at 11AM today, and have already watched it once this AM after breakfast.  So, I don't see them stopping anytime soon when it comes to this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse version of Disney's everlasting class, Cinderella.

I will not bore you with the plot as you can see what the movie is about in the synopsis section about, and having probably seen Cinderella countless times, you know what happens. :-)  What I will say is that I loved the songs that are included throughout the movie, as they are really catchy and always make the girls smile. My girls went crazy when they saw Princess Minnie and Prince Mickey dancing.  They sat there with smiles as their favorite Disney characters danced all around and sang a song about being best friends forever. :-)

 And, if this magical tale wasn't enough, this upcoming DVD release, which hits store shelves on Feb. 11th, also includes 3 additional full-length episodes include "Mickey and the Enchanted Egg" which would be great to watch as Easter nears.  There are also 10 bonus Minnie's Bow-Toons shorts from Season 2.  My girls love these shorts, and again even though they have already seen them countless times, they watched and enjoyed each and every one like it was the first they saw it. :-)

If your children love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the classic Disney enchanted tale, Cinderella and have yet to see Minnie-Rella on Watch Disney Junior, then you will definitely want to pick up the DVD or Blu-ray combo pack when it arrives in stores on Feb. 11th.  And, if your children have already seen it, or are still asking for it daily through the Watch Disney Junior video app, then you probably have already pre-ordered this title, which will make for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your little ones. :-)

And, if you pick up the DVD version of this upcoming release, your kids will enjoy the FREE Minnie-rella Castle Play set that comes inside the DVD case.  My husband put the fold out paper castle together last night, and the girls had a ball bringing some of their favorite scenes from Minnie-rella to life. :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent a screener copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. I can't wait to watch this video. I love Minnie!

  2. I can't wait to see this! My son will love it too (he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.) [email protected]

  3. This looks super cute and great for small children I always loved Mickey Mouse.
    heather [email protected]