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If Music had a scent, what would it be? Introducing Music To My Nose, a New Line of Music Inspired Perfume for Women (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

Music to My Nose

Combining Fragrance & Music to Create Your Own Scent Symphony

"Lauren Loesner, 17 yr. old High School Film Student/Musician/Entrepreneur created, Music to My Nose, a  music inspired perfume company, with a passion for giving back.

Her idea was simple. She often wondered if music were to have a scent what would it be?  Her quest began in search of musically inspired perfume that depicted the feeling and emotion of music and it simply did not exist in the marketplace.  So, in typical “Lauren like fashion” she had the idea to create music inspired perfume herself.  She brought this idea to her parents and together they thought the idea was fabulous!

Lauren and her family quickly realized that creating perfume was much like creating a song or a musical score.  Perfume is comprised of notes to achieve a certain scent starting with base, then middle and top notes.  They all dove head first into the world of perfume and how it’s made, reading multiple books, researching online and countless hours creating and experimenting with homemade perfume.

Lauren comes from a long line of musical talent;  her farther Andy is a Blues singer who performs regularly at The Bitter End in downtown NYC.  Her Great Grandmother was the first female Jazz drummer of the 40s and 50s,  who toured with Billie Holliday.  Lauren and her father are a dynamic musical duo with a very loving relationship.  They even performed last month together at The Bitter End.

What started out as a simple idea has grown to a full fledged music inspired perfume business with thirty differently composed perfume scents created to convey the emotion of each and every fragrance.  No detail has been overlooked; from the precise selection of all relevant notes with regard to the way each scent is composed, to the creative look of the label, each scent is truly unique.  She even has a scent named “More Cow Bell” after one of her favorite Saturday Night Live song skits. “That too has a scent” said Lauren who loves to be silly and often feels the world needs some lightening up sometimes.  Perfume can often be a snooty and mysterious business and Music to my Nose brings a fun and different approach to wearing and thinking about perfume."

My Thoughts:

After first hearing about Music to My Nose and how a 17 yr. old girl was behind it, I was intrigued...not just by her story, but also I wondered what some of the 30 different music inspired perfumes smelled like.  With scent names like Front Row, Biggest Fan and Encore, I found it hard choosing just one scent to review.  I ended up narrowing down my request for two scents, melody and piper.

"Music to my Nose is all about trying new scents and being creative. Creating your own signature scent is fun and easy to do! Simply choose one or more additional scents to Mix n’ Match and “Create Your Own Scent Symphony”.

Within days of requesting my two scent samples, they arrived at my door.  With an easy to apply roller ball applicator on each bottle, I was able to dab a little of the perfume on my inner wrists, behind my ears and sides of my neck.  The first two days, I started off with just applying one scent, Melody first and the Piper on the second.  

Liner Notes:
Top: Sugar
Heart: Honey
Base: Vanilla Bean

Liner Notes:
Fresh Fall Pumpkin with a hint of spice and rich cream. Perfect for the Holidays! 50% of the proceeds from this delicious scent for the month of November will go directly to our favorite charities. Please see our About Us page and Giving back.

Feeling inspired,on day three I paired the two together for a unique scent that really captured both my and my husband's attention.  As I was walking to the kitchen, he asked if I was using a new shampoo or had bought a new perfume, as I smelled good.  When I told him about the Music to My Nose perfume line, he thought it was a fun, unique idea.  And, he was sold on the idea when he smelled how good the perfumes were. :-)

Since receiving, I love to switch up wearing the perfumes separately, but find that when paired together, they work together creating a beautiful unique scent.  Now I can see why they say you can create your own scent symphony. :-)   With all the perfumes I have purchased over the years, some from high end boutiques and others while on vacation at mom and pop stores, I have to say that the two perfumes I was sent from Music to My Nose are by far my favorite.  I am usually a fan of tropical scents like pina colada or coconut during the summer months, and freesia or rose scented perfumes in the winter month.  But, now that I know about Music to My Nose, I will be creating new scents blends to match my moods, thanks to the 30 scents available.  I can't wait to pick up more to try and mix and match with the harmony and piper scents I was sent.

Don't delay in visiting Music to My Nose to learn more about his new perfume line, and to place your order for the holidays.  Once you smell these unique music inspired perfume scents, you will want to get creative and mix and match to create your own unique scent symphony.


If you love perfume, or have someone on your holiday shopping list who does, why not surprise them with one of the scents from Music to My Nose.  These perfume would make for great stocking stuffer ideas, or attached to the outside of holiday gifts.

Click here to visit the Music to My Nose website and browse the 30 scents and their unique notes-  Each perfume bottle with roller ball applicator is only $18, making them affordable to order more than one, to mix and match.

Don’t forget to like Music to my Nose on Facebook at

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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