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Olympian Summer Sanders Now Runs Marathons, 5ks Many Times with Kids in Tow -- Learn Some of Her Balancing Act Tips Now!

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Summer Sanders Nov 2013
"Olympic Gold Medal Winning Swimmer turned TV personality (NBA Inside Stuff/Nick’s Figure it Out) turned Mom turned marathon runner Summer Sanders talks about the balancing act that is motherhood/athlete and the transition from champion swimmer to social runner in the cover story of the November issue of Runner’s World. 
Summer will be running in the NYC Marathon November 3, courtesy of Runner’s World.  Earlier this year she ran the Boston Marathon in April, finishing about a half-hour before the bombings.  And, just two weekends ago, Summer and her family participating in the Runner’s World Half & Festival, where her children (7 yr old and 5 yr old), and her husband, Olympic skier Erik Schlopy, ran the 5K together, and then the next two mornings Summer ran 10K and Half Marathon, respectively."

Ever wonder how moms like Summer Sanders does it all?  Well, thanks to the great cover story of the November issue of Runner’s World, Summer Sanders is finally sharing how she does it all -- from winning Olympic medals to hosting television shows and even finding time to appear on Donald Trump's popular show, The Apprentice -- and, she has some tips for us moms, to help us find more balance in our lives.  While Summer says that her life is not fully balanced, being able to do all things she does now, as well as in the past, makes me think otherwise. :-)

Balancing Work/Life Tips for Moms from Olympic Gold Medalist, Summer Sanders 


Consistency is her governing principle for parenting. Whether Sanders has been gone for four days or four hours, she doesn’t try to compensate for her absence. “I don’t walk in the door and let things slide just because I’ve been gone,” she says. “‘No, you don’t get to eat extra candy or watch more TV.’ I don’t bring mom guilt home.”


“I love running because I can feel myself sweat, which was such a novel, amazing feeling I didn’t get in the pool. Plus, I can talk. I used to chat with my (swimming) teammates during kicking sets, and my coach would get mad and tell me I wasn’t working hard enough.“

Essentials that keep Summer Sanders’s life on track:

Her Running Friends

“I’ve got three local friends who really push me; I run at another level when I get to run with them.”

Plane Snacks

“I take along a Ziploc or two of cereal (or I’ll bring it in a travel coffee mug and buy milk once I get through security). I also bring mixed roasted almonds and cashews with dried cherries and blueberries for the plane.”

Slow Cooker

“I knew what one was when I lived in California, but I truly discovered it when I moved to a cold weather town. I make chili, chicken tortilla soup, spinach-sausage soup, and other meals that can be prepped at 9 a.m.

Synced iCals

“Although we try to have a Sunday night meeting to plan the upcoming week, (husband) Erik and I rely on our iCal. We program everything in there, whether it’s a ski practice or a gymnastics meet, and just trust that we are paying attention to the overlaps.”


I love how Summer Sanders, like so many of us moms turn to a slow cooker when it comes to meal prep.  Just this past week, I ended up using the slow cooker for 3 out of the five meals cooked for the week.  Because my girls have been sick, I didn't have the time needed to cut, chop and prep a full course meal, as I had to tend to runny noses, congestion and cranky toddlers.  If you use a crock pot, then you know the convenience of it...just add your ingredients and cook on low for 7-8 hrs.  And, to make it even easier, I recently stumbled across slow cooker sauces and mixes that only require you to add meat or chicken to the slow cooker before adding this jar.  So convenient and oh so tasty.  

To read more about Summer Sanders, including more balancing act tips, pick up a copy of the Nov. issue of Runner's World on newstands now.  Or, click here to read the article online --

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