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Opening Up About My Mom Confession on the Heals of the New Comedy MOM Premiering on CBS on 9/23rd #CBSMOM

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer's Network, all opinions are my own.

The other day I was chosen to participate in a fun new campaign sponsored by the
Role Mommy Writer's Network, promoting the new comedy, MOM, premiering on the CBS Television Network on Monday September 23rd at 9:30 ET/8:30 CT.  As part of the campaign, they asked me and other mommy bloggers to share a personal mom confession with our readers.  At first, I was hesitant, as no one likes to air their dirty laundry or share how dysfunction their family is.  Come on, aren't we all supposed to have a Brady Bunch type family?  Yeah, right. :-)  

As I started to think about which mommy confession I would share (as there are many) while driving home the other day from the market, I couldn't help but laugh and smile, as Usher's "Confessions" song began playing on the radio. I couldn't have planned the timing any better.  Then, it hit me, I would share about food shopping confession. Well, here goes -- hopefully my husband will not read this. :-)

When you become a parent, your whole world turns upside down.  If you were an organized person before kids, good luck in staying that way after they arrive.  I used to pride myself on multi-tasking, and being so organized.  Now, I am lucky if I remember where I left the car keys, or to restock the diaper bag with diapers, wipes and a change of clothes.  I can't tell you how many times I have delayed leaving the house, as I couldn't find the car keys, or how many times we have been out for the day only to find that we don't have diapers or a change of clothes right when one of the girls has a blow out. Ugg.  I guess I can blame these oops moments on mommy brain.  I wonder who penned this term?  Probably a guy! :-)

Ok. Well, back to my confession.  Each week when I need to go food shopping, I make my list and then have my husband watch the girls so that I can run to the market.  I have tried to take one or both girls before, per my husband's request, but have learned the hard way that children and shopping (especially grocery shopping) don't mix.  Either they are tired and cranky and don't want to sit still in the shopping cart, or they are pulling everything off the shelves and throwing them into the cart.  I can't tell you how many time I took the girls to the market and found items I didn't put in the cart, when putting away the groceries that the girls must have grabbed and threw in the cart.  So, now I make a point to help keep my sanity and go alone to the market.  And, I don't just go to any market.  Oh no, I take advantage of this "me time" and go to a market about 20 minutes from the house, across the CT border in Mass.  I tell my husband that it is better to shop here as the prices are better, but also because it takes a half hour each way, in addition to my shopping time, to shop here. :-)  

I know, I know...I am bad.  But, if you a mom to young children, especially toddlers, then you know that "mommy time" is crucial to keep you sane.  I have tried to use bathroom time as "me time" even if it is just for a few minutes, but the girls seems to always wind up opening the door, walking in on me to ask for something or have a conversation.  And, now that they are getting older, the girls rarely nap during the daytime, so I don't have any time between 6AM-6PM (until my husband gets home from work), where it is quiet for me to stop and relax, read a book, or even sit and have lunch.  But, I know that one time a week, I have "me time" coming, in the form of grocery shopping.  While I do save the family money and can get more for our buck at the market 20 minutes away, my main reason for shopping here is for much deserved and needed extended "me time."  And, when I arrive home, not only do I have the shopping done for the week, but my batteries are recharged and I am ready to take whatever the girls throw at me -- including their dinner. :-)

So, now that I have shared one of my mommy confessions, now it is your turn.  Leave a comment below, letting me know something you do or have done, that you want to get off your chest. :-)  Now that you feel better sharing, here is more about the fun, new comedy, MOM, premiering on the CBS Television Network on Monday September 23rd at 9:30 ET/8:30 CT --

"MOM is a comedy from executive producer Chuck Lorre starring Anna Faris as a newly sober single mom raising two children in a world full of temptations and pitfalls, and multiple Emmy Award winner Allison Janney as her critical, estranged mother. Christy is a waitress at a posh Napa Valley establishment who is four months clean and doing her best to be a good mom and overcome a history of questionable choices. Her sobriety is tested when her recovering alcoholic mom Bonnie reappears, chock-full of passive-aggressive insights into Christy’s many mistakes.  Bonnie joins Christy’s already complicated circle of relationships: her handsome, married boss – and lover – Gabriel; the restaurant’s hot-tempered chef, Rudy; her pretty, 16-going-on-25-yearold daughter, Violet; her sweet but overly honest son, Roscoe; her irresponsible ex and Roscoe’s father, Baxter; and Violet’s clueless boyfriend, Luke. Christy tries to remain positive as she pursues her new path in life, but she faces an uphill battle, surrounded by a dubious support system – and a copious amount of dysfunction.   Premieres Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, on the CBS Television Network."
Here is short clip to give you a sneak peek of what will be in store when you tune in on Sept. 23rd -- 

Stay up to date with the new CBS Show MOM by following on:



I for one and excited about this show.  Ready for another mom confession?  I told my husband I need time on the 23rd to watch this show, so that I can tweet about it, and then share a review the next day.  Shhh, I don't have to do this, but I needed an excuse to get a little quiet time to tune in and watch this new comedy.  :-)  I don't have many shows that I tune in weekly for, and when I do, I end up playing catch up with the DVR, as I never catch a show on the night it airs.  I am usually putting the girls to bed, cleaning up, or doing other mommy chores.  So, please don't tell my husband, as he will be on Daddy Duty on Sept. 23rd, so that I can do work! :-)

I am not the only mom with a bag full of confessions -- here is a video showcasing TV's Top 10 Most Unconventional Moms.  Watching this video, I don't feel so bad as a mom. :-) 


Are you brave enough to share one of your Mom Confessions?  If so, leave them below in the comments section.  :-)

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer's Network, all opinions are my own.

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