Thursday, September 26, 2013

Everyone Had a Blast at My LeapReader™ "Ready, Set, Read & Write" Party Today #LeapReader

Disclosure:  I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty.  The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.


LeapReader Reading and Writing System. Ready, Set, Read & Write!

"On your mark, get set, learn! With back-to-school season racing towards us, it's time to flex those academic muscles and stretch our minds. LeapFrog, the leader in educational entertainment, has an awesome way for kids, parents and teachers to do just that with their new LeapReader™, the complete learn to read and write system for children."

I was recently chosen to host an in-house MommyParty Sponsored by LeapFrog! to try out the new LeapReader with moms and their children.  Yesterday, my house was filled with 10 moms and 21 children.  I know, you are probably asking, what was I thinking.  But, I have to say, even with all the people in the house, we had a blast trying out the LeapReader.  Many of the moms had never seen the LeapReader, let alone tried it out with their children.  So, this was a great way to introduce this fun new learning tool from a trusted brand, LeapFrog, to them.


As party host, I was sent a fun LeapReader "Ready, Set, Read & Write!" Party Kit, which included all the tools I needed to turn my living room into an imaginative learning obstacle course:

  • 2 LeapReaders™ (Pre-loaded with LeapReader™ books and learning apps) - LeapReader engages kids in imaginative stories with lively character voices while building vocabulary skills and growing reading comprehension skills. Interactive handwriting guidance helps children learn to write stroke-by-stroke on mess-free, no ink LeapFrog® Learning Paper. Plus Leap Reader helps develop listening comprehension skills on-the-go with a growing library of 100+ audio books and more featuring classic and popular children's books that encourage a love of reading. 
 Learn to Write Letters with Mr. Pencil Writing Workbook
  • LeapReader™ Book: Learn to Write Letters with Mr Pencil- Join Dot, Dash and Mr. Pencil on a musical learning adventure featuring interactive stroke guidance, exciting sound effects and engaging activities. Practice writing the alphabet with the LeapReader, and learn about upper- and lowercase letters and letter sounds. 
Disney • Pixar Monsters University 3D
  • LeapReader™ 3D Book: Disney•Pixar Monsters University- LeapReader brings the story of Monsters University to life with exciting 3D effects and helps build reading comprehension and vocabulary skills! (3D glasses included.)
Talking Words Factory Writing WorkbookTalking Words Factory Flash Cards
  • LeapReader™/Tag™ Interactive Talking Words Factory Flash Cards- This Early Reading flash card set helps develop core phonics skills by letting children actively play with word sounds and recognize how they come together to create words . Mix and match letters to build more than 100 words featuring short vowel sounds. More than 400 interactive responses and 5 spelling, rhyming and singing games reinforce word-building fun.
Get Ready for Kindergarten
  • Get Ready for Kindergarten book
LeapReader Library
  • Two LeapReader™ Sampler book
  • Branded invites and awards certificates
  • Themed activities and easy-to-make recipes
  • Valuable information to share with other parents and teachers- Demos/fact sheets

I have had the pleasure of being a MommyParty host in the past, and always loved how my party kits include everything I need to host a successful party, right down to easy to prepare and oh so tasty recipes to games and themed activities.  And, this party was no different.  

Prior to the party, I spent the better part of last week trying out the LeapReader and all its features with my kids.  Like I shared in the past, Savannah just started pre-school, so this educational tool has really come in handy when it comes to helping her learn how to write the letters of the alphabet and sound out words.  As a parent to children in pre-school and grade school, I am amazed at the curriculum that is taught to them.  Savannah was sent out an outline of goals the teacher hoped she would arrive by the end of the school year.  Some of the things listed included writing her full name out, writing 3-4 letter words, basic reading skills, counting by tens, simple math, and reciting songs in English, Spanish, and French.  OMG.  What happened to recess and playtime. My pre-school days consisted of spinning an activity wheel and either playing in the pretend kitchen, painting, sports, or some other simple activity.  Yes, we listened to stories, sang songs and learned our ABC's and counting, but some of the things Savannah is expected to learn was taught to us in kindergarten and 1st grade.  Oh, how the times have changed.  So, as a parent, I have to be on top of things, when it comes to practicing what Savannah learns in school at home with her.

In addition to having local moms and their children, from my mommy and me and parenting meetups attend the party, I also invited Savannah's pre-school teacher and my nephew's kindergarten teachers, so that they could try out and learn about the LeapReader.  I had talked to them prior to the party and was surprised that they didn't know about this great teaching tool.  It was great having them at the party and hearing their personal reviews of the LeapReader, books, flashcards, etc.  They were as impressed as the moms were with the teaching tools, and kept saying how they would either buy a few LeapReaders for their classes, or put on their wish lists for the school to purchase for them.  Like a computer in the classroom, LeapReaders would make learning how to read, write and spell much more fun.

Boy with LeapReader

Stay tuned tomorrow, when I will be sharing photos from my party as part of this post.  Right now, I am waiting on a few moms to sign a waiver giving me permission to share photos of them and their children.  Once you see the photos I took, you will see how much fun was had by all.  The best photo was of 5 yr. old Ethan, who won a LeapReader to take home.  He was the party goer who was able to write the most legible letters in shaving cream.   While this was a messy activity, the kids had a blast, and it made for great photo ops. :-)

Do you have a child in preschool or kindergarten?  If so, you will want to make a point to check out the LeapReader.  I can't believe how quickly my kids have taken to this learning tool, and how many letters my 3 yr. old daughter can now write thanks to the books and flash cards.  Prior to introducing the LeapReader to our at-home teachings, she was merely tracing letters sparingly with her finger, oftentimes missing the right strokes.  But, with the LeapReader, it makes learning how to write each letter of the alphabet and simple words fun.  She has an added confidence about learning how to read and write, that I didn't see before introducing the LeapReader.  I can't wait to see her learn more as we continue to use the LeapReader.  And, just this evening, Savannah asked me if I could include the Cars and Toy Story books that go along with the LeapReader to her Wish List for Santa.  See, kids enjoy more than just toys! :-)

And, I know I will be hearing from moms who attended my MommyParty Sponsored by LeapFrog! that their kids are excelling thanks to the LeapReaders they picked up to use at home. :-)  So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the LeapFrog website today to learn more about the LeapReader and other educational products available for your children -

LeapReader works with most Tag books. 

Look here for a list of compatible titles. 

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Disclosure:  I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty.  The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

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