Friday, August 23, 2013

#Sponsored -- belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits -- Taste Great and Gives Me a Boost of Energy

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for belVita. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Nabisco belVita Mixed Berry Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits, 1.76 oz, 5 count

"As Moms, we always make sure our children eat a nutritious breakfast before heading off to school! However, sometimes we can forget to eat breakfast ourselves. belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits are a convenient and tasty solution for on-the-go, busy Moms."

One of things I love about being a blogger is being able to try out new products before they hit store shelves.  A few weeks ago, I was sent two boxes of belVita Soft Baked biscuits to try out, in two flavors - Mixed Berry and Oats & Chocolate.  These breakfast biscuits started rolling out on store shelves this month, so I had not seen or heard of them, prior to receiving them for review.  I was surprised to find out that the belVita brand has been around in the United States since February 2012, and offers five flavors of their crunchy belVita Breakfast Biscuits.  I guess because of the success of their crunchy breakfast biscuits, and knowing that consumers also like soft foods, they would launch belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits. I for one am so glad that they did, because I am a fan of soft cookies, bars, biscuits, etc.  These new biscuits from belVita are "made with whole grains, to provide nutritious morning energy at breakfast. "  But, as a busy mom on the go, who finds myself needing a mid afternoon pick me up snack, I love grabbing one of these soft breakfast biscuits to recharge my batteries, so that I can finish off the day with the girls, with energy, as they are a great source of energy Releasing B-vitamins.

In addition to being made with whole grains, belVita Breakfast Biscuits also contain no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, partially hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, and are a great source of fiber, as they contain 7 grams of fat per serving and 20% daily value of fiber.  In addition, these breakfast biscuits contain 11 grams of whole grain per 50 gram serving.  Not bad for those of us who are watching our waistlines, and don't want a super sweet snack or breakfast biscuit, that will just give us a kick from sugars, but instead be a great source of fiber, while boosting our energy levels. 

Out of the two flavors sent for review (Mixed Berry and Oats & Chocolate), I have to say that my favorite was the Mixed Berry.  I am surprised at this, as you know that I love chocolate, and usually favor chocolaty foods.  Both flavors were moist and packed with flavor.  Fans of soft baked foods like myself will love the texture and taste of this new breakfast biscuit.  My husband has been sneaking a few belVita breakfast biscuits on those mornings when he gets up late and needs to run out the door.  Instead of leaving on an empty stomach, and dragging until lunch, he says that he feels a boost of energy after consuming one of these biscuits -- and, he, too, loves the flavor. :-)

In addition to launching the new belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits, the folks at belVita have also partnered with Lifestyle Mom, Dana Hilmer, to provide tips to ease stress as we enter Back to School season.

Out of all the tips shared, the following stood out to me, and I wanted to pass along to you:

1.      Give yourself the freedom to say no without guilt. Activities or commitments that may not be right for your family are okay to decline. Saying NO gives you the permission to say YES to things that are important to you.  

1.      Use Sunday nights to plan your dinners each week.  If you take a few minutes to think about how you can creatively use the leftovers from one night to the next, you can create a full week’s worth of healthy, tasty dinners that your family will enjoy. 

1.      Moms often complain about not having enough time for themselves, but when life gets busy, it’s even more important to carve out that time. Treat “me time” as a priority.

1.      Take a little time each night to get organized for the following morning. By making lunches and selecting outfits before bed each night, you’ll free time each morning for other things.
      I don't know about you, but tending to my toddlers makes me forget to take the necessary time for myself.  I am only reminded to carve out me time, when I read about it, or hear other moms talk about getting burnt out and only finding relief by having "me time."  Do you take "me time?"  Don't think you are ignoring your family by needing to get away.  You, too, have to take a breather, clear your head, and do something for yourself.  Your family will thank you for it, when they see you return rejuvenated and ready to go again.  Now, to grab a belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuit and have some "me time." :-)

---BUY NOW---

Currently, belVita Soft Baked breakfast biscuits are available in two flavors -- Mixed Berry and Oats & Chocolate.  Each box, which has a suggested retail price of $3.69, contains 5 individual wrapped packs of 1 Soft Baked biscuit.  You can find belVita Soft Baked in the cookie/cracker aisle of your favorite grocery store starting this month.

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for belVita. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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  1. I have always thought that these would be really good for me when I read the ads, but was concerned about the taste. The box pic and the ads don't really make them seem very appetizing, just healthy. I too don't take very much time for myself and I don't have any little ones around the house. Time to take some!