Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Have a Dance Party with the Kids as You Listen to the New KIDZ BOP Party Hits CD -- Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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"KIDZ BOP is the most-popular and recognized music product in the U.S. for kids aged 5-12, featuring today's most popular songs, sung by kids for kids. KIDZ BOP celebrates the unique, authentic voice of kids across the entire brand - through music, videos, the popular website www.KIDZBOP.com, the KIDZ BOP LIVE concert tour, KIDZ BOP TV and the national Be a KIDZ BOP Star talent competition."

I began receiving copies of KIDZ BOP albums last year, and can't get enough of the upbeat kid-friendly tracks each CD has included.  And, with this dance party CD, which is filled with many party hits us adults have fallen in love with, and rock out to in the gym, in the shower, when the kids aren't looking, or even with the kids, when looking to get a workout or relieve stress.  I have always loved music, especially dance and pop songs. I am not sure it is their Latin roots, or because I loved listening to music while pregnant with them, but my girls love music and having dance parties in the living. :-) But, I can't just turn on the radio and listen away with them, as many songs played over the airways contain lyrics I would not want my young children listening or repeating.  But, thanks to the KIDZ BOP albums, I don't have to worry about screening each track, as I know that the songs are sung by children and don't contain profanities or inappropriate lyrics you would be embarrassed to listen to with your little ones. 

Prior to the girls getting sick last week, I had promised them we would have a dance party one day when Daddy went to work.  Savannah, who likes to pick out her own clothes, as well as Arabella, wanted to choose dresses for them to wear, so it would be a full-fledged dance party.  But, we had to postpone our party until yesterday, when the girls began feeling better, and didn't have a constant runny nose or congestion, making it hard for them to breath.  Now, Savannah is not usually one to choose a dress, but for this occasion, she opted for a frilly dress for her and ballerina tutu outfit for Bella. :-)  When they were both dressed, they ran to the living room to wait for me to put the CD on. Then, in unison, they both asked me to dance with them.  For over an hour, we sang and danced, and had a blast.  What a way to relax after a very long and stressful week with sick toddlers, who didn't sleep much.  I found myself smiling, and feeling grateful that I am able to spend precious moments like this with the girls.

Just look at the songs we spent the afternoon dancing to:

1. Party in the USA
2. Get The Party Started
3. Boom Boom Pow
4. Move It Like This
5. Party Rock Anthem
6. Tonight Tonight
7. Party Like A Rockstar
8. Let's Get It Started
9. Moves Like Jagger
10. Who Let The Dogs Out
11. Single Ladies
12. Hey Ya
13. Kidz Bop Shuffle
We will definitely be having more dance parties, as we listen to the new KIDZ BOP Party Hits CD, now that the girls are getting better.  And, I will be bringing this, along with our other KIDZ BOP CD's along with us when we travel this summer.  Even my husband gets in on the fun in the car and sings these pop songs with the girls and I. :-)  It is one big happy family, rocking on to KIDZ BOP music -- and, we wouldn't have it any other way. :-)


Three (3) lucky readers will win a copy of the new KIDZ BOP Party Hits CD, thanks to the folks at KIDZ BOP, to enjoy with their family.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!
Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. we love to dance but one of our favotires is the old ymca :)

  2. http://pinterest.com/amytolley/

  3. my favorite song would have to be anything from our christen cd and the my son loves his other kids bop cds...thanks for this chance....

  4. Right now we dance to tom petty free falling

  5. There are so many songs that we dance to! Basically anything upbeat but my oldest daughter loves anything Justin Beiber.