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Fun Arts and Crafts Kits for Kids from Wummelbox, Delivered Right to Your Door Each Month, w/ All Supplies Included (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample Wummelbox from the vendor, in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.


I recently had the opportunity to try out a Wummelbox eco-friendly arts and crafts kit with my daughters, and have to say that it was the most fun we have, when it comes to craft time.  Are you a fan of monthly subscription service programs?  I can't believe how many are out there -- from beauty boxes, food and even clothing boxes, there is a monthly service for everyone in the family, including your pets.  I found out about the Wummelbox craft box a few months back, when I was researching monthly subscription boxes for kids, as I wanted to sign up for a few for the girls.  Like their mom, they love getting mail, and surprise boxes in the mail. So, I thought that monthly subscription service programs that offer either a developmental toy box or an arts and crafts box would be great for them. 

As a busy mom to two toddlers, I don't have the luxury to run to the craft store to pick up last minute supplies.  I can't tell you how many times I began an arts and crafts project with the girls, only to have missing supplies.  It is not only frustrating, but the girls also get disappointed as we end up putting away the craft project until another day, so that I can find time to make it to the craft store to pick up the items needed to finish the project.  But, thanks to Wummelbox, their monthly arts and crafts box comes with everything you and your child will need to begin crafting, right out of the box.  All the supplies are included, and wrapped neatly in tissue paper, and come with age appropriate instruction booklets.  This sample box even came with a brand new pair of scissors, to help us complete the different cutting steps with each of the 3 projects.  I don't know about you, but I am always looking for ways to make my life easier as a parent, and will Wummelbox, crafting with the kids couldn't get any easier.  Now, I can simply open the Wummelbox, select one of the kits in the box, and know that everything I need is included.  No more frustration or trips to the craft store for me, and the girls can finally start and finish a craft project, to display on the refrigerator, or play with. :-) 

Wummelbox Features:

  • "The Wummel Box team is made up of dedicated parents, insightful educators and innovative designers. Together, we develop unique and creative arts & crafts projects every month. Each pre-tested project is designed to playfully foster your child's natural thirst for learning and knowledge.
  • Each Wummelbox activity kit contains 3-4 projects in relation to a specific theme such as, “Nutrition,” “Music,” or “Color and Light” designed to inspire children ages 3-8 to learn and explore the world around them.   
  • Each box includes all the materials needed to immediately begin crafting. Whether its scissors, glue or colorful age appropriate instruction booklets, they have you covered.
  • Wummelbox takes the extra step to use eco-friendly and style-conscience materials whenever possible (i.e. recycling of the packaging, reforested wood, etc.)"

I was sent their musical box, which included 3 fun activities for the girls to make -- a wind chime, a drum and and a sound recognition game, where we filled empty camera film cases with different objects (bells, beads, etc.), and the girls had to guess by shaking them what was inside.  While Arabella was a little too young for the activities, as this arts and crafts box is geared towards children, ages 3-8 years old, she did enjoy sitting at the dining room table and watch Savannah and I put together each kit.  She was amazed at how we were able to turn the Wummelbox into a portable wind chime holder, and had a blast hitting the different chimes to hear the different sounds each made.

While Arabella was a fan of the wind chimes, Savannah, on the other hand enjoyed the sound recognition game.  She loved having to shake and trying to guess what was inside each. Also included with this kit were additional empty camera film cases, which we could fill what items found around the house.  This was Savannah's favorite part, as she went on a mini hunt looking to see what she could put in east canister.  We ended up adding paper clips, rice and loose necklace beads.  Savannah loves playing this sound recognition game by herself, or having my husband or I play against her to see who can guess the most canisters right.  Shh, don't tell, but we let her win each time. :-)

I am so happy I had a chance to try out the Wummelbox, as it impressed me so much, that I ended up signing up for more boxes. :-)  The musical instruments and sound recognition game made with this box are played with daily by the girls, and haven't got old yet.  Instead, Savannah keeps asking when another box will be coming, as she is excited to see what arts and craft kits are inside. :-)

Want to learn more about Wummelbox and their monthly subscription service?  Then, head on over to their website today -- https://www.wummelbox.com/.  Don't forget to follow Wummelbox on Facebook, to stay up-to-date on news and special offers --https://www.facebook.com/wummelboxcom -- as well as share your thoughts on their monthly arts and crafts boxes, once you try them out with your child(ren). :-)

---BUY NOW---

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You can sign up to receive a Wummelbox shipping directly to your doorstep each month with either a 3 month or annual subscription. The three month subscription costs $24.95 each, while the annual subscription is only $19.99 each.  Each boxes pricing includes shipping and handling.  I ended up signing up for the annual subscription the other day, as you save $180 this way.  

Are you the type of person who doesn't like to commit to a 3 month or longer subscription service, but is curious to see what the Wummelbox is all about and see if your child(ren) will like it?  Not to worry, as you can test a Wummelbox for only $34.95, with no cancellation notice required -- and shipping is included in the price.

So, whatever option you choose for ordering a Wummelbox for your little one, just know that you and your child are in for a treat.  This is great box to have on hand for rainy day activities, to give as a birthday gift, or share just because.  Click here to learn more about each subscription level, and to place your order now -- https://www.wummelbox.com/subscriptions.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample Wummelbox from the vendor, in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I notice that you said "I am so happy". That made me smile- it seems that you were looking forward to opening up the box as much as the girls. I can imagine that the anticipation was killing you all.

    It looks like a fun set and I hope the others in the series are just as engaging. It certainly provides an opportunity for learning. As you mentioned, it involves several different skills and allows children to reason as well.