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Mother's Day Gift Guide -- Finally Get Relief from Aches and Pains with FrozenPeaz (Review and #Giveaway)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views I share are mine and mine alone.

Patent pending FrozenPeaz is Innovative, Revolutionary, Effective, and Safe.

"Believing there had to be something better for hot and cold therapy relief, MaryCarol Dolivier started on a journey to create a new therapy option that would combine the re-usability of a gel pack with the coldness of an ice pack, and the flexibility of a bag of frozen peas. The result - FrozenPeaz® packs, the next generation in hot and cold therapy.

MaryCarol Dolivier, along with her business partner, Arthur Blackwood, have spent the last two years designing, developing and successfully launching what has been commented on by a leading neurosurgeon as the next evolution of Hot & Cold Therapy packs. They are very passionate, optimistic and excited about FrozenPeaz and its ability to provide pill-free pain relief and comfort." 

Here is a glimpse into FrozenPeaz, and how they are so different from other forms of hot/cold therapy packs you are used to using --


"Until now, there were 3 basic choices for hot and cold therapy relief: an ice pack, a gel-pack, or a bag of frozen vegetables. FrozenPeaz® packs, the next generation in hot and cold therapy, shatter previous expectations for hot and cold therapy."

FrozenPeaz products are:

  • Deep penetrating cold
  • As flexible as a bag of frozen vegetables
  • As reusable as a gel pack
  • Easy to use with no messy leaks
  • Provides both hot and cold therapy relief
  • A natural alternative to petroleum or glycerine gels


Long-Lasting Cold

The patent-pending Clear Ice Solution™ is formulated for long-lasting high performance cold therapy. The chart below illustrates the power of FrozenPeaz.

Easy To Use

PeazPod wraps include detachable straps. Reposition the straps to get the best coverage and compression for you.


The PeazPod compression wrap is easy to use and holds everything in place. No need to sit on the couch.

Distributes Relief

Every PeazPod wrap is designed to absorb condensation while uniformly distributing hot or cold relief.


The Peaz make the difference! Moldable even at freezing temperatures. Icy cool pliable pain relief.
The plant-based formula is a non-toxic natural alternative to petroleum and glycerine based gels."


After trying out their FrozenPeaz neck and shoulder wrap first hand, I can see why so many healthcare professionals and consumers love this innovative product, as it far surpasses the ice pack, gel-pack, or a bag of frozen vegetables, for hold and cold therapy relief.

Now, I know I am supposed to be offering up some great gift ideas for Mother's Day, and you may be wondering why I am including a hot/cold pack.  No, I haven't fallen off of my rocking -- but, if I had, I would definitely be reaching for a FrozenPeaz PeazPod™ therapy wrap, to sooth my aches and pain. :-)  Many of you who follow my blog on a regular basis, know that I am almost 5 year stage 2 cancer survivor (counting down until May 15th).  I have shared with you in posts have doctors never shared the long-term side effects I would have to deal with while undergoing treatment.  I also wasn't worrying about these either, as I only wanted to beat this cancer.  But, shortly after treatment finished up in 2008, I began to see these long-term side effects, which included muscle atrophy to my neck and shoulders.  What is so funny about my strong cancer treatment of radiation and high dose chemo is that it put my rheumatoid arthritis in remission, which I had suffered from since going off to college years earlier.  Even though I didn't have to deal with the aches and pains of arthritis, I struggled on a daily basis to cope with the pain and discomfort of the constant muscle spams and aches and pains I felt in my neck and shoulder area.  

If you have ever tried to seek relief from aches and pains by reaching for ice paks, gel-packs or eve frozen vegetable bags, you know what a pain in the neck they are to stay put, or mold to the different parts of your body you are trying to seek relief.  For me, I would get frustrated, as the muscle spasms caused by my cancer treatment could be felt on the surface, as well as deep inside the muscle -- making it almost impossible for hot and cold therapy to really work.  But, after meeting with my oncology surgeon and beginning rounds of Botox injections every 3 months, I am beginning to see improvements in my overall pain daily.  I am not one to reach for a bottle of pills to medicate myself and numb myself from the constant pain and discomfort I feel -- heck, I turned down pain medicine up until the end of cancer treatment, when I couldn't take the radiated burns and pains any longer.  Doctors were in awe at my pain threshold, not knowing that I just didn't want to rely on pain medicines to get me through the difficult treatments.  And, once the treatments ended, they were quick to prescribe me long-term pain medicine to help with short and long-term side effects.  But, I again, declined their offer. 

Even though I am now getting Botox every 3 months (as this is how long I have to wait for the insurance to kick in and cover another round of injections), I have to use alternative methods to help ease the daily pain I feel.  So, I have been using the age old method of hot and cold therapy to help with the aches and pains.  And, up until a month ago, I was about to throw in the towel and ask for pain medicine from the doctors.  I noticed that after having my daughters that carrying them around, I would find my pain getting worse.  While I knew that hot and cold therapies would help in ease some of the pain I was feeling, I couldn't find just the right hot/cold therapy product that would stay put -- that was, until I was sent the Neck and Shoulder Wrap from FrozenPeaz.  

Upon receiving, I was intriqued with the overall appearance of the PeazPak™ packs.  Just at the patent-pending product up close --

Neat, huh?  It really is when he hold the PeazPak™ in your hand, and feel the FrozenPeaz inside.  Having been disappointed with all the other hot/cold therapy products I have spent a fortune on over the years, I was not expecting too much from this product.  But, after freezing the PeazPak™ therapy pack overnight, I woke up the next morning seeking relief from my neck and shoulder pain.  Thankfully, instead of reaching for pain medicine, I remembered that I had the Neck and Shoulder PeazPod therapy wraps ready to try out in the freezer. So, I took out the PeazPod therapy wraps and placed it inside the loop-backed neoprene wrap holder, which insulates your PeazPak (keeping it colder or hotter longer than other hot/cold therapy packs), and gently placed it on my neck/shoulder area.  

What I noticed off the bat was how the wrap stayed in place.  I didn't have to worry about tiring out my arms by holding the wrap in place.  And, once it was in place, I immediately began to feel relief thanks to the cold therapy pack.  Having tried so many other hot and cold therapy packs over the years, I have found that they don't stay cold or hot for that long.  But, the PeazPod therapy wraps from FrozenPeaz actually did -- which was truly amazing!  As I sat reading the morning paper and having a hot cup of coffee, while the girls slept in (for once), this cold therapy pack stayed cold for 45 minutes.  I know it would have kept longer, but the girls woke up and I had to take off the wrap to start my day with them.  Oh, but did my neck and shoulders feel great.  For once, the cold therapy targeted the right areas, bring much needed relief, thus helping me to relax these oftentimes tense areas of my body.  I finished off the night with the same PeazPak, but this time using them heated up.  And, again, I was blown away at how long they stayed hot, compared to other heat therapies I have used in the past.  Come bedtime, my neck and shoulders weren't aching as much, and I was able to get a good night's sleep - something I have missed since wrapping up cancer treatment in 2008.  

I have been using the neck and shoulder wrap from FrozenPeaz for over a month now on a daily basis, and love how the FrozenPeaz are not breaking down from frequent use. And, they are staying cold and hot for the same duration, as I found with the initial use of this unique therapy pack.  I am so grateful to have stumbled across this product, and had to share these hot and cold therapy packs with you, as I know you probably have off days where you find yourself with aches and pains -- maybe from the previous crazy day with the kids, a fitness routine, or even just old age aches and pains.  Don't stress out more trying to find a hot/cold pack that will stay put.  And, don't feel you have to rely on pain medicine to dull the pain.  Instead, why not give the PeazPod therapy wraps from FrozenPeaz a try?  Isn't Mother's Day a day to relax and enjoy your day?  Why not have the kids bring you a neck and shoulder PeazPod therapy wraps along with their breakfast in bed tray to you, to help start your day? :-)  Once you try this hot/cold therapy pack, you will find yourself throwing out all other products you have laying around the house that don't work. And, when you are not using these PeazPod therapy wraps to sooth away your aches and pains, your family can use them for their aches and pains, especially your children who are in sports.  

So, see I was not crazy in wanting to add the FrozenPeaz PeazPod therapy wraps product line to my Mother's Day gift guide, as I know I am not the only one who suffers from chronic or occasional aches and pains. And, this product really works and will bring much needed hot/cold relief to all parts of the body -- including a wrap designed especially for migraine/sinus sufferers (scroll down for my giveaway, where one lucky reader will win the Face & Eye Wrap PeazPod from FrozenPeaz.

While I only reviewed the neck and shoulder PeazPod wrap from FrozenPeaz, there are other wraps and sizes available, to help bring relief to the aches and pains felt throughout your body.  Here are just some of the FrozenPeaz products available for purchase:

Small Joint Wrap PeazPod

"From tennis elbow to shin splints, this PeazPod™ wrap delivers the soothing, high-performance, natural therapy relief you’ve been looking for. Neoprene backing insulates our packs. Customizable compression holds the everything in place so you can get moving again.

Large Joint Wrap PeazPod

Having the right gear to reduce your recovery time after a workout can dramatically effect your performance. This wrap delivers soothing cold comfort for your knee; many other packs only cover the top of your knee. Full coverage for shoulder or back pain too.


Dual strap system holds FrozenPeaz® packs in place and lets you set the right amount of compression.


The loop-backed neoprene insulates your PeazPak™. The hot stays hot and the cold stays cold.

Amazing Feel

Neoprene backing is covered in velvety loop fabric. The side next to your skin is 100% cotton flannel.

Neck & Shoulder Wrap PeazPod

Hunching over a computer and long days at work can be a pain in the neck. Literally. Soft on your skin. Contoured specifically for your neck and shoulders. This pack delivers the soothing hot or cold therapy relief your sore neck has been waiting for.

Face & Eye Wrap PeazPod

Migraine Headaches. Sinus Pain. Dental Treatments. Cosmetic Procedures. The elongated shape of the FrozenPeaz® cooling eye mask ensures a perfect fit around your eyes, sinuses, or jaw. The soft cotton-flannel is soothing against your skin. Natural pain relief that just feels good!

Migraine Relief

Migraine headache? Research suggests that alternating hot and cold therapy may provide natural relief.

Headache Relief

Stress headache or sinus pain? Try warm therapy to relax muscles and ease pain.

Soothing Comfort

Featuring soft flannel for your face, this wrap also blocks out the light so you can rest.

Large Single Wrap PeazPod

The perfect PeazPod™ sports wrap for general aches and pains. Use as a hot pack to relieve sore muscles or painful cramps. Use as a cold pack to reduce swelling. The patent-pending formula keeps FrozenPeaz® products flexible, even at freezing temperatures!

Don’t let the name fool you! FrozenPeaz products also deliver superior heat therapy that lasts and lasts.

Spare Packs PeazPak

More FrozenPeaz® pleaz. Make sure you’re ready for hot or cold therapy with spare Peaz. PeazPak™ therapy packs combine both hot and cold relief in one convenient pack."

To purchase FrozenPeaz Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps or for more information, visit or

 ---BUY NOW---

PeazPod™ products range in price from $26-$65.00, with Spare Packs also available for purchase from the FrozenPeaz website here --

And, just for Inspired by Savannah readers, make sure you use coupon code "INSPIRED" to save 10% off your total order.  Act fast, as this special offer is only valid through May 31st.


One lucky reader will win an Face & Eye Wrap, thanks to the folks at FrozenPeaz.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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ABOUT Etavonni™ Products

FrozenPeaz® was developed by Etavonni™ Products. Etavonni (innovate spelled backwards) believes that wonderful things happen when you challenge your perspective. Leading by example. FrozenPeaz® is the product of an unfortunate trip down a long metal staircase. MaryCarol, a co-founder of Etavonni, spent weeks on the couch with more than one bag of frozen peas. She, like so many other entrepreneurs thought, “There has to be a better way”. Now there is. MaryCarol Dolivier and Arthur Blackwood founded Etavonni Products in 2011. Etavonni™ Products is a resource for entrepreneurs and imagineurs that believe they can build it better but need a little help.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views I share are mine and mine alone.


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  5. One lucky reader will win an Face & Eye Wrap, thanks to the folks at FrozenPeaz. To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!
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