Thursday, March 28, 2013

SunnyBump -- A New Social Community for Parents to Help Find Must Have Items for Your Little Ones

Since becoming a parent in 2010, and then again in 2011, I have quickly learned that you have to do your research when it comes to finding baby and toddler must haves.  With all the products on the market, you can't help but get overwhelmed when searching for things like baby gear, car seats, feeding supplies and even potty training supplies.  If you don't do your homework and research and read reviews from other parents and professionals, then you may find yourself buying products that you probably will never use, or that don't meet your needs.  I can't tell you how many boxes of clothes we have that the girls never wore, that still have the tags on them.  And, thanks to the local diaper bank, they finally freed up much needed space in the closet, as we bought more diapers that we thought we would need and go through, only to find that they either caused the girls' skin to break out, weren't absorbent enough, or the girls' simply grew out of the sizes before we could use them.

With all being said, I am always looking for parenting communities and forums that I can join and read about other parent's thoughts on products for babies and children.  When it came time to buy car seats for the girls, hearing what other parents had to say was invaluable and saved me the headache of having to return car seats because of improper fit, etc.  So, when I recently stumbled across a new member-curated, social community called SunnyBump, I was so excited.  This site is made up of new and expecting moms, as well as moms of 2+ kids and even grandparents, helping each other discover and learn about the best products for moms and their children.

What I love most about SunnyBump is how you can create collections of products and group them into categories like feeding, potty training, travel gear, car seats, etc.  You can even bump other member's product photos, and add them to your collections you have created.  In addition, you can also pin products found at SunnyBump to your Pinterest page, share on Facebook and Twitter, or even mail to a family member or friend.  I see this site being a go-to site for new and expectant moms who are putting together a baby registry, as they can find all the necessary items they need to welcome baby with.

Here are two collections I recently put together in a matter of minutes, that related to potty training must haves and gifts for 2-3 yrs. olds.  I can't believe Savannah will be 3 in July.  Where did the time go?

Great Gifts for 2-3 Yr. Olds by robin.mccoy.ramirez

Great Gifts for 2-3 Yr. Olds
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Potty Training Must Haves by robin.mccoy.ramirez

Potty Training Must Haves
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So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to SunnyBump and check out my other collections, as well as create collections of your own.  I have learned about so many new items since joining this past week, and love seeing what other parent's are using with their little ones.

Don't forget to stay up-to-date on news and special Pin-it to Win It promotions by following SunnyBump through their website and social media sites below:

Disclosure: I was compensated for sharing information about SunnyBump as an ambassador for their website.  However, the views above are mine and mine alone.

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