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Easter Gift Ideas -- Spring Flavors from Seattle Chocolates (Review)

 Seattle Chocolates - Seattle, WA

If you follow my blog, then you know that I am a huge fan of Seattle Chocolates, and have had the pleasure of reviewing their milk chocolate truffle bars for special occasions over the years.  So, it was only fitting to include their two new truffle bars in my Easter Gift Guide.

Now, I have sampled my fair share of chocolate over the years, being a chocoholic and all.  These truffle bars are hands down my favorite chocolate bar by far.  Not only does Seattle Chocolates use all natural ingredients, but they also surprise me with fun flavor options.  Take for instance their two new truffle bars made especially for the springtime -- Fresh Mint and Fluffy Toffee.

Fresh Mint Bar by Seattle Chocolates 

"April showers bring May flowers and springy mint. Creamy milk chocolate infused with double-distilled peppermint oil with chunks of chocolate cookie. 2.5 oz  -- and, only $3.00 a bar."

Fluffy Toffee Bar by Seattle Chocolates 

"A grown up version of a classic marshmallow egg. Puffs of all-natural marshmallow and pieces of hard English toffee with a hint of coarse salt for taste and texture, nestled in smooth milk chocolate. 2.5 oz. -- and, only $3.00 a bar."

Like always, upon receiving samples of their truffle bars from the folks at Seattle Chocolates, I didn't want to open the chocolate bar wrappers, as they looked so cute.  I love how their wrappers are full of color and offer up whimsical illustrations, always making their products worthy of gift giving.  But, in order to share my honest thoughts on these two new flavors, I had to open the wrappers and sample.  I know a tough job, huh? :-)  Out of the two truffle bar flavors, I have to say my favorite was the Fluffy Toffee.  I was surprised by this, as I am not usually a toffee lover.  But, with the pairing of their rich, creamy milk chocolate along with English toffee bits and puffs of marshmallow, this truffle bar is simply irresistible.

Milk Chocolate Bunny by Seattle Chocolates 

In addition to these two milk chocolate truffle bars, made especially for their spring line, the folks at Seattle Chocolates also surprised me by including their ever popular 4 oz. Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny to enjoy. Even though I have purchased gift boxes and truffle bars from them over the years, I had never sampled their solid milk chocolate bunnies.  So, I (and the girls) were in for a treat.  Luckily my husband was working when I received these samples from Seattle Chocolates, so I only had to split the chocolate bunny into three pieces, for my daughters and I to try.  I don't know about you, but I have always been a fan of solid milk chocolate bunnies -- maybe because the hollow ones leave you wanting more. :-)  As soon as I took my first bite of this milk chocolate bunny from Seattle Chocolates, I was in heaven.  I then turned to the girls to see their reactions.  Savannah responded with, "Mmm, this is good!," while Arabella, at a loss for words :-)  simply had a chocolate beard going on, as this chocolate is mouth watering, and oh so good to eat.  Once you start nibbling, you don't want to stop.  Now, I can see why these milk chocolate Bunnies are a popular item for Easter.   And, going forward, I will definitely be buying more to add to my daughters' Easter baskets, and mine too. :-)


So, with Easter right around the corner, why not pick up a few of these milk chocolate truffle bars to fill your child's Easter basket with?  Or, who says the Easter Bunny can't leave a few sweet treats for Mom and Dad?  Pick up a few and leave a note from the Easter Bunny, letting you and the kids know that these truffle bars are just for Mom and Dad, and to be enjoyed as a way to relax after a long day. :-)   However you choose to share or give these and other Seattle Chocolates treats this Easter (and even for Mother's Day), you will not be disappointed with the overall flavor and appearance of these products. This the reason why I continually pick up and give Seattle Chocolates for baby showers, special occasions, and even request sweet treats from my hubby for our anniversary and my birthday. :-)


Spring pail gift basket by Seattle Chocolates

Click here to visit the Seattle Chocolates website and browse their selection of gift boxes, truffle bars and more --

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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