Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Gift Ideas -- Easter Themed Cookie Arrangements from Cookies in Bloom (Review)

"Since opening the doors on their first store, the quality and integrity at Cookies in Bloom has never changed. Every day they still sift the flour, crack the eggs, and use all-natural ingredients. Fresh, fun, and unique cookies are their specialty!
  • Delicious, hand-decorated sugar cookies.
  • Made to order -  ­ They can do anything ­ just ask!
  • All message cookies can be made to express any thought or sentiment.
  • Over 300 different shapes of cookies.
  • Customized corporate programs available.
  • All major credit cards accepted.
The arrangements featured on the Cookies in Bloom website are only a small sampling of what they have to offer!  And, when it comes to ordering, you can place your order online or stop into a local Cookies in Bloom store to order a gift basket or unique cookie arrangement."

While looking for unique Easter gift ideas, I stumbled across the Cookies in Bloom site, and though that their hand-decorated sugar cookies, shaped like Easter eggs would make for a great Easter basket idea, as well as look amazing left in the basket it ships in, or arranged on a platter, and served to guests attending your Easter dinner. So, when I reached out to owner, I was excited when she said she would be sending along the following Decorated Mini Eggs in Basket for my family to review:


"Our sugar shortbread cookies are the best you will taste. Our gift basket includes 10 hand decorated Easter eggs and 5 hand frosted eggs all wrapped up with cellophane and tied with a bow. Order this gift basket now for only $49.95.

I wish you could have seen these hand-decorated cookies close up, as you could tell the folks at Cookies in Bloom take pride in their work and providing not only great tasting cookies to customers, but also excite them with the attention to detail they put into decorating each of their cookies. 

When it comes to sugar cookies, I find that I am picky when it comes to taste and consistency.  There have been times I have ordered cookie bouquets for friends and family, or received them, only to be disappointed with the overall taste and appearance of the cookies.  You would think that making sugar shortbread cookies would be easy, and that they would all taste the same.  But, they don't.  So, even though I was excited to try this Easter themed gift basket of sugar shortbread Easter egg cookies from Cookies in Bloom, I didn't want to get my hopes up, only to find the cookies were alright or not that good.  But, after taking a bite out of one of the hand-decorated cookies, I was in heaven.  I couldn't get over how soft these cookies were.  They reminded me of a cake-like cookie, as it didn't crumble in your mouth or was hard to chew like other shortbread cookies.  And, even though the outside of the cookies were covered with frosting, they didn't taste too sugary.  They were just right! Thankfully my parents had come to visit the girls, so there was a total of six people enjoying these sugar cookies.  I say this, as my husband and I could have probably ate all 10 cookies, or at least 8 -- that is after giving the girls one each. :-)  

Here are just a few photos I took of the girls enjoying these hand-decorated Easter Egg cookies from Cookies in Bloom:

These cookies were so good that we finished by mid-afternoon on the second day.  I had one in the AM with my coffee, which made for a great start to my day.  And, the girls ended up having another cookie after lunch.  As they saw me throwing out the cello wrapper of the last two cookies, Savannah turned to me and said, "Oh, no."  I asked what was wrong, and she said "Cookies all gone.  Please order now." :-)  Her comment only reaffirmed my thoughts on how great these sugar shortbread cookies.  And, per Savannah's request (and all of our happy bellies), I will be ordering more, and having them shipped directly to my doorstep. :-)  Savannah even asked for a cookie bouquet over a birthday cake for her upcoming birthday.  Hmm., I wonder which arrangement from Cookies in Bloom she will like? :-)

So, if you will be entertaining guests this Easter, are looking for hand-decorated Easter cookies to add to your child's basket, or just want to share a sweet treat with the family come Easter morning, why not consider picking up the Decorated Mini Eggs in Basket, or another cookie arrangement from Cookies in Bloom?  Once you try their sugar shortbread  and other gourmet cookies (including everyone's favorite, chocolate chip), you will want to order more, and will rave about them with family and friends -- as I have been doing. ;-)  I even noticed that they now sell Rice Krispy Treats arrangements, too!

Just look at the Easter themed arrangements that you can order now from Cookies in Bloom:


Happy Easter
(Look at this gourmet chocolate chip cookie cake -- Mmm!)

And, in addition to the cookie arrangement I was sent, the kind folks at Cookies in Bloom also included two chocolate dipped caramel apples from Hannah's Caramel Apples to sample. 

Caramel Apple with Dark and White Swiss ChocolateCaramel Apple with Chocolate and Kellogg's® Rice Krispies®

I am not usually a fan of candy apples, but being a chocolate lover, I couldn't resist trying them.  Wow!  They tasted great.  I couldn't get over the apple itself stayed crisp and had a nice bite to it.  With every bite, I could taste the creamy milk chocolate, salty caramel and then the juicy apple.  Mmm, I am getting hungry just thinking about them.  Here are a few photos I took of the gourmet hand dipped candy apples,  I was sent to review, from Hannah's Caramel Apples:

If you are a fan of candy apples, or your child is, then you will love these gourmet candy apples, which are available in a variety of toppings, to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.  These gourmet candy apples are only $7.50 and can be purchased online at Hannah's Caramel Apples. Or, if you live in Phoenix, AZ, you can stop by their store and pick up in person at: 3931 East Indian School Rd., Phoenix, Arizona.

----BUY NOW----

Click here to browse the Cookies in Bloom website  and see their selection of cookie arrangements available for purchase by mail or in-store -- You can also use their store locator to see if there is a Cookies in Bloom store near you, so that you can shop in person. 

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.


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