Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas -- Water Bottles from Warm Tradition (Review)

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Looking for a Valentine's Day gift that the whole family can use?  Why not consider picking up a water bottle from Warm Tradition?  These are not your mother's old water bottles.  Instead, Warm Tradition offers a wonderful line of water bottle covers in a variety of colors and styles.  

Warm Tradition SOCCER BALL Hot Water Bottle - Made in GermanyWarm Tradition Leopard Print Covered Hot Water Bottle- Made in Germany

From soccer balls to fun animals prints, every member of your family can have their own water bottle to help ease sore muscles, warm up on those cold nights, or help relieve stress and relax after a crazy day.  I remember my grandmother used to place a water bottle in between her bed sheets back in the day to help warm the sheets, way before the electric blanket became popular.  And, growing up, my mother would always have a red water bottle on hand for when we had upset stomachs, menstrual cramping, had a cold along with the chills, or injured ourselves playing.  The water bottle is a must have in a family's house, and can even used for the pets.  Prior to putting down two of our dogs recently, I would use our water bottle to help sooth and relax them. 

So, when I was recently contacted by the folks at Warm Tradition about reviewing one of their water bottles as part of my Valentine's Day Gift Guide, I could not say no.  And, as I began browsing their collection of water bottle covers, I couldn't believe all the different styles and shapes available.  Just look at a few that caught my eye, and would make for a great Valentine's Day gift for him/her/the entire family:

Warm Tradition Red Velour I LOVE YOU MINI HEART Covered Hot Water Bottle - Made in Germany
Warm Tradition Heart Shaped Hot Water Bottle with Matching Socks - Bottle made in GermanyWarm Tradition RED TRANSPARENT Love Heart Hot Water Bottle - Made in GermanyWarm Tradition TRANSPARENT I LOVE YOU Hot Water Bottle - Made in GermanyWarm Tradition RED TRANSPARENT I Love You Heart Hot Water Bottle - Made in GermanyTransparent Heart Shaped Hot Water Bottle- Made in Germany

I was sent their pinky minky swirls water bottle, shown below to review, which retails on their website for only $26.95:

Warm Tradition Pink Minky Swirls Covered Hot Water Bottle - Bottle made in Germany, Cover made in USA 
"The super soft minky covered hot water bottle is one of the most soft and cuddly hot water bottles out there. You will not want to stop hugging this bottle. Its touch and feel is addictive! Great to use on stomach aches, ear aches, bumps, bruises, muscle aches, cramps and chills. It also is a great bedtime buddy...helps put you into restful sleep. Many use hot water bottles during travel or at the office. Includes a Warm Tradition 12" x 7.25" hot water bottle made of thermoplastic - holds the heat much longer than rubber. Volume: 2 Liters. Bottle made in Germany. Cover made in the USA."

Like I said, I have been using water bottles for years, but this was the first time I used a water bottle and didn't notice that funny rubber smell I have come to expect from a water bottle.  But, I was most impressed by how much longer this hot water bottle stayed, compared to others I have used in the past.  Before receiving this minky water bottle, I would find  myself having to refill my old water bottles every 15-20 minutes, as they would lose their heat.  With the water bottle from Warm Tradition, I noticed that one fill stayed warm for over an hour -- which was simply amazing.  I was using it for warm my feet while blogging, and didn't have to worry about getting up a few times in an hour to refill it, which I loved.  

As I read through the instructions and information booklet that comes with each water bottle from Warm Tradition, I was surprised and happy to see how their water bottles differ from ones your family may own or owned in the past.

Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottle Facts:

  • Made of thermoplastic providing extra long lasting heat
  • BPA Free, Phtalate Free, Latex Free, Rubber Free
  • Odorless, Safe and Recyclable
  • Extra large opening for easy filling and less spills
  • Covers are removable and machine washable
  • Hot water bottles made in Germany and covers made in the USA.       
Since receiving this sample for review, everyone in the family, including the dogs have used it.  The girls used it when they had the stomach flu and waned something warm and cuddly to snuggle with, my husband used it on his sore and tired muscles after running, and I used to warm our dogs' beds before bedtime, so they could sleep much more soundly and cozy.  And, I expect to find more ways to use this water bottle as the years go by, and will definitely be buying more to have on hand and travel with, and to give as gifts for those hard to shop for people on my gift giving lists.  

Does your family have a water bottle in your house?  If not, why not make a point to pick one up this Valentine's Day.  It will be one of those gifts that keep on giving. :-)  And, you will wonder how you ever did without one once you try it on your aching muscles, or to even warm your cold feet and body during these cold winter months.


So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the Warm Tradition website ( and begin browsing their selection of water bottles and covers today.  And, if you have a child away at college, why not surprise them with a water bottle from Warm Tradition in their next care package your ship to them, or give to them when they come home over the weekend to do their laundry. :-)


About Warm Tradition:

"Founded in Brooklyn, New York, by Harry Shpelfogel and Sally Goodgold, is the largest online hot water bottle specialty site in the United States.

Tired of the hot water bottles that never stayed warm, frustrated with hot water bottles that always leaked or hot water bottles that were not environmentally friendly - they knew there must be a better solution out there. was quickly born, offering the most eco-friendly thermoplastic BPA - FREE hot water bottles manufactured under strict conditions in Germany - and then adding almost every cozy hot water bottle cover (made in the USA) you can think of, from fleece to velour to flannel and more in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures for men, women, children, babies and even pets!'s mission: To offer the best quality hot water bottles you will find online, along with the convenience of fast, free shipping and the best customer service around. Standing behind this mission, makes it easy for customers to contact them by phone or email at 1-800-694-4866 and [email protected].

This website is dedicated to the memory of Lucy Rosen Shpelfogel. This was her pride, her joy and her dream. She was and still is our guiding light."

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.