Monday, February 4, 2013

Now Available on CD -- Roy D. Mercer: Red, White and Bruised (Review)

Red, White & Bruised 

"As Roy D. Mercer himself describes the album, 'them folks at Capitol Nashville/EMI are about to unleash my latest fits of fury on a brand new album. I m callin it RED, WHITE & BRUISED and it s an election year tribute chock full of equal opportunity pop knots, ringtones, and more that ll put a whole new spin on seein stars and stripes. So if you know what s good for ya, you ll join the party.'"

About the Artist:

"Tulsa, Oklahoma radio announcers Brent Douglas and Phil Stone (formerly of KMOD-FM) created the character of Roy D. Mercer in the early 1990s. In 1997, Capitol Records Nashville released the first Roy D. Mercer albums, How Big 'a Boy Are Ya?, Vols. 1 & 2. Since then, new Roy D. Mercer albums and collections have been released on a regular basis, building a comedy powerhouse that continues to thrive with more than 5 million albums sold to date."

Track Listing:

  1.   Don't Red On Me (7:32)
  2.   Takin' the Cake (2:26)
  3.   Motel 666 (4:42)
  4.   Cussin' and Fussin' (5:41)
  5.   The Catfish is Comin'! (Fishing Report) (3:03)
  6.   Roy Gets an NAB in His Bonnet (6:47)
  7.   You Don't Know the Halftime of It (6:11)
  8.   Pickin' and Grinnin' (5:09)
  9.   Not So Easy Rider (4:38)
  10.   Tired of Workin' for the Man (3:49)
  11.   Graveyard (7:13)
  12.   Political Announcement One (3:48)
  13.   Political Announcement Too (3:37)
  14.   Political Announcement Again (3:26)
  15.   Political Announcement Fore (3:35)
  16.   Graveyard (1:51) *Bonus Track

My Thoughts:

I had heard about Roy D. Mercer, but have never listened to any of the albums or comedy bits until now.  I can see why so many people flock to pick up  a new CD when it becomes available, as they are really funny to listen to.  I ended up receiving a copy of this CD to review, and didn't know what to expect.  So, after my husband and I put the girls down to bed on Friday night, we popped the CD in and listened to it, as we were picking up the house for the night.  By the end of the first track, we were both laughing, and couldn't wait to hear the remaining 14 tracks and 1 bonus track.  We ended up opting to pop open a bottle of wine and relax on the couch, as we listened to this new Roy D. Mercer album, instead of watching a movie.  And, by the end of the CD, we turned to one another, after composing ourselves and wiping away tears from laughing so hard, to agree that we need to pick up the previous CD releases of Roy D. Mercer's to listen to.  What an unexpected night of laughs, that really helped relax us and get us ready for a crazy weekend with the girls.

If you like comedic CDs or used to like going to comedy clubs, but can't now that you have kids, you will definitely want to pick up a copy of this new CD, as it will have you laughing uncontrollably and wanting to listen to it over and over again. :-)  Skip in-house date night/movie night and pop on this CD like we did -- it will be well worth it. 

Disclosure: I was sent  a copy of this CD from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone. 


  1. Good review. The comedy team of Phil Stone and Brent Douglas were a regular morning staple for those of us who have listened and laughed with them over the years. Listeners were shocked when Phil died unexpectedly, we we are all holding our breaths in the hope that Brent (and Roy D.) may return to us in the near future. They say that you never know what you've got till it's gone, but I assure you, those of us who loved them knew how special they were, and are...

    1. god bless them a team no one could ever touch on radio !!!!