Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas -- Roast-to-Order Coffee from Booskerdoo Coffee Company (Review)

Now, I have reviewed over a dozen coffee companies over the years, but I have never tried coffee from an micro-roaster until now.  Recently, I found out about Booskerdoo Coffee Company, and how they pay attention to every detail of the coffee roasting process and roast-to-order and ship the same day; and don’t store product in warehouses.

So, when they offered to send me two bags of their ground coffee to try, how could I resist?  You can't ask a  coffee lover if they want to sample coffee and expect them to say, "No."  :-)  I was sent Booskerdoo Coffee Company's Single Origin Series "Bali: Blue Moon Organic" and their After Dark French Roast blends to try.  Upon taking them out of the box, I couldn't help but notice how fresh the ground coffee smelled.  Even though I wasn't needing a cup of coffee at that time, the smell of the coffee grounds made it hard to resist.  

Following the "best brewing suggestions" on the side of the bag, it said to use filtered water and clean equipment, along with particular measurements. They provides instructions for automatic drip, pour-over drip, french press and vacuum pot.  My husband has turned me on to the French press lately, so I used this method to make a fresh cup of Bali Blue Moon Organic coffee to try.  The folks at Booskerdoo suggested I use a 34 oz. press (which I had), combined with 10 tbsp. of coarse ground coffee with water (10 sec off boil).  Then, stir, steep to 3-4 minutes, press and then serve.  As I was finishing the final step, I heard a knock at the door.  A couple of my girlfriends had come to visit and see the girls..  Now, I don't know if they had perfect timing, smelled this fresh, delicious coffee from afar, or what?  But, they couldn't have come at a better time.  The girls had just gone down for a nap, so as we all waited for them to wake up, we were able to enjoy a truly fresh cup of coffee from Booskerdoo.  As we sipped the coffee, we were amazed at how delicious it tasted and how much flavor it had.  Also, the aroma that filled the air was none like we had ever smelled before.

My friends asked me more about this coffee and why it tasted so different from other ground coffee they have purchased and used from stores and local shops.  Like myself, they had never heard about micro-roasting, or knew how much detail was placed on the roasting process to make such an amazing cup of coffee.  But, by the time we finished our first cup, we were all in agreeance that we would be switching to this micro-roaster coffee company from now on.  

I couldn't wait until the next morning to try out the other blend, After Dark French Roast, with my husband.  The night before I talked his ear off about how great the Bali Blue Moon Organic blend was, and Booskerdoo Coffee is unlike anything else I have ever tried.  He told me that was a bold statement.  I told him to just wait until morning when he would try this fresh roasted coffee for himself, and that he would agree.  I used the French press directions to make our morning cup of coffee, and like the day before, the kitchen was filled with this amazing fresh roasted coffee smell, that made your taste buds water. And, as my husband took his first sip of Booskerdoo coffee, I saw his eyes get big. When he was done with his first few sips, he put his cup of coffee down and told me how great this coffee was.  What amazed him was how fresh the coffee tasted for being ground.  We both love strong coffee and this blend really delivers a punch, that will have you craving another cup.  What a way to wake ourselves up in the morning. :-)

It has bee a few days since receiving these samples, and we are halfway through each bag.  I have already put a wish list together for my husband in case he was looking for ideas of what to get me for Valentine's Day, with a little note to buy double, so that he could enjoy some, too. :-)  So, if you are a coffee lover or know someone who is, why not surprise them with fresh roasted coffee (ground or whole bean) from Booskerdoo Coffee Company, and get ready for your taste buds to be awakened for the first time when you sip your first cup of coffee from this micro-roaster, and never look back. :-)

Booskerdoo Coffee Company prides themselves on being a micro-roasting and roasting their coffee the same they send it to you, as fresh coffee makes all the difference.  And, now that I have had the chance to try their ground coffee firsthand, I couldn't agree with them more!  If you love a fresh cup of coffee in the AM (or any time of day for a great pick me up), then you have to give Booskerdoo Coffee Company a try.  In my mind, you haven't truly had a fresh cup of coffee unless you have make it using Booskerdoo coffee. :-)


In addition to individual bags of coffee (which cost between $14.99 - $15.99 per lb.), the folks at Booskerdoo Coffee Company offer an amazing coffee package for only $49, which would make for a great Valentine's Day gift.

Click here to browse Booskerdoo Coffee Company's offering and place your Valentine's Day order today --  http://www.booskerdoo.com/.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I too tried their coffee. I loved it so much we drove there to check out the roastery and cafe. I know what you mean.....that smell. I need to try the Bali Blue Moon.
    The Dancing Goat espresso is amazing. And the Jersey Diner is a great smooth diner-style coffee.