Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Hallmark Movie Channel Original, Duke, Arrives on DVD March 12th (Review)



"Witness the heartfelt drama about one man’s life struggle in the Hallmark Movie Channel original Duke, arriving on DVD March 12 from Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment and Crown Media Family Networks. Steven Weber (“Wings,” “Leaving Las Vegas’), Sarah Smyth (“50/50”), and Allison Hossack (“Christmas Miracle”) star in an uplifting story about overcoming personal hardships and reconciling with the ones that mean most. Duke is the second highest-rated Hallmark Movie Channel original film to premiere on Hallmark Movie Channel.* Terry Pulaski (Weber) served his country well as a marine sergeant fighting in Iraq, but when he returns home to his family he is overwhelmed by the challenges of being a good father and husband.  Devastated by his personal, mental, and physical struggles, Terry leaves his wife and daughter behind with only his trusted companion Duke by his side. After years without a home, illness overcomes Duke and Terry is forced to leave his best friend at the care of a veterinary clinic.  On his own, Terry must conquer his struggles to save his best friend and reconcile with the love ones he left behind.  An inspirational story about redemption, Duke arrives on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.93."

Price: $14.93
Street Date: March 12, 2013
Language: English
Running time: 86 minutes
My Thoughts:
Does your family like to sit down together and watch Hallmark Channel movies?  This was one of my favorite things to do as a child.  I always looked forward to that once a month Sunday Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, that my brothers and I would watch with Mom, while my Dad was working a police detail.  Even though my brothers mainly watched the movies to stay up later -- and, to see my mom cry at each and every movie, I thoroughly enjoyed these heartwarming movies, that always taught wonderful lessons that you could apply to your life.  
And, as I got older, I continued to tune in on Sundays when a new Hallmark movie aired, and was giddy when I moved to CT and saw that we received the Hallmark Channel in our television lineup.  I have lost count on the number of Hallmark movies I have seen over the years, but each and every time I have a free moment, I flip to the Hallmark Channel to see what is on, or pop in a DVD of these films, I have acquired over the years.
Even though I saw this upcoming release when it aired on television, it was nice to watch it again -- and, yes, I cried just like my Mom used to, from start to finish.  Luckily, my brothers or husband were around to see me. :-)  I am not going to bore you with a thorough review of this film, as you probably have already seen it, or can get the gist of what it is about in the synopsis above.  All I will say is that this is a great film to watch with the whole family, and that dog-lovers like myself will fall in love with Duke. :-)
Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this DVD from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone. 

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