Thursday, February 28, 2013

Arriving on DVD March 19th from Vivendi Entertainment, Secret Millionaires Club (Review)

Secret Millionaire's Club: Volume 1


"Kids can learn valuable lessons about money management in a fun and relatable way when the educational and entertaining new animated series Secret Millionaires Club Volume One, debuts on DVD March 19, 2013 from Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment and A Squared Entertainment. Featuring the voice of renowned financial sage, Warren Buffett, the series offers tips on making investing fun for kids.  When friends Radley, Elena, Jones and Lisa find out that their school has lost funding for music, field trips and some of their other favorite activities they call on financial mogul Warren Buffett for help.  With Warren as their mentor, the kids apply basic business knowledge to everyday adventures and ultimately learn that the best investment they can make is in themselves. Secret Millionaires Club teaches practical life lessons through typical everyday situations that kids might encounter such as raising money for their school or persevering through a perceived failure.  Featuring the voices of stars such as Jay Z & Shaquille O’Neal, kids learn to work together, respect each other and believe in themselves. The Secret Millionaires Club Volume One DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.93 and includes one brand new episode that has not yet aired on television.  The series returns to The Hub in March of 2013."
Price: $14.93
Street Date: March 19, 2013                                   
Language:    English
Running time: 132 minutes
My Thoughts:
My husband is the one in the house that is intrigued by the stock market and making money through investment. I, on the other hand, write the checks and monitor the bank statements. :-)  Even though our daughter, Savannah is 2 1/2 yrs. old, she already owns stocks (thanks to her Dad) and has a piggy bank that had different savings compartments labeled investing, donating and spending.  And, every now and again my husband will try and talk to her about the importance of money and saving it -- usually when we are in a toy store and she is asking for a particular toy. :-)  But, one child he does influence and loves to talk finances with his is 8 yr. nephew.
Over the holidays, while his nephew was visiting, he introduced my husband to the animated series on The Hub, called the "Secret Millionaires Club."  My husband was not aware of this show, because if he was, he would have been trying to watch it with our girls.  He knew instantly that the financial consultant the children call on was Warren Buffett.  As I watched him and my nephew watching episodes of this animated series, it was like I was watching two children.  My husband got into the series, even to the point that he was recorded episodes to watch, so he could discuss what had happened each week with my nephew, after he left.

So, when he saw that I had to review this DVD, to share with you all, he was more than willing to help out, as he had missed a few of the earlier episodes in this hit animated series.  In addition, he was eager to watch the five webisodes included in the Special Features section of this new release.

He ended up watching all six episodes that make up this DVD, and briefed me on each one.  When I heard him talking about how Jay Z and Shaq lend their voices, along with Warren Buffet, it made me want to see why so many children (and my husband) love this animated series, which airs on The Hub.  So, when everyone went to bed the other night, I put on the DVD and watched the first episode.  I have to say that I liked how it teaches children the basics of finances and investing, while also sharing practical life lessons through everyday scenarios.  I haven't had a chance to watch the remaining five episodes, but know that my husband and nephew will be able to answer any questions I may have on them. :-) 

And, as they wait, along with other avid Secret Millionaires Club fans for the new season to start on The Hub this month, they will be enjoying the six adventure-filled episodes that make up Secret Millionaires Club Volume One, out on DVD on March 19th.
Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this DVD from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Oh what a neat idea! I love important for the kids!!! So many kids grow up and cannot balance a checkbook or do a monthly budget! Its so important to understand finances!