Sunday, February 17, 2013

Introducing the New Dry Idea AdvancedDry Fresh Antiperspirant and Deodorant +Never Let Them See You Sweat® Sweepstakes and Flash Giveaway

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I love being a Purex Insider as I get to try out new products including the new Dry Idea AdvancedDry Fresh antiperspirant and deodorant.  This new product offers "enduring odor protection for up to 72 hours, and Pulse Activated Wetness Protection to keep you dry all day long."  

I don't know about you, but with two young children at home, I find myself running around non-stop most of the day.  And, unless I make a point to put on antiperspirant and deodorant in the AM, you will not want to smell me by mid afternoon :-)  

It wasn't until I underwent cancer treatment back in 2008, that I found myself needing more wetness coverage.  My old deodorants and antiperspirants didn't seem to help keep me dry all day long.  And, while most products that I tried claimed they would provide 24+ hours of coverage, I would always find myself needing to re-apply them throughout the day, as they would wear off quickly.

Dry Idea Advanced Dry

But, since being introduced to the Dry Idea product line, I have not had to re-apply, and don't have to worry about greeting the UPS or Fed-Ex driver at the door and being embarrassed by how I smell.  Instead, once I apply the liquid roll on or clear gel (my favorite) of the new Dry Idea AdvancedDry Fresh antiperspirant and deodorant, I am good to go all day long -- no matter how much I work out or run around chasing after or picking up after the girls.  I love not having to worry about finding the right antiperspirant and deodorant anymore, as Dry Idea always has me covered!

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In conjunction with the Insider Kit, Purex is proud to introduce the Never Let Them See You Sweat® Sweepstakes featuring Dry Idea AdvancedDry Fresh!
One lucky grand prize winner will receive $500, while ten (10) 2nd place winners will receive a $50 prize! 

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Dry Idea Roll On Product Line

You can find Dry Idea products at your favorite local retailer in the health and beauty aisle.  They come in roll on, aerosol and clear gel options.


One lucky reader will win two (2) FREE coupons to try the new  Dry Idea AdvancedDry Fresh for themselves.  Entry is simple -- be the first to email me and tell me you want to try this new product.  It is that easy.  And, the first person to email me will receive the two FREE coupons.
Disclosure: Dry Idea brand provided me with a free sample in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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