Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Will You Share This Cold & Flu Season?

2013 could represent the strongest nationwide outbreak of influenza in a decade - and experts say the season is only getting started now. With the promise to distribute $25,000 worth of cold & flu products to U.S. families in need, Vicks® has teamed up with the charity Baby Buggy, founded by Jessica Seinfeld.

Here’s how you can help (and WIN):

For every email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest "Share" of its Cold & Flu Survival Guide from pediatrician and American Academy of Pediatrics fellow Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, Vicks will donate a Vicks® Behind Ear Thermometer and Starry Night Humidifier to the non-profit.  Anyone participating can also enter to win a Vicks Starry Night Humidifier here.

And, here is more from Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg's "Cold & Flu Survival Guide," to help prepare your family for this year's cold and flu season.  Right now, our oldest has the stomach bug, so we know how important some of Jennifer's tips are in helping us keep the rest of the house healthy.


"Whistle While You Work!

Getting hands clean requires washing them with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds – that's about 2 renditions of 'Happy Birthday.'

Hydration Nation

Though staying hydrated is always important, it's especially critical if you feel a cold coming on. Water, along with other non-caffeinated liquids, help loosen congestion.

Don't be afraid of the dark

It's common for kids to be fearful of sleeping in dark bedrooms. Not only does the Vicks Starry Night Humidifier add moisture to the air helping to keep little noses clear, it also projects stars on the ceiling. 
Click here to read my recent review of this cool mist humidifier --

Suds up!

Washing an oral thermometer is necessary, but can be tricky. A great, non-invasive alternative is the new Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer, which takes quick 1-second temperature readings near the carotid artery located behind the ear lobe.

Splish, Splash Take A Bath!

Fever is often one of the first signs of illness. You can temporarily cool off the body by using a cool washcloth on the forehead or taking a tepid or lukewarm bath"


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