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The Bible Has Never Been Easier for Young Children to Understand and Enjoy -- Thanks to the New Deep Blue Kids Bible (Review)

Innovative, Four-Color Format Encourages
Young Reader Exploration and Discovery Like Never Before

"Using three-dimensional color art, conversational language and vibrant young characters, the newly released CEB DEEP BLUE KIDS BIBLE (Common English Bible; 978-1-6096; $26.99-$36.99; September 2012) is a unique children’s Bible that will immediately capture young people’s hearts and minds. Each page of the DEEP BLUE KIDS BIBLE features kid-friendly, four-color artwork designed by professional CGI animators that offers a more contemporary style for today’s children to enjoy. Characterized as “Easy to Navigate. Built to Captivate,” this Bible is also packed with more study and auxiliary content than any other children’s Bible on the market today, providing an engaging way for children to learn while also helping parents and teachers support children’s education and spiritual growth.

 “This is a truly unique product that will change our expectations of a children’s Bible,” said Sonua Bohannon, DEEP BLUE KIDS BIBLE spokesperson. “Children will be mesmerized by the Deep Blue Kids Bible in the ways they expect to be in the digital age through video games, iPads and e-readers.”   

Designed for children between the ages of 7 and 12 and hosted by the playful and daring crew of Asia, Kat, and Edgar, the DEEP BLUE KIDS BIBLE is uniquely approachable and comprehensible for every child’s unique learning style.  

  • With the help of his always-handy spyglass, Edgar is an explorer who has a need to know how to get from here to there and then investigate whatever he finds in a new place.  His spyglass helps children understand what they encounter as they travel along each page.

  • Asia just loves to talk. She keeps track of the action around her, documenting and reporting whatever she sees and hears along the way.  With microphone in hand, Asia stands ready to narrate the journey from beginning to end. 

  • Kat is an adventurer at heart.  She loves all the opportunities to explore and connect with people centuries ago in ancient lands. She is always ready to go on an adventure with you –pirate hat on and jeans rolled up—as you discover the Bible together.

Additionally, there are seven distinct features used throughout the text that make reading a fun, interactive experience for children, parents, teachers and pastors alike.
  • The Life Preserver provides responses to tough questions and offers context to difficult-to-understand passages.
  • Did You Know? offers trivia and  facts about fascinating customs related to the text.
  • The Lighthouse call-out discuses core faith concepts at an age appropriate level.
  • While the Sailboat emphasizes positive character traits and emotions being displayed such as courage and forgiveness, the Umbrella addresses challenging character traits and emotions being displayed such as lying and disobedience.
  • Bet You Can!  Reading challenges encourage readers to read for themselves and improve language skills.
  • The Navigation Point verses mark key promises and passages good for memorizing.

The DEEP BLUE KIDS BIBLE is based on the Common English Bible translation, built by the collaborative effort of 120 Bible translators from 24 denominations and 500 Bible readers from diverse backgrounds and hundreds of different churches.  Using words and phrases that sound natural and conversational, it is a balanced, accurate and sensitive translation that mirrors how young people talk, read and write with their friends. 

The DEEP BLUE KIDS BIBLE became available in September, and  is poised to become a treasured favorite in every Christian home."


My Thoughts:

During the holidays I ran a giveaway for lucky reader to win a copy of this new, unique Bible designed for young children.  The giveaway was a hit, and I had so many people email and tell me that they would be picking up a Deep Blue Kids Bible for their children.  Even though my girls are too young to understand the Bible and its teachings, I did have a chance to share with book with 10 year nephew and 12 year old niece.  Even though they attend Sunday School each week, they always say one of the hardest things is to understand what the Bible is talking about.  Because of this, I have tried to find them kid-friendly books and DVDs to share when they come to visit, that made God's teachings easier for young children to understand.  As a result, we have become fans of VeggieTales and Bridgestone Multimedia Group's DVDs.  But, I continued to look for a Bible that was geared towards children, without luck.  That was, until I received a copy of Common English Bible Deep Blue Kids Bible to review and giveaway on.

Both my nephew and niece agreed after reaching a few devotions that this book was great.  They liked how this Bible used characters like Asia, Kat and Edgar to explore God's word, and how the meanings and messages of God were straight forward and easy for them to understand.  They even brought it to Sunday School last week to show it to the teacher and students.  Everyone thought it was great, and wanted one for themselves.  The teacher, who is a family friend, later called me to ask where she could order copies, as she wanted to see if the Congregation would order a dozen for use in the classroom. I also ended up ordering a copy for my niece, so she could have her own Bible to read whenever she wanted, and will be ordering two more to put away for my daughters when they get old enough to appreciate and have me read to them.

If your child(ren) have struggled like many young children to understand God's messages in the Bible, then why not pick up a copy of Common English Bible Deep Blue Kids Bible for them.  You will be amazed at how easy it makes God's teachings for them to understand and explain to you.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book from the publisher in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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