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Arriving in Stores, Jan. 15th -- Kidz Bop 23 (Review)

Kidz Bop 23 
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How did my daughters celebrate the New Year?  Well, they didn't stay up until midnight to see the ball drop -- well, Savannah tried her hardest to stay up and finally went to bed at 11:30PM, after a long day without naps.  But, after our family dinner, I popped in the upcoming Kidz Bop 23 CD for them to listen to, and my husband and I had a mini dance party with them in the living room.  I was hoping that by dancing they would both get tired, and bedtime that night would have been easier -- but, no such luck. But, we did have a blast listening to this kid-friendly album with them.  


Here are the 16  tracks that made up this popular Kidz Bop music CD series, that most parents and children have heard on the mainstream radio and love:

  1. Play Preview Good Time
  2. Play Preview We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  3. Play Preview As Long As You Love Me
  4. Play Preview Want U Back
  5. Play Preview Everybody Talks
  6. Play Preview Let's Go
  7. Play Preview Locked Out Of Heaven
  8. Play Preview Wide Awake
  1. Play Preview Live While We're Young
  2. Play Preview Diamonds
  3. Play Preview Too Close
  4. Play Preview Let Me Love You
  5. Play Preview Some Nights
  6. Play Preview I Cry
  7. Play Preview Home
  8. Play Preview Gangnam Style

What I love most about Kidz Bop is that I can listen to songs I love with my children during car rides.  Usually, I have the CD player filled with their music, as I don't want to hear certain lyrics or songs that are not age appropriate for them.  But, with Kidz Bop, they make popular songs heard on the radio age appropriate for children.  So, I don't have to worry about quickly turning off the radio or changing the channel when a part of a song I don't want the children to listen to comes on.

I have been reviewing Kidz Bop CDs for a year now, and love how they come out with a new CD every couple of months.  So, by the time the CDs release, the songs included on the album are still playing on mainstream radio. :-)  This CD, which I was sent to review, came in handy during our recent holiday time spent driving to the relatives.  Both my husband and I, along with the girls couldn't get enough of the 16 tracks, especially "Gangham Style" and "Wide Awake."  Usually my husband is not a fan of kid-friendly music, mainly because he doesn't know the words, but loved this upcoming release, as it had songs he knew and loved listening to.  I loved watching the girls rock out in their car seats and clap along to the music.  And, it made for an enjoyable car ride, without my daughters fussing or asking how much longer.

If you and your children are fans of Kidz Bop, make sure you pick up or download this new album releasing on Jan. 15th.

Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of this CD from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.    

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