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Now Available on DVD -- “The Wiggles' Celebration!” (Review and Giveaway)

"Brand-new from The Wiggles comes the final live performance of the original Wiggles! We would love for you to review what is set to be a favorite for the entire family. This live performance captures The Wiggles doing what they have been known to do for years dancing, singing, wiggling, and entertaining kids. "

About the DVD:

"Join the Wiggles on their Celebration concert tour! This isn’t a farewell! It’s a Celebration! Greg, Murray, Jeff, and Anthony, The Original Wiggles, put on one of their final live performances. This DVD includes some of their most loved songs including Rock-a-Bye Your Bear, Getting Strong, The Monkey Dance, and more! Join The Wiggles as they show why they are loved all around the world.  Jam-packed with favorite songs, dancing, and lots of FUN, this DVD is a must-have for every Wiggles fan! What are you waiting for? Start Wiggling!"


My Thoughts:

What were you doing today?  I spent the day watching a Wiggles marathon.  Well, it wasn't really a marathon of all their DVDs which we own, but of the recent release -- "The Wiggles' Celebration!," which arrived in the mail early this morning.  I guess the girls, especially Savannah, was using this as payback as we had to miss the farewell tour due to the girls being sick a few months back.  As soon as Savannah saw the DVD come out of the package, she shouted, "The Wiggles." And, then, she asked for me to put it on, and the dance with her.  Even though she is only 2 1/2 years old, like many toddlers and young children, she fell in love with The Wiggles the first time she saw them -- thanks, Mom for getting her a CD and DVD for her 1st birthday.
Now, you may have your own opinion of The Wiggles -- either you like them or you don't.  Yes, some of their skits are corny, but I have to say as a parent, my daughter has learned so much from the catchy songs, and the episodes on the television and in DVDs that we own, has really helped to add words to her vocabulary.  In addition, she can sing a handful of their songs, which truly amazes me.  And, I don't want to brag, but I know some, too. :-)

So, how could I say, "No" today when the girls asked to watch this DVD.  I wish, however, I knew it would turn into an all-day affair, as I would have walked around with a pair of earphones and listened to my iPod, to drown out The Wiggles after the 6th time of watching. :-)  But, I did enjoy having a mini dance party with the girls, and loved seeing them play and have fun together.  It has been tough since Christmas having them share and get alone, as Savannah, our oldest, is at that terrible 2 stage, where everything that comes into the house is hers.  And, this Christmas I learned that I had to buy 2 of everything, in order to keep the piece. :-)

And, instead of fighting to watch a favorite show on television, the girls both fans of The Wiggles, couldn't have been happier to watch The Wiggles in their farewell tour, as they performed some of their most famous and favorite songs.  If you haven't been introduced to the new Wiggles who will take over for Jeff, Greg, Murray, you will meet them at the end of the film in song clips.

Overall, I  have to say that this a great DVD to own, if your children (and you) are fans of The Wiggles.  I have to admit, I shed a tear when I heard they were retiring, as I have grown to like them and their entertaining music.  We'll see if the girls get into the new cast, or will continue to ask for the original Wiggles.  Either way, we have CDs and DVDs, to keep them busy dancing and singing. :-)

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Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this DVD from NCircle Entertainment in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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