Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Must Have Items for the Cold and Flu Season for Parents with Little Ones (Review)


"It’s no secret this cold and flu season is predicted to be one of the worst.  According to a recent report by the CDC, 47 states have already reported widespread geographic influenza activity!  As you may know, I also work with Safety 1st who can’t “cure” the flu, but it just launched its NEW line of Advanced Solutions infant and toddler health products which contain custom educational materials developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
There are 12 products in the Advanced Solutions line, and the information AAP developed exclusively for Safety 1st will cover topics such as temperature-taking, fever management, nasal congestion, newborn care, first aid, oral care, and nail care. 
A few of the new items include: 

  • Safety 1st Advanced Solutions TALKING Ear Thermometer: This thermometer gives parents quick, accurate 1-second readings and Fever Light™ Ring technology that shines red to alert when a fever is detected.  The TALKING Ear Thermometer offers the option of having the measured temperature "spoken" aloud – in English or Espanol – or not audibly reported. It retails for $39.99.
  • Safety 1st Advanced Solutions One-Way Nasal Aspirator: A traditional aspirator must be positioned in the nostrils multiple times to clear congestion, but the One-Way Nasal Aspirator allows parents to position the bulb in each nostril only once.  The innovative two-valve design keeps everything moving in one direction only, into the aspirator through the tip. Pump the bottom of the aspirator bulb with thumb until the job is complete. It retails for $4.99.

  • Safety 1st Advanced Solutions Smooth Clip Nail Clippers: Smooth Clip Nail Clippers have a unique clear guard that prevents accidental side-to-side rotation of handle, helps catch nail clippings and does not obstruct the view of baby's fingertips.  Soft-touch material on the clippers helps give parents a secure grip of clippers, and an emery board storage compartment underneath the clippers keeps one emery board handy for smoothing any rough edges left behind after clipping."


My Thoughts:

I don't know about you, but one of the things I find difficult is cutting my children's nails.  Ever since they were little, it has become a task in itself to get them to sit still long enough for me to clip their nails.  And, I can't get over how quickly they grow back once I finally get them trimmed.  

When the girls were small, I would wait until they were fast asleep and try to clip them in their dark bedrooms, with only the light from the nigh light to help me -- not fun!  I even had my husband try and hold a flashlight near their fingers so that I could see better in order to clip them without cutting their nails to short.  But, the flashlight emitted too much light that it made it difficult to see and trim and their nails.  

So, I have been looking for a pair of nail clippers that would not offer a sturdy grip, but also not dull easy and cause hang nails, like other baby nail clippers I have used.  I also wanted to find a nail clipper that would not scare the girls, and hopefully make it so that I could cut their nails in the daylight, instead of in the cloak of darkness. :-)

Finally, I have found just the right nail clippers with the new Safety 1st Advanced Solutions Smooth Clip Nail Clippers.  And, as an added bonus, these clippers also catch nail clippings.  This is one reason why Savannah is squeamish about having me cut her nails -- as she doesn't like to see the nail clippers.  After a few trial runs with this new nail clipper, the girls have finally warmed up to it, and don't mind me clipping their nails.  As an added reward for sitting still for me, they not only get a hug, kiss and high five for a job well done, but they get a sticker for their sticker book, to show that they were big girls. :-)  Savannah, the avid sticker collector, loves this added bonus to having her nails trimmed.

And, as for the talking ear thermometer, I hoped I wouldn't have to use it this winter, but like I have shared, we have been hit with the stomach flu and a nasty head cold, which had left everyone in the house with fevers and feeling lousy for the better part of the month.  While Savannah doesn't mind me taking her temperature, Arabella is not as cooperative.  I liked how this thermometer could speak her temperature in about 1 sec.  And, if she has a fever, this new ear thermometer alerts me by having the Fever Light Ring shine red, indicating a fever.

What Mom doesn't love having a dual purpose product?  Well, this ear thermometer can also be used to test the temperature of bath water and your child's food in 1 sec.  I love this feature, and have tried it with the bath water -- it really does work. :-)

So, even though we dread the winter weather as it means many families get sick with the flu or a cold, it is always better to be safe than sorry. I make a point in the fall to stock our medicine cabinet and now feel more at ease that I have a nail clipper for the girls that actually works and they don't mind, but most importantly, I have a thermometer that in not invasive and offers up an accurate reading in 1 sec.  

---BUY NOW---
These and other Safety 1st products are available at Target, as well as through online retailers including the Safety 1st website.  If you are looking for just the right gift to give a new or expectant mom, why not pick up a few of these baby must-haves, as they will really make Mom's life a little easier -- I know, firsthand, as these two products have helped me out with the girls. :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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