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Holiday Gift Ideas -- Gifts for Runners and Fitness Enthusiasts (Review)

If you or someone you know loves to run (either competitively or for fun), or just likes to work out and stay fit, then I have a few fun gift ideas for you, just in time for the holidays.

 Buy now for only $16.95.

"First-ever guide to America’s hot new fitness challenge — hardcore, extreme obstacle courses

Crawl face down in mud. Slog knee-deep in frigid water. Leap through walls of fire. Hurl teammates up and over tall barricades. Extreme obstacle courses offer thrill-seekers a new kind of fast-paced fitness adventure that goes far beyond older events like marathons and triathlons. With step-by-step instructions and extensive course summaries, the training program in this book gives readers the ability to develop the full-body physical strength and fearless mental endurance needed to conquer every obstacle on any course. Modeled on Special Forces training blueprints, obstacle course events have attracted millions of participants over the past ten years. Their popularity continues to surge: in 2012, over 100 events are scheduled across the United States, Canada, and Britain, ranging from kid-friendly short sprints to the extreme 48-hour Spartan Death Race. In this one-of-a-kind book, the authors, veteran obstacle course racers, show readers how to gain the fitness, dexterity, and confidence needed for course challenges such as mud slopes, climbing ropes, and log hauls. Covering all the major obstacles and providing tips about race-specific events like Tough Mudder’s “Electroshock Therapy” and the Muddy Buddy bicycle sprints, this book is a must for anyone looking for instruction and inspiration to release their inner champion."

--My Thoughts--

I couldn't believe how many of these muddy obstacle course races were going on this year.  My husband traveled through MA and NH tackling the Warrior Dash courses.  These courses not only made him run through mud, but he also jumped through fire, climbed rope walls and competed alongside both men and women in grueling obstacles along the way.  But, even though he came out muddy and tired, he had a blast, and couldn't wait to do another race.  And, so, he has signed up for a few more happening next year.  With the help of this new release from Ulysses Press, along with his personal experiences with the races he has run, he is working on a game plan to crush these tough courses next year.  So, if you know someone who wanted to compete in ultimate obstacle races, or is looking to improve their overall time and performance with these races, why not pick up a copy of this book for the holidays?

Buy now for only $15.95.

"Top athletes have long utilized functional training to zero in on the muscle groups they need for peak performance during competition. This book teaches all athletes — from weekend enthusiasts to pro players — the functional training exercises that will produce the best results in their sport by mimicking the actual movements they utilized in that sport. With these unique programs, athletes can simultaneously improve posture, balance, stability, and mobility. Each exercise progresses from simple to complex, low-to high-intensity, and addresses all aspects of athletic movement. The movements target specific muscle groups, while working related muscle groups and toning vital stabilizer muscles.Throughout the book, helpful icons show readers when an exercise applies to their sport and when it is useful for specific movements like sprinting, throwing, jumping, or changing direction. From there, the sport-specific workouts go beyond merely getting in shape to prepare the reader for shaking off a defender, spiking the ball over the net, or beating the throw to home plate."

---My Thoughts---

Since receiving this book for review, my husband has not only read it cover to cover a few times, but has it marked up with workouts and training exercises that he has, or will continue to gradually add into his daily workouts, as he trains for his upcoming marathon races, as well as just to keep in shape.  The best part about this, besides being jam packed with valuable information for those interested in workouts for agility, speed and power, is that there are photos of each exercise broken down step by step, making them easy to understand and practice.  Unlike other books he has read that didn't include photos of the exercises, this one offers a fool proof way of doing an exercise correctly, and not having to guess what they mean in the complicated instructions.

This book is good for athletes at all levels.  My husband even found a few exercises for me that I have been using to try and tighten my tummy after having the girls back to back. :-)  So, if you are looking for a training book that targets all the muscle groups, why not pick up a copy of this book today?

--My Thoughts--

Ever wondered how rigorous those special ops fitness trainers are? Well, now thanks to this book, you can get a sneak peek into these high-intensity workouts that either make or break some of our finest in uniform.  My husband loves this book, and says it really does push you to the limits with the workouts, but once you are done, you not only are tired and sore, but you feel like you have achieved the unachievable physically and mentally.  Whenever friends of his ask for a fitness training book recommendation, he can't stop raving about this one.  Again, this book offers photos of each exercise, and breaks down the workouts that men and women in uniform have to do, some with only 20-30 seconds in between for rest.  This book is not for beginners looking to make changes to their lifestyles through physical activity, as they are high-intensity workouts that will really work your whole body.

Like any new fitness regime you are looking to include into your day to day routine, make sure you consult your physician first, and start off slow.  And, always make time to rest and stay hydrated.

And, when you are not reading the above books from Ulysses Press, or other fitness books for that matter, why not sign up for a monthly subscription services designed for fitness buffs or those looking for health conscious samples to try, like Bulu Box?

Bulu Box

"Bulu Box is the first vitamin, supplement and general health subscription sample box designed to help you feel your best. Every month, you'll get a box filled with 4 to 5 premium, curated samples from top brands. Look forward to a new mix of products for both women and men, including vitamins, weight loss, sports nutrition, protein, diet, energy, detox, digestion, sexual health, herbs, natural remedies, endurance and more. We'll make sure you get enough to decide if the product is right for you. No shipping or shady fees. Depending on your plan, you can cancel anytime. Get ready for a healthy discovery!

Earn an easy 50 points ($5) or more each month by reviewing, sharing and completing short surveys. Use your Reward Points to purchase full-size version of the products that work best for you!"

--My Thoughts--

I was sent their October sample box and couldn't wait to see what my husband thought of it.  It came at a good time, too, as he was training for and running in two 5K at the end of the month.  Out of the five samples sent, he was only familiar with the Athlete Octane Liquid Endurance shot, which he uses before each workout.   Even though he liked the other 4 samples, he that his favorites were the Hawaiian Coconut Energy powder, which he added to hit was for an electrolyte-rich hydration without the crash and Eight Ball Neuro Edge, another powder you add to your water for an energy boost.  

Since receiving this sample box, my husband has purchased the full size products of these two other products and continues to use.  He said without having tried them, he probably would have never known about them.  And, he loved that there was a monthly subscription box out there for people of all fitness levels.  The price was also a plus, at only $10 for a single box, or 3 months for $20 (limited time only) and so forth, you can choose the plan that works best for you.  Once you are done sampling each month's sample box, you can go online and review them to earn points that can be redeemed for credit towards the purchase of full size products.  What a great deal!

Click here to learn more about Bulu Box and sign up for this monthly subscription program -- http://www.bulubox.com/.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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