Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas -- GFreely -- Discover the Best in Gluten Free - A Monthly Subscription Box (Review)


Gluten Free Snacks

"Living a gluten free lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. We think it can be made simple. By helping you discover and purchase delicious gluten free products, the gluten free diet can be one that you will enjoy. Our passion is to inject the excitement our team has into your daily food options. Never again should you hesitate choosing suitable foods to fit your lifestyle!

We understand how overwhelming and difficult the gluten free lifestyle can be, it's our diet too. Dan Schiffman and Louisa Rasmussen, RD started GFreely to help those living with the same dietary restrictions adhere to a gluten free diet. We love great food and enjoy finding the tastiest gluten free options and sharing them with you!"


My Thoughts:
Do you or someone you know suffer from a gluten allergy?  If so, then I have just the right gift idea that will make your day -- GFreely is amwonderful monthly subscription service that sends along a box of samples each month with designed for those with gluten allergies in mind.  If you have to live a gluten-free lifestyle, then you know how tough it is to finds products to incorporate into your diet that meet your dietary needs.  But, what about snacks?  Good luck in finding great tasting, gluten-free snacks that actually taste good.  I know a handful of people who can no longer tolerate gluten in their diets, and struggle daily to find foods that are tasty and good for them to eat.  Time after time they would tell me how difficult it is to not be able to find snack foods like popcorn and snack bars that they can eat.  And, with a background in health education, they always ask if I have heard about products made especially for them.  So, I continue to scour the Internet and read health and wellness magazines, to not only share new products with them, but also to buy some of these gluten-free snacks to have in the pantry for when they come to visit.  I hate not being able to offer everyone tasty treats because of dietary restrictions.  If you come to visit, I will have gluten-free foods, diabetic foods, low cholesterol and low sodium foods on hand just for you. :-)

I can't tell you how excited I was when I stumbled across GFreely back in October.  While others were finishing up the month celebrating Halloween, I was gearing up for my holiday gift guide, as well as starting to put together my holiday shopping list for family and friends.  I noticed that this year in particular monthly subscription boxes have become popular -- from makeup boxes, to fitness boxes, to kids' arts and crafts boxes, there was a subscription box for just about everyone, including those with gluten allergies.  I couldn't believe it, and had to reach out to the folks at GFreely and try their monthly subscription box.  They were kind enough to send me their October box, which was filled with 9 tasty gluten free options.  Just look at what I got:

Unlike other subscription snack boxes I have ordered or reviewed, this one was jam packed with goodies that one would actually eat and not throw away.  It was hard to choose favorites from this box, as they were all so good.  Some standouts, however, was Healthy Pantry's Cranberry Wild Rice, which I ended up making and serving at Thanksgiving for those joining us for dinner with gluten allergies.  Everyone, even those without gluten allergies, tried the rice and loved it.  I had just wished I had bought more, as this was enjoyed more than the mashed potatoes and other sides.  With Halloween in October, you can't help but want to pick up snacks.  But, what can you enjoy that is gluten -free?  Well, why not try Surf Sweets' organic gummy bears or jelly beans?  I had reviewed this brand in the past, and absolutely love their sweet treats.  They taste so good, you can't help but choose these over other snacks on the market.  Another standout was Kay's Naturals Apple Cinnamon Cereal.  I ended up added fresh sliced apples which we had picked at the local orchard to this breakfast cereal.  Mmm, was it good.  Like so many other samples which were included in these and past GFreely boxes, I have gone ahead and picked up full size versions to not only keep on hand for guests, but also enjoy myself.

So, if you are looking for a unique gift for those with gluten allergies, why not surprise them with a GFreely subscription this holiday season?  They will thank you for helping them find treats that can actually enjoy, once and for all. :-)


Gluten Free Gift Box (3-Month)

Only $19/Month + $5.95 Shipping($25-$40 Value)

"Cook, snack and love your new healthy lifestyle with Gfreely. Each month, we’ll send a surprise box of tasty, gluten free foods and recipes that make your healthy lifestyle simple. Everything from breakfast bars to quinoa pasta dinners, your monthly discovery will make the gluten free diet more exciting and enjoyable."

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


  1. what a great idea i have a friends whos 5 year old is now gluten and dairy free this woueld be a great way to try new safe snacks :)

  2. I want to go gluten free very badly but it is very time consuming when first starting out, trying to find GF products. This is a really good idea for beginners.

  3. My daughter has been bothering and troubling me asking ideas about holiday gifts, thank god finally I got an option to stick with her. Pretty good ideas though. guess my daughter going to enjoy this season.

  4. Great idea to try new safe snacks. I have 6 years old son. Feeding him is the most difficult thing I’m facing every day. This is a pretty good idea.