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2013 Playdate Adventure List with Gymboree -- Fun Playdate Ideas I Have on Pinterest


I have been a fan of Gymboree since I found out I was expecting our first daughter, Savannah.  I don't if it was because we knew we were having a girl, or just the rush of being first time parents, but I loved shopping for baby clothes for her.  And, then when we found out the following year, that we would be welcoming another daughter, my love for clothing shopping kicked in again, but this time I would shop for matching outfits.  :-)  Did you go crazy buy clothing for your children?  I still have a a closet full of clothes the girls never wore and still have the price tags on. :-(  Once spring cleaning comes, off to the donation boxes they will go.  But, in the meantime, I can't help but look through these outfits, which for the most part were purchased at Gymboree, and remember back to when they were little.  Even though Savannah is 2 1/2 and Arabella just turned 1 at the beginning of the month, they are both growing up too fast (and that includes clothes sizes).  Instead of being able to wear Savannah's hand-me-downs, I am finding with a 2 pound difference (and 15 months apart) that Arabella is wearing the same size in most styles as her older sister.

And, now that the holiday shopping season is in full gear, I love meeting up with girlfriends and heading to Gymboree to do some clothes shopping for our children.  I seem to find the best deals and style options here, which is great for a mom who has to buy for two young children.  Thankfully, Savannah and Arabella are not at the stage where they are picky about what they wear.  But, I know that in a coupe of years, they will be right next to me shopping in Gymboree for their outfits. :-)  In the meantime, however, I will have fun dressing them up in matching outfits and "Big Sister, Little Sister" clothes, and taking them to the park to meet up with friends for a playdate.

Gymboree will soon be launching an upcoming year long campaign, '2013 Playdate Adventure List with Gymboree.' This campaign "celebrates the far flung and everyday adventures you and your family would like to embark on in the coming year. Playdates come in many different forms: a trip with a friend to the playground or themed get together with a few families, an extravagant year-long project or a simple craft night with kids."  Even though we still have the holidays to get through, and the real snowfall for the season has yet to fall (crossing my fingers for a white Christmas), I am already thinking about fun spring activities that my daughters (who are best friends) and their friends can enjoy together.  This past year, Arabella was too small and not walking yet, to really enjoy day trips to the zoo or parks, but in 2013, she will right alongside her sister having a blast. :-)

I don't know about you, but one of my guilty pleasures when the girls go to sleep and I am not blogging is to spend a few hours (at least) browsing Pinterest for ideas of fun things to do with the girls and the mommy and me meetup groups I am apart of.  Here are just a few fun ideas I stumbled upon the other day, and can't to do with the girls.

1. Toddler Activity Bags Swap -- This will be the first indoor playgroup activity that we tackle in 2013.  I know that I run out of arts and crafts ideas at times, as do other moms.  Now, we can have a handful of pre-packaged craft kits on hand for rainy days, playdates, etc. Love this idea!

"The concept was easy: we each made 12 identical gallon-sized freezer bags filled with a toddler friendly activity and swapped for 12 other different bags. We all ended up with about a dozen activities that can be pulled out when needed. LOVE this idea!! Great playdate idea!"

2.  Mommy and Me Playdate -- What girl doesn't like to be pampered?  Here is a fun excuse to get your girlfriends together with their daughters, or just have Mommy and Me time with you own daughter.   Either way, you will all love spending quality time together, while you make yourselves look beatiful. :-)

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

3.  Cake Pop Bar -- The new trend is candy bars for birthdays and get togethers.  Why not switch it up by doing a cake pop bar?  Let your little ones show their artistic side by decorating frosted cake pops with crushed candies, sprinkles, jimmies, etc.  This idea will surely be a hit for one of our spring playdate meetups. :-)

4.  Tea Party Time -- What little girl doesn't like to have a tea party.  My daughter Savannah began having tea parties with her Daddy and I when she was around 1 yrs. old.  And, now with a little sister to play with, they can't help but gather their teddies around the table and serve up tea with with plastic tea sets.  And, whenever their friends come to visit (boys and girls), the tea sets come out. :-)

5.  Drive-in Movie Nights -- Who doesn't like to watch a good movie on a cold, rainy day? I know that when the rain comes and the kids can't go out and play, we pop in a movie to watch and snuggle.  And, when friends come to join us, the living room tents go up and sleeping bags are pulled out.  But, I am loving this fun idea to turn cardboard boxes into drive-in cars, and know will like it, too!

Do you have any fun ideas centered on friendship, play, and exploration for the new year?  If so, I would love to hear what you have planned.  And, if you have found some great theme party ideas from Pinterest, feel free to share the pin url below, as I am always looking for ways to make my get togethers more fun. :-) 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Gymboree Children’s Clothing. Bring a friend to a Gymboree store and sign up for Gymboree Rewards together and you'll both SAVE 25% off an in-store purchase. 

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