Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who Will Be Chosen as People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" for 2012? We'll Find Out on Nov. 15th

Do you have a guilty magazine pleasure?  For me, it has always been celebrity magazines, with my favorite being PEOPLE Magazine.  I have been reading this particular magazine since I was in college, as my roommate used to get a subscription and always leave the read copy on the living room table.  Instead of studying for a test or writing up a paper, I would find myself with my nose in the magazine for hours.  Not only was I catching up on celebrity gossip, but I was also enjoying the beauty product features, fashion updates, and celebrity style reports.  And, like other popular magazines, PEOPLE Magazine always had an annual special magazine where they would feature the "Sexiest Man Alive." 

Now, I know what you are thinking.  Aren't you happily married with children now?  And, the answer is "Yes."  But, I still look forward to the PEOPLE Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue year after year.  Just look at a couple of the past winner's and tell me you would not want to pick up a copy of this magazine for the eye candy that fills this special issue ---

Just like the men have the annual swimsuit issue -- which they claim they only read for the articles.  I pick up this issue for the articles as well.  I just happen to have to flip through pages and pages of eye candy to get to them. :-)  I still remember seeing the 1988 issue, in which John F. Kennedy Jr. won, which my mother was reading for the articles, too!  I guess this popular magazine runs in the family. :-)

Even though I am a busy mom of two, I find flipping through my PEOPLE Magazine relaxing, as I sip my morning coffee.  Or, if I am lucky to have some time at night after the girls go to bed, I can read an issue cover to cover.  Not only do I stay up to date on celebrity happenings, and information on new television shows/episodes and movies, but I love seeing the new styles and products available, which they usually showcase with celebrities who love these products.  Who says you can't be a stylish stay at home mom.  Come on, we all have to run errands -- can't we look good doing them? :-)  

So, if you love celebrity dish, beauty and fashion updates and more, why not pick up the next issue of PEOPLE Magazine, which also happens to be their PEOPLE Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue. And, if your husband or boyfriend asks you why you are reading it, tell him you looking for apparel gift ideas for the holidays. :-) Just note, that some of the eye candy don't have that much clothes on in the magazine, so you may have some explaining to do if he picks it up to read it and lands on these pages. :-)

Or, if you are at the checkout line at the market, sneak a peek and see who made the list. Then, head back here next week, when I will share my thoughts on the winner and runner ups. While many people will be flocking to the theaters to see Twilight, I will be heading to my nearest CVS Pharmacy to pick up my copy of PEOPLE Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue, when it comes out November 15th. :-)  Note, this issue will only be available on newsstands for two weeks, so make you you pick it up as soon as it hits the magazine rack!

Do you have any guesses who this year's "Sexiest Man Alive" will be?  Will it be a young actor like Robert Pattinson or Channing Tatum?  Or, will they choose an oldie but goodie, like George Clooney or Brad Pitt?  The anticipation is killing me.  Only one more day when I can find out. :-)


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