Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 Personalized Gifts for $30.00 and Under from Script and Scribble

"Script and Scribble's collection of personalized Holiday cards, gifts, and stickers is extensive and filled with many Exclusive products. They have printed photo cards, attached photo cards, Christmas and Chanukah gift stickers and return address labels. Their Holiday themed gifts and clothing are all personalized and make an everlasting impression on the recipients." 

With the holidays right around the corner, don't leave your holiday cards until the last minute.  By Thanksgiving, our personalized greeting card order is in, and we are just waiting to receive our annual holiday card of the family, to share with family and friends.  

If you are not familiar with sending personalized greeting cards, these are a great way to share memories of past 12 months with family and friends, as well as make lasting memories that you can save.  If you have shied away from going the personalized route because you thought it cost too much money -- you are wrong?  Just look at some amazing personalized stationary and gifts that Script and Scribble has to offer this holiday season.  I am sure you can find something that make your holiday cards stand out, as well as cherished by those who receive them.

Happy Holidays!  And, have fun personalizing your holiday cards and gifts this year!

Disclosure: As a thank you for sharing information about their "under $30" offering, I was sent holiday stickers as a thank you from the vendor.

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