Monday, November 19, 2012

Pinypon Mini-Dolls -- A Great Stocking Stuffer of Gift Idea for Girls 4-7 Years Old (Review)

This was the first weekend in over a month that the girls were not sick.  After battling a nasty head cold and having to postpone Arabella's 1st birthday party, we were finally able to have her party.  In conjunction with her party, we also had our Pinypon party, which was sponsored by MommyParty.  With a house filled with girls 0-10 years old, there were enough games and toys for everyone to play with.  While the younger girls enjoyed birthday fun with Arabella, Savannah and her friends and cousins got to try out a fun line of toys from Pinypon.

Prior to this house party, I had never heard or seen these mini-dolls.


"Welcome to the world of Pinypon, a mini-dolls world inhabited by independent and modern girls, who love fashion, accessories and the newest hairstyles. Shopping is one of their favorite things to do! With their pets, they travel the world in their super-cool van going to new places and making new friends. Pinypon is a colorful collection of interchangeable friends. You can mix and match everything - dresses, accessories, hairstyles and even faces, for tons of fun!"
But, after receiving a box full Pinypon toys for my party, I couldn't wait to see what the girls thought of them.  Just look at what I received from MommyParty.

In addition to the Pinypon mini dolls, I was also sent two PinyPon caravans (1 to keep and 1 to raffle off), along with coupons and themed activities, games and recipes, to make my party a blast for everyone.  Because I was piggybacking our Pinypon party with Arabella's birthday, the food was taken care of. :-)  Once everyone arrived, they made a b-line for the table I had set up with all the Pinypon figures, caravans, and games.  Like me, many of the moms and girls had never seen these toys before and couldn't wait to play with them.  So, while Arabella and her friends played with her new toys with Nana, Savannah helped me pass out a Pinypon figure to each girl.  Then, they found a spot on the living room floor, and tore open the packages to get to their Pinypon dolls and accessories.  Note that these toys have small pieces, so they are recommended for ages 4-7 years of age.

The girls had a blast switching out the heads, hair and bodies -- all of which are interchangeable.  The best feature of the dolls was the faces -- depending on which direction you choose to place the body and hair on, you had two different faces to choose from.  After over an hour of playing with their new Pinypon figures, I had each girl put their names on a raffle ticket and Arabella drew two names.  


The first winner received a Pinypon caravan., while the second received a newborn doll from Nenuco.  Once the raffle prizes were awarded, the girls went back to their spots on the floor to play some more.  I have to say the hit of the party was the caravan, which converted into a beach party oasis.  You could fill the pool with water, but with all the kids running around, we opted not to fill it up and chance making a mess. But, my god daughter, Serena who won the caravan tried it out later this evening at her house, and said it was awesome. :-)


When the girls were done playing with the Pinypon toys, we played a few games, and then had cake and ice cream.  And, when it came time to call it a day, I gave each of the moms some coupons for future Pinypon and Nenuco toy purchases.  I can see these toys being a hit this upcoming holiday season, and plan to buy some for stocking stuffers and for the local toy drives.  You wouldn't think that these mini-dolls would provide hours of entertainment for young girls, but they did at our party!


Pinypon toys are available at Toy R Us. Click here to browse their selection online --

Don't forget to follow Pinypon on Facebook and Twitter for news and special offers.

Disclosure: I received samples and party supplies from MommyParties as a way to host a in-house Pinypon party.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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