Monday, November 19, 2012

Hallmark Introduces a New Line of Interactive Countdown and Recordable Greeting Cards for Families (Review)

I am loving Hallmark's new line of intereactive recordable wish list and countdown cards.  They are a great way to share in the excitement and anticipation of the holidays with young children.  Because  my daughter Savannah can't spell and write yet, the new Hallmark recordable wish list card has come in handy.  When she was visiting with Nana the other day, I brough this card over and they sat at the dining room table as Savannah spoke into the card and let Santa know what she wanted for Christmas.  My mom is not tech savvy, but said that this card was easy to use and record, and when she played back Savannah's wish list, the sound quality was exceptional.  After Savannah had her list recorded, they put the card in the envelope, addressed it to Santa and walked it across the street to mail to Santa. :-)

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And, now that is older and understands the concept of Christmas, I know she will be like many young children and eagerly awaiting Santa's big arrival.  Like other children, she will want to know how many days are left until Christmas.  Thanks to the folks at Hallmark, they created a line of interactive countdown cards that children can put on the window sill, by their bedside, or anywhere within view, so that they can check daily and see how many days are left.  Savannah is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse, so she went crazy when she saw her interactive card with Mickey Mouse on it. This interactive countdown greeting card doubles as a holiday greeting and a functioning countdown clock. She keeps the card at her bedtime table, and every morning when she gets up, the first thing she does is check the countdown clock and say hello to Mickey.  What a fun way for little ones to get excited about the holidays ahead.
In addition to these interactive cards for kids, Hallmark had done it again by offering an assortment of greeting cards that would make any recipient excited to receive.  I was sent a sampling of their greeting card offering, and have to say I simply love their "Joy to the World' signature collection card, which is not only a greeting card, but also is lasered wooden ornament.  I was going to send this to my parents, but couldn't part with the ornament.  Instead, it was the first ornament we hung on our tree this year, and looks great right in the middle of the tree. 


This week, I plan to head to my local Hallmark store to pick up more Signature Collection greeting cards, which offers the beautiful lasered wooden ornaments, in addition to checking out Hallmark's large assortment of boxed greetings cards. And, then on Thanksgiving night, my mother and I will write out our holiday cards, and then mail the next day.  This has been our tradition since I was little.  And, every year, we choose Hallmark greeting cards to share the warmth of excitement of the holiday season with family and friends.

So, if you are looking for the perfect greeting card to send to family and friends this holiday season, why not check out the card offering from Hallmark.  From musical cards, to cards for kids, and ones that include ornaments, you are bound to find the card(s) that are right for you. 

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The new interactive wish list and countdown cards, in addition to Hallmark's large assortment of boxed and signature greetings are available in store only.  So, head to your favorite Hallmark store to browse their selection of holiday cards and gifts today!

Disclosure: I was sent a sampling of greeting cards from Hallmark in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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