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Feature Friday -- Eco-Bonk Inflatable Toys and Apparel from Pueri Elemental LLC (Review and Giveaway)

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Last week I had the opportunity to share my Spotlight on Mom interview with Donna Brin of Pueri, of Pueri Elemental LLC / Eco-Bonk Wildlife Series,
with you all.  If you missed if, click here - - to read it now.  Unfortunately, due to a power outage, I wasn't able to share her Feature Friday post with you, until now.  Today, I wanted to share more about her Eco-Bonk Wildlife Series Bop-It toys with you, and offer one lucky reader a chance to win a t-shirt or onesie thanks to Donna.

We have been enjoying the Jackson the Grizzly Bear Eco-Bonk inflatable toy from the Eco-Bonk Wildlife Series that Donna so graciously sent us to review. At first, I wasn't sure what the girls would do, as we have had a few other bop its in the house, but they didn't last long or we had to get rid of because they scared the girls. But, as soon as I took Jackson the Grizzly Bear out of the box and inflated, my oldest daughter, Savannah, came over and gave him a big bear hug, and then pushed his belly, and let out a giggle. Then, Arabella, followed suit, by giving him a hug and a kiss. Before I could add sand to the bottom to keep it upright, they had grabbed the bop it and were rolling around the floor with it. Then, they took turns carrying it around the house, showing Jackson off to their other toys. 

It wasn't until they were both down for a nap that I was able to add sand and see how well Jackson the Grizzly Bear could take a bop and come back up. He was able to take my tabs, and then waited patiently for the girls to wake and give him a go. Arabella woke first, and came out to greet Jackson. Again, she walked over and hugged him. Not knowing he had sand in him to keep him upright, she wobbled into him, only to knock him over. As she turned to me, to motion that he needed to be picked up, Jackson popped back up right before her eyes. I wish I had captured her giggle, as it was priceless. And, as she waited for Savannah to wake from her nap, Arabella spent the next fifteen minutes pushing Jackson down, only to watch him pop back up.

Then, when Savannah came into the living and saw Arabella playing with the bop it toy, she couldn't wait to give Jackson a bop. And, like Arabella, as soon as she saw him pop back up, she giggled. :-)

It has been a few weeks since we welcomed Jackson the Grizzly Bear into our home, and he continues to get played with on a daily basis. I didn't know if the girls would get bored with this inflatable toy, but they haven't yet. They still greet him with a hug, and take turn pushing him down, only to watch him bounce right back up. And, the few occasions where their sticky fingers got him dirty, I was able to through the cover into the wash and have it come out like new. It hasn't shrunk or faded, and the face of Jackson looks like it did the first day we got him.

Everyone who has seen Jackson has fallen in love with him. Parents love the idea of the covers for these inflatable toys. And, when I told them them about the two other styles available, they couldn't wait to order one for their child for the upcoming holiday. Besides Jackson the Grizzly Bear, you can also purchase Abigail the Asian Elephant (my personal favorite, as I love elephants) or Logan the King Penguin. There are two different products for each style available for purchase: a “complete toy”, which includes the inflatable unit and plush cover, or a “cover only”, which is the plush cover sold separately, giving customers the option of another animal at half the cost while using the same inflatable unit from their toy purchase … the cover is machine washable too – toss one in the wash while the other is in play!  I will definitely have to pick up Abigail to surprise the girls with.


In addition to the toy collection, consumers can also purchase t-shirts and onesies from the Eco-Bonk Wildlife Apparel line made from 100% certified organic cotton and featuring these fun-loving animal creatures. The cotton is grown in Texas and spun and fairsewn in North Carolina. The children’s t-shirt comes in sizes 2T and 4T, while the infant onesie is available in size 9 to 12 months.

I love the idea of buying a Eco-Bonk Wildlife inflatable toy for an older sibling who is welcoming a new baby brother or sister, while getting the new addition a fun t-shirt or onesie to sport around. If only I had known about Donna's company when we were looking for the perfect gift to give Savannah prior to Arabella's arrival. 

And, with the holidays right around the corner, these inflatable toys would make any child happy. Not only will you be providing hours of indoor/outdoor fun for your children, but your purchase will be supporting a mom entrepreneur. How great is that?! So, what are you waiting for? Click here - - to head on over to the the Pueri Elemental LLC website and order one of the Eco-Bonk Wildlife toys or apparel today.   

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One lucky reader will win a onesie or t-shirt from Pueri Elemental LLC..  Winner can choose from the following sizes: sizes 9-12 months onesie, and 2T and 4T t-shirt.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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